Sugar Taxes

It is a long time since I had a jam butty. I really ought to experience that delightful taste again. I must make a note to buy a jar of jam. There was nothing more delightful, as a child, than a jam butty. White bread amply spread with butter covered by a layer of strawberry, blackberry, etc, jam. A cheap and cheerful ‘desert’ on a par with Jamie Oliver’s restaurant deserts, but not costing a tenner. Sure, there was plenty sugar in each butty, but we kids did not stuff our faces with endless jam butties. A jam butty was a sort of mid-afternoon snack – easy on Mum preparation-wise and satisfying for the growing child – lots of energy for playing.

What is the realistic thinking about jam butties?

The ‘War of Sugar’ charlatans would say that only the sugar in the jam butties matters when it comes to obesity, but what about the butter and the bread? Suppose that a child simply has the jam and the bread and does without the butter? Or does without the jam and just has the butter and the bread? And suppose that he has twenty such butties every day, with or without? Will he not get fat if he does not have the jam? Or would it be better to have a teaspoon of jam and butter and do without the bread?

What is important in the above is that it is the bread which has the greatest volume by far. The butter is lightly spread and so is the jam. They are a mere skim across the surface of the slice of bread.

But wait! Only a bit of the jam is pure sugar.

“But wait!”, shout the puritanical Zealots, “There is hidden sugar in the bread!” Bollocks! I cry. Unless you literally put a spoonful of pure sugar in your mouth, ALL sugar is hidden.


It is a strange thing that almost no one thinks about the basics.

Eons ago, Men/Women must have tasted or sniffed things to decide whether or not they were safe to eat. If they were sweet, they were safe; if they were bitter, they were not safe to eat. Obviously, that was not always true, but good as a general principle. Even now, both our dog and our cat invariably sniff their food before eating it. It is quite comical to observe what these two animals do. If you give them a tit-bit of something, they invariably sniff it first before eating it. But subsequently, if the tit-bit is the same stuff, they do not bother sniffing. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that they see the stuff and sniff it in the first instance; after that, they see that the stuff is the same and just eat it.


Taste is absolutely critical in deciding safety. How dangerous would it be if people sniffed some nasty smell but said to themselves, “This stuff smells awful, but because it smells awful, it must have less sugar and is therefore healthier”. I suspect that that sort of thinking, which the idea of ‘hidden sugar’ is leading to, is likely to produce ebola-like spreading of non-contagious diseases. People will follow ‘healthy’ advice and start eating rotting foods which stink in the belief that they are ‘sugar free’.

Oh yes. SUGAR FREE is on the horizon, just as FAT FREE is here and now, and SMOKE FREE is now old hat and somewhat played out.


I have a big problem, and it is a problem which all sensible  people should have. The purpose of MPs is to protect the PEOPLE against tyranny. It is not to run the country. Running the country is the duty of the civil service. So a possible system could be that the majority party chooses the Prime Minister. However, his ‘team’ does not include MPs. For example, it is absolutely, unbelievably ridiculous that Pritti Patel should be in charge of the whole edifice of Customs and Excise and Border Control and Inland Revenue, etc. She is simply and absolutely not competent. That is not to denigrate her. It is like former Health Minister Milton thinking that the UK is ‘legally obliged’ by a treaty. No it is not. There is no superior entity which can apply superior laws. Or Subry, who thought that ecigs had been dropped from the Tobacco Directive. And now we have Allison, pretending to be competent. SHE IS NOT!

What is really weird, and it is hard to believe that it has not been deliberate, is that a series of short term ‘health ministers’ have been really, really enthusiastic about introducing denormalisation, persecution, deprivation of freedom, for 25% of the people of the UK.

I really, really mean 25% of the population. For all 25% of the population who enjoy tobacco are forbidden to open a bar/cafe for fellow smokers. It has nothing to do with separate rooms, and nothing to do with ventilation, and nothing to do with non-smokers, asthmatics and people who stink of tobacco smoke (aka BO). All those things are manufactured propaganda.

No. We smokers do not want separate, well-ventilated, spartan rooms with nothing except bare walls to stare at. We want our economic value to be recognised and accepted and not despised. Only smoking pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, as decided by the owners and proprietors, predict FREEDOM.

That is what it is all about – FREEDOM. Not ‘smoke-free’, but ‘zealot-free’.

This dispute (for lack of a better word) has been going on now for a decade. It was always an imposed and deliberate dispute. There was no dispute before the Zealots gained world-wide tyranny. And yet, the tyranny is shallow – very, very shallow.

The Ebola business (WHO incompetence) really ought to alert our politicians to the waste of money involved in the FCTC. If the FCTC was some sort of declaration of principles, then it needed not a huge, expensive administration. Since it is not a mere declaration of principles, it is a drain on taxpayers in the UK.


I do not understand how the Foreign Office (which, I think, is in charge of stuff like the UN) has become so inept. It seems to be determined NOT TO stop the subjugation of UK citizens to Foreign Entities.

Listen to this:

It was an official from the Foreign Office (and not the PM or any Minister) who signed the UK up to the FCTC. No one knows whom that official was.

The stench of corruption gets stronger and stronger. It coats your hair and your clothes, but most of all it coats your mind. Cleans your mind. See your little pleasures as wonderful and valuable. Enjoy…

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  1. Ritathomas Says:

    There is bar I go to in Brugge that has a smoking room. It is always crowded with people talking to and laughing with each other and they all seem to survive. On the subject of food zealots I once sneaked a sip of someone’s wheatgrass at work,it put me off healthy food for life.

    • junican Says:

      Brugge. I have fond memories of Bruges. I visited Bruges in 1957 when I cycled to Brussels for the world fair. I still remember dining at one of the cafes on the edge of the town square. A couple of years ago, eight of us went to buy tobacco in Belgium and we had a day in Bruges. Among other things, I spent some time at the museum and art gallery. It brought back fond memories.

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