A Nice, Mild Tobacco for Cigs

Readers will know that I have a nice hobby of growing my own tobacco plants. Erm… Perhaps I should rephrase that – I have a hobby of growing plants of the genus ‘nicotiana tobaccum’. They have pretty flowers.

It just so happens that, if you fiddle about somewhat, it is just about possible to turn the leaves of the plants, despite our lousy weather, into a passable excuse for a ‘proper’ cig.

What the above does not say is that ‘passable’ is pretty damned good.

I use that thought to illustrate what The People have to contend with when The Government create an entity called ‘Public Health’ without any external checks upon what ‘Public Health’ is doing. What seems to me to be obvious is that ‘Public Health has been draining the NHS of funding for several years in the vain pursuit of ‘the healthy, standard human being’.

There is no such thing. All epidemiology studies depend, in the first place, upon the idea that all human beings are clones. That all have a defined life-span. That smokers, drinkers, fatties curtail their life-span by a calculable number of years. The ‘clone’ perfect human does not drink, does not smoke and eats sensibly while exercising.

What is missing is the equation?

I must to bed, but let’s have a quick bit of fun.

At present, maximum  life span is, say, 120 years. All humans will live to that age unless…

  1. The individual smokes.
  2. The individual drinks alcohol.
  3. The individual is fat.
  4. The individual ………

See? None of it makes sense. It is a miasma. But, for the life of me, I cannot put my finger upon what is wrong. When will an Einstein person come along and provide the equations which show that Public Health is barking up the wrong tree?


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  1. nisakiman Says:

    Ah, but there are plenty of people who have got pretty close to 120 who have both smoked and drank. And I don’t know for sure, but I’d wager that a few fat people have topped the century, too.

    So you’re right. None of it makes any sense.

    And I don’t think it needs an Einstein, Junican. They are barking up the wrong tree because they are indoctrinated and obsessed.

    • junican Says:

      When I call for an Einstein, what I mean is someone who can see clearly through the fog created by the UN, WHO, EU, etc, and shine a light upon the destructive nature of ALL top down CONTROL. For example, suppose that such a person could show conclusively that climate control activities and laws stifle innovation? Suppose that he could show, as Einstein did eventually, that matter contains so much trapped energy, that that the solution to mankind’s energy needs is not windmills (a reversion to past technology) but a certain type of research and experiment with certain common substances which would release the trapped energy in huge quantities. I hope you see what I mean. What Einstein did was to show that even the lightest piece of matter (say, a hydrogen atom) could not be accelerated up to the speed of light without that atom being destroyed and becoming radiated energy itself. Suppose that a similar person pointed the way to a simple way to remove toxins from tobacco at the curing stage, which method also improved the beneficial effects of inhaling the smoke, by, say, protecting against dementia, etc?

  2. Some French bloke Says:

    Junican, thanks for the tip on olive oil in wax-clogged ears you posted on Frank Davis’ blog yesterday:

    I’ve had some (about 40%) hearing loss in my left ear for some time and was suspecting some structural problem. It turned out the obstruction was just some wax that had grown harder than usual, so I couldn’t get at it with one of these curved removal hooks they sell for a ransom in pharmacies. Using your tip, I was able to pick a gob of wax in a matter of seconds, and get three more out a couple of hours later. So thanks again!

    As to Einstein, he could only elaborate on one of his most famous quotes and declare: “Two things are infinite: the universe and Tobacco Control’s utter stupidity and disingenuity… and I’m not so sure about the universe.”

    • junican Says:

      Gosh! Amazing, isn’t it, how a randomly placed comment can do someone some good! Why doesn’t ‘Public Health’ do some good by handing out (free) booklets on simple problems which are easily solved?
      I like the amended quote!

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