What Is It About Tobacco Companies?

In a way, I understand why tobacco companies are saying nothing. But I don’t think that it has anything to do with the Master Settlement. The MS only applies in the USA. I understand their position in the sense that anything that they say will be abused and misconstrued by tobacco control, and that the abuse and misconstructions will be spread far and wide by the compliant media. I suppose that TobComs have only themselves to blame for the situation since they were always dishonest decades ago.

But there has been no reason that they should not have publicly ‘made a firm purpose of amendment’ years ago.  The first thing that they could have done is to declare that their intention is merely to supply to a demand. While people want to smoke cigs, they will provide cigs; that the tobacco that they use will be as clean and pure as can be reasonably expected, and of the best quality in terms of what is generally understood as ‘tobacco quality’; that advertising will only be aimed at aficionados of tobacco.

I wonder if there is some sort of ‘missing link’ between smoking and ill health?

For example, eating is necessary for life to continue. Starvation results in death. You can eat anything that you like and, as a result of eating anything that you like, you will probably, accidentally, eat a ‘balanced’ diet. Actually, it is generally true, that eating meat provides all the nutrients that a human body needs. The reason is obvious – the animals that we eat have themselves eaten a ‘balanced diet’! For a cow, a balanced diet equals masses and masses of grass, which contains enough of the necessary nutrients (if you eat loads and loads of it) to build tissue. That is how cows bodies work – loads of grass, loads of shit. All herbivores work the same. We eat the concentrates of the nutrients (the flesh of the cows). Thus, you could say that there is a basic process: Grass becomes cows, cows become meat, meat becomes human beings (physical processes, of course). Thus, the ‘link’ between grass and human bodies is cows.

So what is the link between inhaling tobacco smoke and death? No one actually dies from smoking as such. Smoking is not the same as a bullet to the head or a potion of arsenic; nor is it a virus or a bacterium. But wait! Think again. What among those alternatives is most likely to approximate smoke harm? It can only be ‘a potion of arsenic’.

Tobacco control has, very unscientifically, placed its trust in the propaganda statement that tobacco smoke contains ‘thousands of chemicals’. So it does, but so does every ‘living thing’, including cabbages. We eat cabbages and thus ingest thousands of chemicals. We also ingest theoretical ‘carcinogenic’ chemicals. Our bodies are so constructed as to be able to convert or excrete those carcinogens. If that were not so, they the human race would have died out before it arose. The Earth would be a rock circulating the Sun with some weird molecularly structured things roaming around upon it surface, or just above its surface or just below its surface.



So, what of tobacco companies? There are only a few really big ones. Is it not really weird that the extent of their funding of ‘smokers’ rights’ is to give Forest a pittance of a few thousands of pounds per an for publicity purposes? What is wrong with them? Why are they not funding study after study after study precisely to quantitatively describe the effect on human bodies of inhaling impurities? In any case, what is an ‘impurity’? It is hard to see how the British Medical Journal could dismiss such studies merely because they were funded by a tobacco company. Would the BMJ refuse to publish a TobCom funded study about ebola?


The reason that I mention this is because of Totally Wicked’s legal action in the EU Court of Justice (or whatever). I personally think that the action of TW is very, very important. Blathering about the EU tobacco directive on the net, re ecigs especially, will change nothing since THE TREATY MUST BE ENFORCED.

I wonder if Cameron realises that Treaties have no force in UK law? The fact is that treaties are just convenient agreements for the time being. It is a FACT, beyond dispute, that this current Parliament cannot dictate to the next Parliament. If, in 2020, Labour became the major party with a majority, it could repeal all the Acts which have been passed since forever. Treaties as such do not enter into the equation since they are only temporary agreements.

If there is one thing that tobacco companies have done wrong more than anything else it is not supporting people who enjoy tobacco. The Tobacco Industry depends entirely upon PETS (People who Enjoy Tobacco), and yet it decided to ignore PETS and rely upon its economic power.

How stupid can you get? It is obvious that such an approach will create a moral vacuum which tobacco control will fill.


What is the lesson? It is that we smokers (and vapers) must become as un-reliant as possible upon Big Tobacco. We must become ‘outlaws’ and rely upon unofficial suppliers such as “Manchester”. Vapers must not hope that the Directive will go away. It will not. What will happen is that politicians will rape vapers by enacting the provisions of the Directive.


Smokers and Vapers are equivalent to ‘krill’ as krill is to whales. Whales do not need to fish for krill. They just know where billions upon billions of individual krill fish stuff is. The whales just open their mouths and swallow millions of krill at a time. So it is between Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco Control. All are interdependent.

The only antidote to the Big Three is our elected representatives. For the time being, at least, I see no indication that our elected representatives will do their duty.




4 Responses to “What Is It About Tobacco Companies?”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    ” why tobacco companies are saying nothing”

    To a degree, I doubt that they care much about losing customers; because, over the last 50 years they have not lost many.

    In the USA in 1965 there were about 42% of adults smoking = 50 million adult smokers.

    Now days, there are about 20% of the adults smoking = 46 million adult smokers.

    Worldwide, their customer base has probably expanded.

    • junican Says:

      I’m sure you’re right. Big Tob has been taking over smaller concerns all over the world for decades – and greasing a lot of palms in the process.

  2. Some French bloke Says:

    The claims about active smoking constitute the thick wall of the metaphorical citadel of TobCon, with the more recent SHS harm claims as just the layer of pebble-dash that’s become the most obvious aspect of it from the point of view of the outside, uninformed observer – even though, on a practical level, it served as the basis for the most intrusive legislative measures.
    That 1998 Master Settlement Agreement in the US of A displayed a degree of connivance between the accused (so called Big Tobacco) and the accusation that can be seen as the crowning achievement of decades of collusion, and is a subject that should be brought up more often.
    The TobCoMs’ attitude over the decades (would “suspiciously supine” begin to describe it?) is, in my view, the keystone to the indoctrinated’s inner citadel of belief.

    • junican Says:

      I like your similitude! The citadel of tob control with weak foundations which we keep scratching away at.
      The Master Settlement is a classic example of a treaty – all the parties – the State attorneys general, tob control and tob companies were happy. Everybody collected loads-a-money and it was guaranteed for decades.
      I wonder if that is the reason for the anti-ecig-at-all-cost (in terms of truth) hysteria is about? If ecigs really took off, then Master Settlement funds would quickly diminish, and diminish out of control.

      The corruption…..

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