Deception, Distraction, Misdirection

A short post tonight – it is already 2 am.

While on my hols, I read a story. The book was an old one, and so I doubt that revealing the plot matters – no one will every read it.

The story was called ‘Black Market’. It begins with the scene where a secret group called ‘Green Band’ circulate a message to all the establishments on Wall St, New York, along with the Government of the USA, telling them that these establishments must be evacuated because some of them were going to be blown up. The establishments included top banks and top stock-market trading firms. The message was absolutely uncompromising. ‘There will be no negotiations. The destruction will take place. Evacuate now. You have only until x pm to do so’. I forget the exact time for the explosions, but, let us say, it was 5 pm.

The powers-that-be thrutch about trying to find out what ‘Green Band’ is, but without success. Wall St is evacuated. At 5 pm, nothing happens. Is the whole thing a joke? At 5.45 pm, various building explode and great destruction ensues. (This story was written before 7/11)

As a consequence, the New York stock exchange goes into meltdown.

Cutting a long story very short, it turns out that ‘Green Band’ is a group of ex-Vietnam veterans. They include explosives experts, communication experts, munitions experts, etc. They banded together as a result of the fact that, after serving in Vietnam, they were cast on the scrapheap.

The story imagines a group of people called ‘the Committee of Twelve’ who, as a result of them being in positions of great power, were the real controllers of the USA political policies. The final twist in the story, regarding ‘Deception, Distraction and Misdirection’, was in the final scene.

Green Band sends a message saying that the White House must be evacuated because it is going to be blown up. But the White House is not blown up. Instead, the homes of the Committee of Twelve are all firebombed.


The above is a resume of the story, which is much more complicated. What is important about it is its relevance to modern times.

Is it not strange that our elected representatives, in their roles as managers of the nation’s fortunes, have no shame in using ‘deception, distraction and misdirection’ in pursuit of their objectives?


I said a short post. It is now 2.45 am.

I have said again and again, that our political system stinks, and I am beginning to see why that is so. There ought to be a ‘crime’. That crime ought to be ‘deception, distraction and misdirection’ in political discourse. For too long, we have accepted with a giggle, trickery by politicians.

It will not do any longer. In earlier decades, it did not matter that much, but the advent of the Monopolistic, Fascist EUSSR, it matters an awful lot.

Would the idea that a World Government is inevitable and that the important thing at this time is who will control the World Government startle anyone? Why is it not unreasonable to assume that the USA wants to be the World Government?  Is there not also an argument that the USA, the EU, Russia and China could form a committee which rules the world?



The indications are that it would be a terrible thing. Why? Because of the puritanical ideology of the Zealots. Weird, is it not?, that the most puritanical zealots are mega-rich people like Bloomberg and Gates? They made their fortunes by gaining monopolistic control, and now they want to spread that 24 hour work ethic control over all the world. They want to force every single individual person to become a workaholic, just like them. The idea that a person might not be interested in becoming rich, but might be content in simply having a street-cleaning job to make ends meet bothers them.

What is wrong with living a simple life? A thousand years ago, as compared with today’s world, even the wealthiest Kings lived a simple life.


The problem with World Government is that it has gone off in the wrong direction. It has gone off into the direction of PROHIBITION. Almost everything that the UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF, does involves prohibition.

Those things are clear and obvious, but they involve only a tiny, tiny number of ‘priests’. People will adapt and ignore the blandishments. But what is really, really annoying is that our elected representatives should use their common sense to block the blandishments in the first place. Why do they act in the entirely opposite way? It beats me.


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  1. robert innes Says:

    Of course! And for all who read Bolton Smokers Club, tweet, then copy small comments and replace the original message on the tweet section, after using the tweet button the second time – and tweet again, then repeat the process.

    Anyone who puts the effort and thought into pursuing what they consider to be just and right deserves the largest audience.

    • junican Says:

      Erm…. Try as I might, I don’t get it! I’m not a twitterer, although I read Dick P’s tweets on his blog. Can you explain?

      • robert innes Says:

        Lol. Yes… When you click on the tweet button (below) an automatic tweet is created. You can only use this once. However, you can copy a short comment from the article, eg, “the most puritanical zealots are mega-rich people like Bloomberg and Gates” Open the tweet box and delete the original message but leave the address. Because the message has been altered, a new tweet has been created and will be allowed.. do this as often as you like and this generates traffic for the article. You may have to juggle the comment to get it to fit within the character limit.

        I am not sure, being a basic twitterer and nothing more, but it may be that you have to have a twitter account for this to work.

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