The ‘Nationalisation’ of Ecigs

It is a perfectly obvious ploy, is it not? If I was some sort of Ruler, and I wanted a slice of the action in respect of some activity, it would behove me to insist that the activity needs my approval. It would also be to my advantage that the costs involved in getting my approval are borne by the applicant. In fact, if I set the fees sufficiently high, I can determine what is presented to me for approval and what is not. If I think that I cannot profit from the activity, then I can demand high fees, such that the applicant is hard put to afford the fees. Further, I can make further demands for information and thus nip the proposal in the bud.


It is absolutely clear beyond doubt that, a couple of years ago, Tobacco Control intended to use the Government control of medicines to destroy ecigs. There is no doubt about that at all. It was stated absolutely specifically that, from 2015 (?), the The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) WILL strictly  control ecigs. It would treat ecigs as ‘a medicine or healthcare product’. Obviously, it would take into account the EU tobacco directive, and demand, in its regulations, that all the convolutions of the directive be complied with.



It is clear why this is so. Despite the best endeavours of Chapman, Glantz, etc, it has become obvious BEYOND DOUBT that the putative harmful substances in tobacco smoke do not exist in ecig vapour. THERE IS NO DOUBT, despite the deliberate attempts to produce fake carcinogens by overheating coils and liquids.


So, the original ‘raison d’etre’ for referrals to MHRA (possible harm) no longer exist. The EU ‘directive’ is already out-of-date. Thus, a new reason is required to justify ecig regulation.

It is hard to believe that The Zealots expect to get away with it. Where are the MPs shouting about their support? The Zealots’ plan is rather cool. It is to take control and ownership of ecigs BY RECOMMENDING THEM!!!! If TC is to recommend ecigs, then they must be approved by MHRA! Thus, it comes to the same thing, apart from the publicity.


Am I inventing this stuff? See this:

“Public Health England says they are 95 per cent safer than smoking normal cigarettes, and recommends that they be made available on NHS prescription for those wanting to quit tobacco, once they have been licensed as medicines.” [My bold] That from Public Health, England apparently. It is easy to see that, eventually, ecigs will ONLY be tolerated once they have been licensed as medicines.

But there is something good about this fracas – something really, really, really good.

It is that the idea of inhaling stuff, other than pure air, is not dangerous. That has been a long time in coming. It has been common and well known from a ‘Health and Safety’ point of view, but is only now infiltrating into the putrid consciousness of the Fascists. Or rather, it is only now that they are having to accept that people are knowledgeable enough to dismiss their totalitarian propaganda.

Even so, the inhuman lies keep coming:

“The message was backed by the government’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, who nevertheless cautioned that “there continues to be a lack of evidence on the long-term use of e-cigarettes”. She said they should only be used as a means to help smokers quit.

“I want to see these products coming to the market as licensed medicines. This would provide assurance on the safety, quality and efficacy to consumers who want to use these products as quitting aids, especially in relation to the flavourings used, which is where we know least about any inhalation risks.”

How on earth can a person who expresses such ideas continue in post? As Chief Medical Officer, what other unutterably stupid things is she saying? In any case, what function does she fulfil? What is the purpose of the position “Chief Medical Officer”? I see no reason for the existence of that position. Nor do I see any reason for the existence of the position of “Surgeon General” in the USA.

But we can see, without doubt, from the above statement by the ‘Chief Medical Officer’, that the use of ecigs is to be ‘nationalised’. Everything about them is to be controlled and and to be profitable to The Tobacco Control Industry.


Vapers must fight on. They still hold the high moral ground. They must say, again and again and again, that the reason that they switched to ecigs was that they found ecigs just as enjoyable as tobacco cigs. They must say that they did not switch in order to comply with TC strictures. They switched because they felt like doing so, and the alternative was very nice.


So, the way that things seem to be, Vapers have one more huge battle to win. They hold the HIGH MORAL GROUND, no doubt at all. They must demand that ecigs must not be considered as tobacco products at all; that they should come under the ‘Health and Safety Executive’ and not ‘public health’; that NGOs should either not exist or not be funded by taxpayers without accountability.

The fight goes on. Tobacco Control is on the verge of collapse. Day after day, it becomes less and less a disciplined movement. Day after day, utterly stupid edicts are enacted here and there. The stupidity of those edicts reflect back and upwards to the top.


This scenario has always been on the cards. The reason is that it is not possible to regulate chaos. The more that you try to regulate chaos, the more chaotic it becomes.


REGULATING CHAOS is an interesting idea. It seems to be a contradiction in terms. Thus, regulating ecigs is nigh on impossible.



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    So, they want to make a profit from E-Cigarettes?

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