“The Refugee Crisis”

There is no such thing. That is, there is no ‘crisis’. People in war zones flee, and they always have done. Their objective is to get out of the war zone, hopefully to some place where they will not be at risk of being blown up or mown down, and somewhere where they will be cared for – fed and sheltered. When such a refugee is given such care, he/she should be immensely relieved, and thank God for deliverance.

Is there not something similar in the hype of “THE REFUGEE CRISIS” and the hype of “THE TOBACCO CRISIS”?

There is no crisis. The fleeing people need to be helped — UNTIL THEY CAN RETURN HOME. And the best places for them to be helped (until they return home) is in the nearest safe place. They chose to flee, and so they have to suffer the consequences of that decision. Our Governments seem to have decided to flagellate taxpayers for their own stupidity.


The whole situation is nonsensical and comical, even if it is tragic sometimes.

The problem is not about quotas for each EU State, depending upon the size of that State. That is typical EUSSR thinking. Such thinking is totalitarian and fascist. No, the nearest State takes the hit and expects other states to help out with the costs.

It is hard to see why such a simple plan is not accepted.

Refugees flee, and then return home after the ’emergency’ is over.

One must assume that they love their homeland.


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