How EUrocracy Will End

A quick post tonight. I was up early and need some sleep.

When we think back to the imposition of persecution of smokers which was the ‘general smoking ban’, what happened at the time was that there was a blitzkrieg of propaganda. The odd thing is that the blitzkrieg was not really aimed at the people. Yes, there was an MSM coordinated vilification, lead by The Mirror, which was edited by the husband of the harridan, Ms Middleton, who is in cahoots with ASH ET AL. But most other MSM papers went along for the hysterical ride.

But the main blitzkrieg was aimed at politicians. In fact, the intense bombardment was such that politicians, and especially ministers, were overwhelmed. Common Sense and scientific enquiry went out of the window.

But politics being as it is, no one dares to admit to have made tremendous mistakes. Even in this present Greek catastrophe, why is it that no one, no one, is asking why the bail-out five years ago occurred? Why were the Greek banks not sorted out then? How can the same problem arise from nowhere again without anyone noticing the rising problems in-between?

It makes no sense to believe that no one noticed the same problems arising. Eurocrats must have noticed. Why did they not act earlier? Why was the matter allowed to generate so much nuclear heat? The potential problems must have been obvious several years ago! Who decided to wait for disaster? Were Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, etc, fully aware of the impending Greek catastrophe all along?

I doubt it, but I am as certain as certain can be that the World Bank, the IMF and the EU Central Bank were fully aware. If that is true, then we can be sure that the Greek catastrophe was anticipated and is being used to further shackle The People of Europe. But is it not interesting that I used the phrase ‘The People of Europe’? For is that phrase precisely what the Eurocrats want? Smile enigmatically. The ‘People of Europe’ are not a mass. They are French, German, Italian, Greek, etc. They are not a mass of ‘Europeans’.

Before the EU, it might just have been possible for European Nations to gradually find bonds sufficient to create a federation in due course. What we have now is the creation of hubris, aka over-confidence, and that creation has wreaked disaster.

Is there a solution? I think so. The EU monstrosity must be destroyed. All its previous ‘directives’ must be re-examined and, to the extent that these ‘treaty obligations’ impinge upon the Sovereign Right of, say, England to make decisions for its people, those ‘treaty obligations’ must be abrogated. There is no other way.

Further, organisations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund must be absolutely WIDE OPEN to public enquiries. No more secrecy. No more obscure links to UN and EU eugenicist, fanatical, totalitarian groups. Everything absolutely clear and above board. No more antics in Moscow and places of FCTC meetings being held in secret.

The Zealots are in our schools. Titter. When has that not been so? The Zealots have ALWAYS found their paedophile way into schools. It has been going on for ages and ages. It has never worked. I suspect that the reason is that kids develop out of the restrictive thinking of parents and teachers. It has always been so. Newton would never have developed his laws of motion and gravity had he taken note of his putative parents’ scolding to stop wasting his time and give his attention to the farm, or whatever. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS. Youths rebel.


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  1. smokingscot Says:

    Seems to me that this arms deal may be one reason why the Greek government needed a second bail out.

    Though this one tells how Greece dropped down the pecking order from 4th largest arms importer in the world to a piffling 15th.

    Add in unemployment benefits for close to 30% of the working age population, lousy tax collection, endemic corruption, the fact it’s a very, very expensive country to run anyway with all those islands that need ferries.

    Mostly ferries run on a commercial basis, though all the ports are built, staffed and maintained by the government.

    Those islands that are not commercially viable are subsidised by the government.

    All airports on the big islands are of course built, staffed and maintained by the government. And flights to terribly small islands are still subsidised… by the government.

    More on this, even if it’s actually a Scottish paper.

    And of course there’s a connection. Less money, fewer workers, less revenue, fewer ferry and air passengers, so greater subsidies.

    • junican Says:

      Some very interesting stuff there, SS. The more that you get to know, the more the plot thickens. Why on earth would the Greek navy need ‘state of the art’ submarines costing half a billion euros each? All they have to bother with is the Mediterranean. Only Turkey is a threat, and you would have thought that the Greeks and the Turks would have sorted out their relations donkeys years ago. According to one of the articles you quote, there are 10,000 islands, but only a few are inhabited. Perhaps there are disputes about ownership of many of those islands, but uninhabited tiny islands are hardly a problem worth going to war over.
      It’s becoming fairly obvious why no officials want to talk about how all these debts mounted up without anyone noticing.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    My apologies – I forgot ground zero. Their Olympics and the reason I know about all these bits of information is through my Greek acquaintances… they know only too well where their money was squandered… and who benefited most in terms of kickbacks.

    And that hasn’t stopped.

  3. smokingscot Says:

    “but uninhabited tiny islands are hardly a problem worth going to war over.”

    (Wee bit tongue-in-cheek surely).

    By that I mean Japan and China are fair miffed over the Senkaku islands. Okay, eight uninhabited rocks, not just one, but enough for the Japanese PM to get the constitution changed to allow them to militarise again.

    And the Chinese have decided to build a runway on a coral reef, so making an island all to themselves.

    All anyone needs in politics is a 1% credible story – and the Greeks have got that in spades.

    But I do agree, they most definitely do not NEED submarines, but what the heck, they don’t really need F 16’s either.

    However it doth put them in the big league as a “regional power” and it makes them feel oh so important when they have their military parades.

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