Sublime to Ridiculous: “Schizophrenia” is caused by smoking===”Grexit”.

I’ve had a couple of days off blathering. The first day was due to general weariness and the second was due to the need for an early night in view of a ‘crack-of-dawn’ dental appointment (9.15 am). I was quite surprised at how many people are roaming the streets at that time. Have they no homes? Do they share beds in shifts? Judging from the vacant look in the eyes and general listlessness, I suppose that they could be schizophrenic. Which brings us to our first ‘sublime to ridiculous’ event. ‘Scientists’ are claiming that smoking causes schizophrenia. I mean….HA! HA! HA! HA!……. HA! HA! HA!….. HA! HA! OK. After WW2, the import of oranges increased. At the same time, there was an increase in divorces. Which caused which? Did the import of oranges cause the divorces, or did the increase in divorces cause the increase in the import of oranges? It is a STATISTICAL FACT, well verified, that many more schizophrenics smoke as compared with mentally stable people. An article that I have just happened upon claims that 88% of Schizos smoke: It has always been vaguely understandable that Schizos smoke a lot because it alleviates whatever mental tensions they suffer. The exact reasons are not important here. I must admit that I admire the chutzpah of the FANATICS for coming up with the idea that, like oranges and divorces, the ’cause and effect’ can be reversed.  I wonder if these ‘scientists’ are just amusing themselves? So let’s think about what they are saying. A normal, balanced individual tries a cig and likes it. He/She buys a pack of cigs and starts to enjoy tobacco regularly. There is nothing wrong mentally with that person, but, somehow, the tobacco smoke entering the body of that person alters the physical composition of his brain and turns him anti-social, dreamy, disconnected, depressed, ‘split’ in his vision of what is happening around him. And yet, from Wikipedia:

Symptoms begin typically in young adulthood, and about 0.3–0.7% of people are affected during their lifetime.”

Funny that, is it not? “In young adulthood” means very little since it could be confused with ‘children and young people’, but even accepting the vagueness of the terms, it seems to me to be clear that the condition precedes the smoking. But, if the FANATICS wanted to cut rates of schizophrenia, then they could demand PROHIBITION, since it follows that all smokers who start smoking ‘in young adulthood’ must, to a certain extent, become schizos. For heaven’s sake, how long is this mania going to go on for? How long are our elected representatives going to persist with the persecution of smokers, drinkers, motorists, fatties, and schizophrenics? Is not the smoking ban in mental institutions not a direct, personal punishment of schizophrenics and others? And is not the putative general smoking ban on hospital grounds also a direct, personal punishment of smokers? There is no explanation other than punishment. No one, other than us, gives a shit. === It seems that the Greek Government, despite its blandishments, has capitulated. But we should not speak too soon. It seems that the Greek Parliament has accepted the propositions of Syriza to be presented to the Troika. I have not been paying much attention, being too busy, but what are the Syriza proposals? I have no idea, and no one is really saying because they must be kept under wraps, I suppose. That is not unreasonable, since it would be silly adopt a public, unchangeable position. Deals are made by ‘quid pro quo’ adjustments. But it is clear beyond doubt that Greece and similar countries must learn from the fact that they have been conned rotten. They were tempted into massive debts which have become the modern equivalent of shackles. I do not blame the Greeks for capitulating on this occasion, although they should have learnt from the last time they needed a bail-out. They should have already had an answer, no matter how cautious, to the problems of a Grexit from the Euro Zone. Thus, they must plan NOW for a Grexit soon. Getting deeper and deeper in debt, especially at the dictat of a landlord, is not on. Get the bailout and then build up reserves to bolster the Grexit. Get the fuck out when the exit is most to your advantage. One could imagine a host of people trying to get out of a theatre where there is a small fire and where these people are split between those who want to stay and watch the end of the play, and those who want to get out of the theatre. Those who want to watch the end of the play will hang back. Only when the stage bursts into fire will those people go, “Oh My God! I must get out!” And those people will then demand ‘droit de seigneur’ to get out first. It is becoming more and more clear and certain that PRIVILEGE is ‘alive and well’ and that it is thriving everywhere. The Roman system of ‘Clientes’ (which means that the filthy rich met with ‘clients’ and approved projects, with a slice for themselves) is alive and well and is thriving, especially in the EU. Successive Greek Governments have begged, and successfully begged. As a result of successfully begging, they got lots of boxes-full of euros and cents to splurge. What ought to happen is that the Greek Government ought to spend a couple of years and some money to find out why/how they were suckered into the black hole of debt. Then they must Grexit. Grexit when strong, not when weak. — I have other subjects will have to wait. Goodnight.


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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Junican, in terms of “Sublime to Ridiculous” correlations, page through the slideshow at:

    I believe the author of those has actually produced a book with about a hundred of ’em.


    • junican Says:

      Thanks for that – most amusing. I have seen a similar one somewhere in the past. I personally like the correlation between the import of oranges into the UK and the increase in the divorce rate – but which caused which?

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