The Scream Test

Just a quickie tonight.

Tobacco Control sneer about how they apply the ‘Scream Test’. They mean that the more that Tobacco Companies protest, the more that Tobacco Control actions are hurting TobComs.

Is it not lovely to see the situation reversed?

Tobacco Control Agencies all over the world are screaming about the ‘Public Health England’ exoneration of ecigs. Needless to say, a contrary ‘study’ appears from nowhere, precisely on demand:


‘ceh’ means ‘centre for environmental health’ and seems to be a NGO in California.

Do you just, somehow, get the feeling that there is something wrong? What is wrong? It is this. It is the word “high”. That is all that is wrong. When it comes to utterly minute quantities, the word ‘high’ is meaningless. For example, one hundred thousandth  is ten times ‘higher’ than one millionth. That is, if one person in 100,000 pegs out, that is a damn sight worse than one person in 1,000, 000. The ‘health watchdog’ is behaving in a fraudulent manner, but is protected because the word ‘high’ has only a relative meaning. It can only have meaning if the word ‘low’ exists. To make things worse, there ought also to be the phrase ‘neither high nor low’.

But is that semi-fraudulent concoction of tiny differences of any value?


What is important is the vapers IGNORE any and all EU corruption. Cameron et al, by their deliberate implementation of PP and kids in cars, have shown that they are utterly corrupt.

That being the case, then they, just like feudal Lords, have no dominion over the people. They are charlatans and utterly corrupt.

Why does Cameron not realise that he is utterly corrupt? Or should I say, “Has been utterly corrupted in the past?”

What follows is that vapers must have no hesitation in becoming criminals. And they must brag about it. Indeed, they must demand prosecution and amass hundreds of supporters outside courts. It is the only way, and it works.


There is also another ‘scream test’, which is the matter of ‘minimum alcohol unit pricing’ as passed by the Scottish ‘feudality’. The plot has bashed into the solid wall of  EU competition rules. Simply put, the EU free trade rules demand that no obstacle must be placed in the way of free competition. Thus, if Portugal can produce wine at a low enough price to tempt consumers all over the EU to buy the plonk, then they have a right to so – providing, of course, that their statements about quality etc are true. Minimum pricing would deny the ‘right’ of Portuguese wine merchants to compete with others based upon price.

The ‘Public Health’ Zealots are screaming about that also.

I must wind up. More tomorrow about this very important understanding about corruption in the minds of ‘The Elite’.


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