Corbyn is Labour Leader

Bully for him. As he is a teetotal, vegetarian anti-smoker, it is wonderful to see that he is already in opposition to about 50% of Labour Voters – if only the Labour Voters realised that. He is anti-capitalist, and therefore wants to blow up tobacco companies, fuel companies, food companies, alcohol companies, etc.

But he has a problem. While in opposition, the Labour Party elects its shadow cabinet, therefore he cannot choose who are his shadow ministers. I suppose that, until the next Labour conference, the elected shadow ministers remain in post. I cannot see this situation as anything but comical.

But there is a problem. We do not really know what Corbyn IS. Sure, he has hugged a variety of suspects like Putin, but that does not mean very much. Bitter enemies often shake hands for the camera. What seems to be certain is that his election has brought the Blair experiment, which was the take over of Labour by ‘the elite’, to an end. He seems to be anti-EU, which makes a change. If he is anti-EU, he may well also be pragmatic about the UN, WHO and all the other leeches.

But these are all vague generalisations. We have yet to see whether or not Labour MPs sneer at him and stab him in the back.

In any case, what does it matter who is ‘leader’? If Labour MPs are intent, as a group, on persecuting the people, and do not realise that their actions are persecution, then there is not much that ‘the leader’ can do about it.


4 Responses to “Corbyn is Labour Leader”

  1. prog Says:

    Meanwhile, what an opportunity for our so-called Conservative government to start behaving like a Conservative government.

  2. Frank J Says:

    Don’t agree with anything about him but, at least. you have what’s on the lable. For the past 20+years we’ve had a cosy façade of centre ground disguising some of the disgusting things and policies that have gone on beneath the surface. Hopefully, we’ll be back to things that matter and not focusing on what colour underpants you must wear.

    Interesting times ahead.

    • junican Says:

      Yes, interesting times. The probability is that he will hit the brick wall of ‘Common Purpose’.

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