A Night Off: Reading About 9/11

Somehow, earlier today, I came across a piece about the twin towers atrocity in New York. I started reading it and became more and more fascinated. The question that the piece asked was: “Where did the two towers go?” The point was that the amount of debris after the collapse of the towers was just insufficient to account for all the material used in the towers. 500,000 tons of steel in each tower somehow turned into dust. There wasn’t an awful lot of concrete since concrete was only used in the floors. All the walls were made of steel. There are a lot more oddities. Some people have said that the video films of the aircraft hitting the towers are faked. They say that the aircraft should have crumpled, and not penetrated the buildings like a knife through butter. At least the wings should have broken off. They compare the strike of the aircraft with that of a lorry hitting a brick wall. I don’t know about that. If the outer skin of the towers was not really very strong, I can certainly imagine 500 tons of aircraft travelling as several hundred MPH ripping through that skin. Look what happened to the Titanic. Another interesting point concerns the aviation fuel, kerosene. The aircraft clearly exploded when the kerosene ignited, but ‘experts’ have said that the fuel would have burnt out very quickly. Bang! And its gone. In fact, videos seem to indicate that that is what happened. There was a fireball of exploding kerosene which quickly faded to be replaced by fires, presumably being anything flammable within the building. But the floors were built from steel and concrete. The temperatures from the kerosene would not be high enough to melt the steel structure. If you watch videos of the strikes, you can see that the explosions hardly affect the structures at all. What, inside the building, could possibly burn at such a high temperature as to melt the steel/concrete structure on floors both above and below the the point of the strikes?

I shall read on for a while……


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  1. Samuel Says:

    Thermite has been confirmed in the debris. The towers had received some structural maintenance and had been repainted, inside, shortly before they were brought down. Tower came down the same way, without any airplanes, but only after billions in gold bullion vanished from its basement vaults. It seems to have been a well crafted job except for choosing Saudis to be the “terrorists” when the intention all along was to invade Iraq.

    • junican Says:

      There are hundreds of conspiracy theories, and I have tried to avoid thinking along those lines. What interested me was watching the videos and noticing the enormous amount of dust which billowed out of the buildings as they fell inwards. That was WTC 1 and 2. Later, WTC 7 collapsed in much the same way – a ‘straight down’ fall of the whole building – but there was nowhere near the same amount of dust. How can steel turn to dust? Melt, yes, but turn to dust?

  2. prog Says:

    Officially, no traces of the black boxes were recovered.

    • junican Says:

      Yes, I read about that too. They may have been found and kept secret, but, there again, they might also have turned to dust!

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