Violence (3)

There is a reason that I have been going on so much about Violence. What seems to have happened over the last decade or so is that from time to time, Tobacco Control demand legislation. We all complain and complain, but the legislation gets passed.

When we complain, we tend to do so on a variety of bases. One is that whatever ban/regulation/tax/etc is proposed will be bad for business. Another is that the science is junk. Another (such as applies to the hospital grounds smoking ban) is that there it has nothing to do with health.

All those complaints are true, but they have no clout at all because ASH ET AL know very well what the consequences will be and that the science is junk or non-existent. For them, the science is just a cover. It is not really necessary at all. For example, to justify plain packaging, they asked a few youths which was the more ‘attractive’ packet, a gruesome yucky green one or a pretty coloured one. Note the word ‘attractive’. We normal people use the word ‘attractive’ to mean ‘pretty’, as in,  “She is an attractive, pretty girl”. ASH ET AL use the word ‘attractive’ to mean ‘deliberately engineered by tobacco companies to promote smoking’. The ASH ET AL propaganda machine then goes into overdrive to promote their meaning of the word ‘attractive’ to justify PP.

A similar trick was used in connection with justification of smoking bans. ASH ET AL asked smokers in a survey if they regretted having started smoking. Some 70% (it is always around 70%) said ‘Yes’. To ASH ET AL, that answer was taken to mean that smokers welcome ‘help’ to stop smoking  in the form of bans. In fact, I have myself seen comments on newspaper articles where smokers have, apparently, said, “The smoking ban has been great. It has helped me to cut down”.

What ASH ET AL have been doing for the past couple of decades has been disguising the use of force and violence, both against smokers and tobacco manufacturers, as holy and blessed activities. It reminds me of the Inquisition. In those days, torture was seen as beneficial. Torture drove out devils. You could tell that that was true because of the screams of the person being tortured. Those screams were coming from the devils as they were forced out of the body.  When the person being tortured lapsed into unconsciousness, you could tell that the devils had been driven out.

Torture has been refined.  It is now a drip by drip withdrawal of freedom, coupled with an escalation of punishment in the form of increased costs. Both of those things are violence.

But there is another aspect which no one seems to care about, which is the quality of the product produced by tobacco manufacturers. Not an awful long time ago, manufacturers prided themselves on the quality of the tobacco leaf which they used. ‘Premium’ cigs were made from the finest tobacco. Would it be surprising if tobacco product manufacturers stopped messing about and chucked any old shit into cigarettes? Why not, since they now have no reason to take care? On a cruise, I bought several sleeves of Superking cigs from the duty-free shop on the quay in a Greek port. It was only when I got home and started to use them that I found that they burnt down like the clappers. A cig barely lasted five minutes. There is such a thing as ‘expanded tobacco’. The trick, essentially, is to ‘freeze’ the tobacco and thereby cause it to expand. When the tobacco un-freezes, it is full of holes. Thus, a cig filled with such tobacco will weigh less than a normal cig, and will burn down quickly. That affect was very pronounced with the ‘duty-free’ Superkings that I bought on that occasion. As far as I know, there is no EU law that says that a cig must contain 0.8 grams of tobacco.


Thus, we must think about what is happening in more basic terms – the loss of freedom, the increase in costs, the lack of quality control. We must, somehow, cut through the propaganda and reveal that propaganda for what it is.

Is it not absolutely amazing that laws have been passed which criminalise a sizeable number of the people merely because they deign to smoke a fag in a car when their own children are in the car, on the basis of some vague, tiny possibility that those children might, just possibly, not live to be 150 years old?

It seems to be that the UK State used to be in a reasonably settled state. Some people were extremely wealthy, but not by any means happy. Some people were poor but very happy. And vice versa.

Something has gone very wrong, and it would not surprise me if it was found to be that ZEALOTRY has been the problem. That is, too many people not minding their own business. The medical profession is supposed to care for the sick and cure them if possible. Politicians are supposed to exist to protect The People against the misuse of power.


There are organisations which scream out for major reform. The EU is not the first priority. The UN, and all its agencies, is.



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