The Labour Leadership

It seems that the rump of the Libdems has elected a leader called Tim, or something. I may be wrong, but it doesn’t matter. These leadership elections are a little like deciding who will be captain of the England football team – it does not matter since England will lose the important matches whoever is captain. If and when they win a match, it will not be because X is captain.

To be quite honest, I regard the Labour leader election in much the same way. It seems that someone called Jeremy Corbin is leading. Weird, is it not?, that this person is said to be ‘far left’ – a communist for all intents. Perhaps he is, but ‘Jeremys’ are not normally that way inclined unless they came out of ‘the combined socialist workers and aristocratic wealth redistribution society’ at uni.

Does it matter who is leader of the labour party? Who cares? It may matter to the few dozen people actually involved, but even that is temporary. So suppose that Jeremy succeeds? What will happen? Well, it is obvious. The same gang of ‘advisers’ will advise. Nothing will change. Labour will NOT demand that we defund the UN, the IMF, the EU, the WHO and the World Bank. Why? Because Jeremy does not understand how these systems work. There again, neither do Tim whatsit and Cameron. They seem to be sort of playing a game of chess where none of the players actually want to checkmate the opponent’s king. They move pieces about here and there without actually taking an opponent’s piece.


I think that this desperate situation has been going on for a long time. Is it any wonder that, occasionally, MPs relieve themselves of the tension of ignorance by passing smoking bans, PP and smoking in cars stuff? Persecution of your own minority citizens is really, really easy, and it makes you look strong and decisive. But it is nonsense since it relies upon slogans, such as: “We can make a difference” and, “We can bring about change”.


I am wondering if the beginnings of a sea-change are becoming evident. It is not an easy concept, but it is well known. Bans on smoking on beaches are akin to ‘let them eat cake’. Those bans are callous, pointless and simply mean-spirited, just as ‘let them eat cake’ is.


Who cares who the leader of the labour party is? Or the Libdems. Or even the Tories. Is PM Cameron also leader of the Tories? How can he possibly combine the two, often contradictory, duties?



2 Responses to “The Labour Leadership”

  1. prog Says:

    A Labour shift to the left would be manna from heaven for the Lib Dems – attracting those (middle class) labour voters who couldn’t bring themselves to vote Tory nor a near Marxist Labour Party.

    • junican Says:

      I suppose so, Prog, but my point is that it doesn’t matter. None of them are able to face up to the big issues.

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