Real Conspiracy

It isn’t often that we dare to contemplate the possibility that a real political conspiracy actually occurred. By ‘political’, I do not mean conspiracies among politicians – they are ten a penny. I mean conspiracies which use the political system. 

There was a classic case, and it must be true that there must have been many, many more in the past – unless it was considered beneath the morality of Parliament. I speak of the ‘public places indoor smoking ban’.

I don’t think that we should ever lose sight of the trickery involved in the creation of that ban.

I’m sure that readers will be able to pick out other tricks, but here a few.

1. The Health Bill was about other matters and the Smoking Ban was stuck onto the end of the Bill as though it was just a tiny bit of an addendum. The other matters have now disappeared since they were just minor procedural matters for chemists’ shops and such, and yet they provided the excuse for introducing the Smoking Ban as if it were a minor matter of not much consequence. Indeed, it might not have been of great consequence had it not been for….

2. Some sort of MPs’ health committee which said that excluding wet-led pubs and similar establishments made no sense since employees were still exposed to SHS. Thus, at the last minute, an amendment was moved to include the exclusions. Thus, publicans in the personally owned and tenanted sector (not pubcos), had no time whatsoever to organise and protest. It was a ‘fait accompi’ within a few hours.

3. Any person who dared to oppose and ignore the ban was humiliated, prosecuted and hit with the full force of the police and magistrates. Massive fines and imprisonment. You would think that ‘permitting’ a person to smoke in a pub was 100 times more dangerous than driving while pissed as a fart.

There must be other things, but those three alone must surely indicate that the important bits were prepared in advance in secret. That is the very definition of ‘a conspiracy’. It was not what ASH et al said in public which was conspiratorial – it was the deliberate framing of the Health Bill to allow a last minute amendment to the smoking ban, which had already been prepared, to bugger up the (privately owned) pub industry.


There is no doubt in my mind that the above realities resulted from a deliberate conspiracy. Does anyone think otherwise?

If that is true, then it is reasonable to suppose that an awful lot of tobacco control stuff is conspiratorial. Also, it is reasonable to suppose that corruption is widespread. The corruption does not have to be monetary – it might be preference for jobs. It is the new nepotism and ‘colour-bar’, except that the ‘colour’ is “sky-blue-pink-with-a-finny-addy-border” – only the conspirators know what the acceptable ‘colour’ is.

The conspiracy is already backing tobacco control into a corner. Ecigs have a kaleidoscope of colours and TC is fearful. Snus had only one colour, and was easily banned throughout the EU except Sweden. Why was snus banned? That question has been asked but notanswered. WHY WAS SNUS BANNED? WHY WAS SNUS BANNED? “Dear Mr Hunt, Sec of State for Health, please investigate the reason for the ban on snus imposed by the EU bureaucrats. Who were the people who made that decision? Why did they make that decision? Were the reasons similar to the those which have been intended to scupper ecigs? What is the level of corruption involved, and are you part of it? Is there any possibility that you will stand up in Parliament, in the same way that people like Churchill did in the past, and DEMAND an end to EU corruption?”


Our political system stinks, and has stunk for a long time. But only in recent times has the stench become overpowering. I think that reason for the overpowering stench is because the political corruption in no longer small-scale, internal corruption within the UK. It has become international corruption on a huge scale. How can it be otherwise? Is there a dedicated ‘police force’ looking for criminals in the UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF, etc?

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband had five years to suss these things out, but they preferred to waltz about on the World Stage BIG TIME, whilst persecuting their own smoker citizens BIG TIME.


If there was one REALLY, REALLY BIG THING that could be achieved, it would be to inform ALL smokers throughout the UK that they are not diseased lepers. In other words, be PROUD to be a smoker and thus a free spirit. Every human person is a free spirit. But God only knows where that idea leads to.



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  1. westcoast2 Says:

    The Snus ban, in the UK, came about, due to pressure from ASH, in 1986. Wasn’t Clive (Friend of the Vaper) Bates director of ASH at that time? (The Skoal Bandits hysteria)

    The Snus ban, in the EU, came about, due to pressure from ASH, in 1992. David Simpson was director of ASH at that time.

    The Indoor Smoking ban, in the UK, came about due to pressure from ASH, in 2007. Someone else was director

    A common theme? Given the low level of actual public concern on these issues, I suppose the question is how and why have ASH gained so much political power?

  2. Rose Says:

    ASH applauds 40th ratification of global treaty and calls for immediate ratification by the UK Government.
    Wednesday 01 December 2004

    ” Deborah Arnott, Director of ASH said:

    “We call on the UK government to immediately ratify the FCTC. Ratification and implementation of the treaty are critical to reducing the death and disease caused by tobacco in our country. Delaying ratification only serves the interest of the tobacco industry.”

    The FCTC contains most of the measures that countries need to take to reduce tobacco consumption. The FCTC obliges countries to:

    enact a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, marketing and promotion;

    place large, graphic warnings on cigarette packs;

    ban the use of misleading descriptors such as “light”, “low-tar” and “mild;”

    raise tobacco taxes significantly;

    provide smoke-free public spaces and workplaces;

    compel companies to disclose the contents of tobacco products; and

    consider using litigation to hold the tobacco industry liable for its wrongdoings.

    In a letter to Tony Blair, ASH urges the government to honour its commitment to ratify the global tobacco treaty without further delay.

    In addition, ASH is seeking clarification on what planning mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that the UK complies with the FCTC’s requirement of a comprehensive national tobacco control strategy.”

    15 days later –

    16th December, 2004

    Hidden in the text of this announcement –

    “On the same day as these statistics were published, the UK ratified the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This is the first international treaty on public health and has the potential to make a real difference in tobacco control at a global level by committing all parties to the following measures:

    – Comprehensive bans on the advertising and promotion of tobacco products. – Labelling of tobacco products to warn about the dangers of smoking. – Education about the health effects of tobacco. – Greater controls on the smuggling of tobacco. – Protection of the public from the effects of secondhand smoke – Measures to reduce the availability and promotion of tobacco to young people.”

    Tony Blair’s 10 Years Of Tobacco Control
    29 June 2007

    “A Comment published online Friday June 29 assesses the impact of 10 years of Tony Blair’s Labour Government in the UK concerning public-health measures to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco, just two days before a ban on smoking in public places is introduced in England.”

    “Labour has achieved more in terms of tobacco control than any other UK government, establishing the UK as a world leader in this respect, and deserves credit for doing so.

    However, it has taken 10 years to deliver results that could have been achieved in 5 or even 3, indicating that Blair’s government has lacked either the courage or the commitment to implement its policies.”

    “Blair promised much for tobacco control but required considerable pressure before he delivered.

    Let us hope that Gordon Brown, the new Labour Prime Minister, is able to act on the radical advice on long term planning and promotion of public health he commissioned in 2004,.”

    “The Bloomberg initiative helps to translate the principles of the FCTC into action, with particular focus on the 15 countries where two-thirds of the world’s smokers live (which include China, India, Indonesia, and Russia). But as the sorry delays in the UK illustrate, signing up to the FCTC was the easy bit.”
    http: //

    15 November 1997
    Labour Government’s tobacco spin spins them off track

    “Smoking is the greatest single cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK. We will therefore ban tobacco advertising”—Labour Party manifesto, 1997

    That pre-election message could not have been plainer. On Nov 5, the Labour public-health minister, Ms Tessa Jowell, astonished everyone with the news that the Government would exempt Formula One motor racing from a ban on sponsorship by the tobacco industry. That change of policy amounted to a faster U-turn than the power spins F1 cars make after skidding.

    The European Social Affairs Commissioner, Padraig Flynn, a leading campaigner against tobacco, looked fit to burst when interviewed on television.

    A Council of Ministers meeting on Dec 4 would probably have agreed a tobacco-advertising directive, given that Britain’s Labour Government had been thought to be about to end years of stalemate.

    Flynn says the Europe-wide deal has been undermined and that the European Commission may withdraw the directive.”

    http: //

    As the Conservatives and Lib Dems have since implemented every policy that Labour signed us up to, however much the Conservatives protested at the time, I think they were all in on it from the beginning.

  3. junican Says:

    ASH belongs to the Royal College of Physicians. When Arnott speaks, she is saying what the RCP has told her to say. There is a board of Trustees. Here is the list:

    The connection with the RSP is hidden by the titles of the trustees.

    So ASH does not get its power from its inherent worth. It gets it as the front group for the whole bloody medical profession. I think that the RCP is more powerful than the British Medical Assn. The RCP is like the Institute of Directors while the BMA is like the Trades Union Congress.

    How can mere politicians, regardless of their supposed ‘power’ as Ministers or whatever, possibly go against the wishes of these powerful groups, especially since almost the whole Health Dept is colluding with them?
    The only thing that would work would be if several other departments of government decided that the costs and demands of the Health Fanatics were intolerable. That could happen if the Treasury added up ALL the costs of tobacco control, including time spent by academics paid for by student fees, EU grants to deranged health zealots in far away places, the cost of future pension liabilities, and such – especially if all the cost and expense made almost no difference to the ‘health of the nation’.
    I think that we are getting nearer to that realisation since Tobacco Control would be crowing like mad if there had actually been a result from their activities.

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