A Weird Idea – A Post About Nothing, Aka Space

‘Nothing’ means non-existence. It is only possible to postulate non-existence if there is existence. I doubt that there are many humans who believe that they do not exist.

What is non-existence? Is SPACE an example of ‘nothing’? Is there ‘nothing’ between Earth and the Moon? If so, why are the Earth and the Moon separated? The Space between the two must be ‘A THING’.

Why is it taking so long for physicists to declare what SPACE is? Why have they been avoiding that subject for decades? Einstein paved the way, but was forced to avoid that problem because he would have been ridiculed. Why is it that, a century later, physicists are still avoiding that question?


Science has become pseudo-science for the most part. There is still ‘true’ science. For example, true science plotted the journey of the probe which reached Pluto. True science landed a probe on an asteroid. Meanwhile, back on Earth, ‘scientific studies’ are proving that miasmas (SHS) are devastating whole populations of youths. Youths are dropping like flies from ecig vapour, SHS, THS, and …..?


Perhaps we should demand to know how much of taxpayers’ money is NOT being spent upon that absolutely critical question.


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  1. Michael J. McFadden Says:

    Hmmm…… Junican, you have brought up an interesting question. While it is impossible to smoke a cigarette after “just stepping outside for a few minutes” in the nude on the moon, it might be possible to enjoy a quick vape before learning that smoking or vaping in a vacuum is bad for your health.

    Of course we wouldn’t be able to observe it directly since, under UN Mandate XYZ smoking is allowed only on the Dark Side of the Moon.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      Would a condemned person, on the Moon, be allowed a quick vape before being shot by firing squad? Or would that person be read a verse from the New Bible? Such as: “Thou shalt not inhale the stuff from burning dry leaves”.

  2. caprizchka Says:

    The space between my lips and within my lungs is about to enjoy a cigar. The space between my ears is about to enjoy a conversation. I have little time before those events occur, and am enjoying this use of my time. Thanks.

    • junican Says:

      The ‘space’ between your ears is almost total – about 90%, since atoms are 90% space. If space is ‘nothing’, then 90% of your whole body does not exist. Enjoy your 90% non-existent cigar!

      • garyk30 Says:

        Actually šŸ™‚
        The volume of an atom (roughly 1 angstrom, or 10^-10 m in diameter) is about 15 orders of magnitude larger than the volume of a nucleon (roughly 1 fm, or 10^-15 m in diameter). It seems rather silly to express that ratio in percentage, but it
        would be
        99.9999999999999% (13 nines after the decimal point).

        Reference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/what-of-an-atom-is-empty.74297/

      • junican Says:

        OK, Gary, All the more so then.
        I read on that link that electrons are considered to be ‘points’ in today’s physics. Was it Rutherford who first detached electrons and fired them through magnetic deflectors to hit a photographic paper screen? I wonder how he did that with objects with no weight?

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