What Does the Tobacco Control Industry Hate?

There is no doubt that Tobacco Control is an Industry – it is far too big, far too pandemic, far too busy and far too wealthy to be otherwise. There are two ways to look at the ‘worth’ of this industry. Either you could see it as something like a hospital, curing illnesses, or you could see it as a sewage works, extracting toxins and disposing of them from the whole ‘body politic’. You could of course see it as a parasite, feeding off mankind’s wish to have pleasure with no ‘worth’ at all or even a negative ‘worth’.

I was thinking about the situation in America and wondering about how that situation affects us British. In the USA, as far as I know, there is no ban on tobacco companies advertising their products. It seems that such a ban would be unconstitutional since ‘free speech’ in the constitution means that any person or entity can ‘talk about’ their products, and that they cannot be  forced to ‘badmouth’ their own products.

So what were the avenues open to anti-smoking Zealots to bring tobacco companies down? To destroy them?

LEGAL ACTION was one, and was used very effectively, but all that the action accomplished was a rise in the price of tobacco products. It did not destroy tobacco companies.

The Constitution forbade self-‘badmouthing’. Legal action merely increase the price of cigs. What else is available to the Zealots to batter tobacco companies?

We have seen it. It is the demonisation of smokers. Tobacco companies are protected in various ways, and so the only way is to demonise smokers. Smokers must be described as ugly, smelly, mentally ill, uneducated, defiled, squint-eyed, and their children are similarly defiled by proxy.


That idea was inherent in ‘The Godber Blueprint’. “It is important that the impression that children are harmed by tobacco smoke be published… ” or words to that effect. Reality is of no significance – only impressions matter.

But why did Godber want to emphasise impressions rather than facts? I do not know. I can only imagine that there were no sufficiently strong ‘facts’.

So let us suppose for a moment that the Zealots (as compared to the free-loading Charlatans) decided that tobacco companies must be destroyed. Erm…. Why? The only reason must be political. It must be, “We have won! Up yours, tobacco companies! Tee Hee!”


But note also that tobacco companies are TOTALLY protected. No one can break into the tobacco market. Erm…. Hang on…. Tobacco Companies are supposed to be the enemy, aren’t they? Why is competition banned?


Those are tactical stuff. The really important stuff is strategic.

We are in the midst of a world war. The war has only just begun. The first battle is about THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY, but the next campaign is already planned. It is about sustainable energy supplies and world population.

What is odd is that no one can see that the success of these campaigns are ephemeral. Very old men and very old women will die. They do so because their repair mechanisms break down and cease to work. IT IS OBVIOUS! Not one single person has ever retained his youthful physique  into old age. It is a contradiction in terms.


What does tobacco control hate? It hates smokers because smokers perpetuate the existence of tobacco companies.


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