More About the Scottish Hospital Ban

There was something that struck me earlier on today. I was reading various reports and comments about the proposed hospital grounds ban, and I noticed something rather odd. Again and again, the justification is said to be that hospitals should give a good example. That is about all. True, some people talk about ‘fighting through a gaggle of smokers’, or even ‘battling through a cloud of tobacco smoke’, but those aspects are marginal. What is most important in the propaganda is ‘the duty of hospitals to give a good example’. You can see this thinking if you go to my local hospital shop. There are no bottles of ordinary coke – all the bottles are diet coke. The same is true of all other similar drinks – all are ‘diet’. There is a restaurant, but I have never dined there, so I have no idea what might be on the menu. I have used the snack bar near the entrance. I should imagine that the fare is wholesome and correct, salt and sugar wise, but sachets of salt and sugar are readily available, so anyone can help themselves.

We must look at the words to properly understand the propaganda.

What is the purpose of a hospital? In my opinion, it is to do a physical job – cure illnesses, fix broken bones, deliver babies, etc. It is not to ‘give an example’.

We all understand that, and so do the Charlatans, and we all talk about it, over and over again. We argue about the duties of hospitals. Some people,  over and over again, say ‘if you smoke it is your own fault if you get ill, and therefore it is right that you should be given low priority’. Smokers say, “We have paid our taxes and have equal rights to treatment”.


The other aspect of the proposed ban that we tend to emphasise is that visitors and patients, if they can manage it, have a right to smoke in the open air. Being in hospital, or even visiting a sick person is not much fun, and many people find having a smoke reduces stress. Smoking in the open air is legal, so why should hospitals ban it?


What we overlook, all the time, is the word ‘GROUNDS’.

What are ‘Hospital Grounds’? My local hospital, Bolton General, is pretty big, but not enormous. It is spread out over a fair amount of ground. Apart from the hospital buildings themselves, within its area, there are mostly car parks, roads and paths, a couple of courtyards just outside certain wards, a vaguely garden area and several delivery areas.  So what is the importance of these GROUNDS? Why should these areas of land and the volumes of space above them have any importance to the hospital? To put it another way, ‘hospital grounds’ do not exist as a distinct entity. The areas of land surrounding a hospital are no different from areas of agricultural land, aka fields. Those ‘hospital grounds’ are just the same as farmers’ fields.

So, there are only three real entities – the hospital buildings and the vast outdoors. And what is the third? It is the duty of hospitals. 

It is easy to see that hospital buildings do not have a duty, nor does the vast outdoors.

So what or whom has ‘a duty’, and what does that duty have to do with hospital GROUNDS?

Can you think of anyone or anything? I cannot. Thus is revealed the shallowness of the propaganda. It is not remotely based upon anything real. Thus also is revealed the spitefulness, inhumanity, cruelty, dishonesty, greed, theft, hate, stigmatisation of people who enjoy tobacco. The ‘stigma’ is a ‘mark’, just like the Nazi insistence of Jews wearing a yellow star, but it does not have to be a physical mark. It can be humiliation, segregation, having yellow finger nails, being dragged before the courts and fined, thumped and stabbed, and, of coursed, taxed excessively and unfairly.

It must be true that many people do not read or see the news at all. I can understand that. I vaguely see massive numbers of people who simply do not want to know about foreign wars, aka Syria and immigrants, and all that shit. They do their jobs and get on with living their personal lives. They leave doctoring and politicking to doctors and politicians. They vote every few years for Labour or Tory. If they smoke, a large part of that unthinking group welcome Government force to stop them smoking. The way that they see it, taken to the extreme, is that they would welcome being placed in the stocks and whipped, for that is the logic of it.


It is clear beyond doubt that the Scottish Outdoor Ban (everywhere outside hospital buildings, everywhere, even hundreds of miles away) will be passed.

I welcome it. I welcome it because it is so stupidly irrational and so cruel that it will hasten the demise of tobacco control. But it will still take a long time.



6 Responses to “More About the Scottish Hospital Ban”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    As usual you have hit the nail on the head. Unless smokers fight back all our rights will be taken away from us and smoking will be prohibited. Its not enough for these health fascists to tax us excessively so that really smokers should get a VIP health service as they effectively fund it ! They will go for total prohibition. Its time doctors concentrated on making people better.

    • junican Says:

      Smokers have no support. All MSM sources of support, newspaper etc, are part of the persecution. It was all organised years and years ago. Some of us have tried to organise support. I myself tried to get a group off the ground which I called ‘The Constituency Group’. The idea was to get at least one person in every constituency in the UK who could pester their local MPs.
      Come to think about it, it might just be time to resurrect that idea. I got about 100 people from different constituencies. A bigger blog should be able to get at least one person per constituency.
      The idea was to ensure that EVERY MP could be contacted, perhaps to remind them that their duty is to protect their constituents against tyranny and not to encourage it.

      • Jude Says:

        Most ordinary people do not have the means to fight the state either. They fear the fines because it will cause financial hardship, and they usually cannot afford to argue their case in court.

        This is what happened to Vince Van Heerdon, a small business man from Western Australia, when he was prosecuted by the WA health department for selling vapour products online.

        Vince won his first case, but that wasn’t what the corrupt health department, or the rabid ANTZ wanted, so they appealed the decision, and got him convicted on their second bite of the cherry. Vince is appealing this conviction, but without the crowd funding of many many vapers across the world, he would not be able to do this, and this persecution and prosecution would have bankrupted and ruined him financially.

        The state has taxpayer funds to use against the citizens, the citizen has nothing but their own money, or what they can raise from others.

        This is how people are beaten down, and made an example of, so that others wont dare to question or disobey the dictates of the corrupt state.

        The greedites in the tobacco control industry, and the governments that feed them, don’t care about your freedoms, they don’t give a fat rats arse about your rights, they care about MONEY and POWER.

      • junican Says:

        I read about that case. Did other vaping product sellers march and shout?
        The alternative, and probably the best option, is to go underground. Use the rules to your advantage. For example, my local post office has started to ask what is in a parcel. I resent it, but it might be useful that they ask, if you are sending tobacco to someone, in the sense that calling the stuff ‘pot-pourri’ or ‘pet bedding’. Thus, the stuff becomes innocuous.
        An interesting idea.

  2. Ritathomas Says:

    Talk about hospitals giving an example, my neighbour is a nurse at our local one and she says the STAFF toilet regularly has fecal matter both inside and out which can be there for days before it is cleaned

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