My little mind does drift around a lot.

Suppose that you were the head person in a village, either because you are ‘the elder’ or because you were elected. Suppose also that you have duties which have costs, like keeping the village water supply (a nearby stream) clean. You need to employ people to do the cleaning. So, you call a meeting of the villagers. You address the meeting: “Fellow villagers. As you know, last week 20 of our people had severe tummy troubles which made them shit a lot. It was not nice at all because we could all smell the stink. Thankfully, no one died. I have discovered that our stream has become very mucky. I think that the reason comes from crap being put into the stream by the nomads who have been living up the road. I have talked to them and they have promised not to dump shit in the stream. But can we trust them? I think not. So, for the time being, I propose to hire Fred to keep the stream clear of obstructions and to insert a filter upstream. This filter is quite simple. Fred and I worked it out. It is basically woven reeds. But Fred needs to be paid at least the minimum wage. I propose therefore that every adult villager pays me 1 penny per week with which I shall create a charitable trust fund. What do you think?”

Up stands villager A: “Elder, you know that I have my own well. Why should I pay?”

Elder: “It seems like a good idea to spread the cost over the whole village so that no one person has to pay more than they can afford”.

But many other villagers have their own wells, and they also refuse to pay.

“OK”, says the Elder, “What we shall do is establish a ‘water duty tax’. Anyone who draws water from the stream will have to pay the ‘water duty tax’. The tax will be 1 farthing per skin-full of water”. Villager B stands up: “But, Elder, you know that Mrs B and I have ten children and we need lots of water. We are poor and cannot afford your ‘water duty tax'”.

Elder: “I shall call for a vote. All in favour of a ‘water duty tax’ raise their hands: For 70%, Against 25%, Don’t know, 5%. Motion passed”.

Villager B: “But, Elder. I still cannot afford the cost of water for my family. What shall I do?”

Elder: “Tough. You’ll have to pay or do without. You might call the ‘water duty tax’ a punishment since no one forced you to have ten children. That is up to you. The motion has been passed. The ‘water duty tax’ starts tomorrow. Fred will be on duty and will be collecting the tax. He will clean the filter for ten minutes every morning and will spend the rest of the day collecting ‘water duty tax’. The people have voted for it. Tough”.

As a good villager, B is torn. He cannot afford the ‘water duty tax’, but he and his family need water. What can he do? He makes a plan. He decides to go upstream of the filter during the night and take the risk of there being nomad shit in the water.

After a while, Elder finds out about B’s activities. He calls a meeting of Villagers. “I have discovered that B is going upstream of the filter and extracting water therefrom. This is not on, chaps. In the first place, B has no right to risk the health of his ten children by drawing water from above the filter; also, he is unlawfully depriving the commonwealth of much needed revenue from the ‘water duty tax’. The ‘water duty tax’ is paying for much more than the cleaning of the stream and the repair of the woven reed filter. It is also paying for the ‘witch-free initiative’ (WIFI for short). As a result of the benefit of the ‘water duty tax’, several witches have been unmasked and dunked. 25% were found innocent – sad that they drowned, but, well, there are always some casualties, are there not? The other 75% floated and were burnt at the stake. Let us be thankful that there were only five witches – or was that six? What is important is that the REVENUE was protected. What should be done? I propose B should be declared to be an unfit parent, and that his children should be taken away and handed over the the ‘Children Protection Unit’ overseen by our esteemed, upstanding villagers, The Good Villager, Cyril Smith and The Good Villager, James Savile. Villager B will be beaten and imprisoned; CS and JS will receive knighthoods.”

Thus was it enacted. At the end of the meeting, the Villagers congregated outside of the meeting hall. As Villager B was lead away in chains, they pelted him with rotten eggs.

And then they all went home for tea.


The moral of this story is that ‘duty taxes’ have no place in the modern world. The UK tobacco duty originated from the war with the American colonists. The UK alcohol duty originated from a war with Portugal. I have no idea how ‘petrol duty’ came about. I suspect that cars were considered to be luxuries and that the import of oil had to be ‘balanced’ in some way so that there was not a net drain of wealth from UK Business Aristocrats to Middle East Business Aristocrats.

At what point does ‘conspiracy theory’ become ‘reality’? For it seems to me that ‘reality’ only becomes visible when ‘the conspiracy’ becomes visible. For example, the IPCC has been hyping anthropogenic (man-made) global warming for quite a while now. Since global warming has stopped for a couple of decades (if it ever existed at all), only now is the self-perpetuating, money-making, academic miasma beginning to come to light.


Academia needs to be opened up to public scrutiny. There are very important questions. For example, students pay for professors and doctors to teach them. They do not pay student fees for these professors and doctors to appear on TV etc, or to undertake studies of this and that. Professors and Doctors should do such studies in their own time and not in student-paid time. Further, the student-paid effort should be a minimum of eight hours per day, five days per week, just like ordinary employees.


There are crucial events happening all over the world. In my opinion, it is critical that the people of the UK should hold tight and be strong. It is extremely sad that our politicians have weakened our national resolve over and over again while, at the same time, pretending to uphold our national sovereignty!

Freedom of travel within Europe is a reasonable thing. It should be guaranteed by the possession of a passport. Only persons in possession of a genuine passport, issued by their home State, should be allowed unlimited access. Thus, all these people who are coming from North Africa have no legitimate right to be in Europe. They must go back home.

Something crazy has happened. It seems that the EU Commission wanted to spread these migrants all over the healthy, wealthy countries like France, Germany, UK, but gave poorer countries like Bulgaria and Poland an opt out.

Isn’t that precisely the wrong way round? Should it not be that these people should be moved to places where there is space for them, but places where, if they work hard, they can make a life for themselves? Does not the Russian Government cry out for people to move to Siberia? What’s wrong with Siberia? It is a lovely part of the world. All you need is to wrap up warm in the winter. The summer is lovely – apart from the insects. But what is the problem with insects if people are used to wearing burkas and facemasks? I should imagine that there could be a wonderful enterprise in sucking insects through a massive fan and turning the resulting goo into fertiliser.


There is no doubt that the poorest people are being condemned to enduring poverty by the actions of organisations such as ASH. But ASH is only a small player. Other, much bigger organisations, are sucking the blood of workers.

It is time that our ‘People’s Representatives’ stopped that. That is what they are elected for. They are not elected to become ‘Ministers’. On the contrary, they are elected to hold ‘Ministers’ to account.

We really need a new political idea. For example. the majority party in parliament could produce a Prime Minister. The PM could then produce a Cabinet of his choosing from wherever. The cabinet may have some Ministers who are politicians, and some who are not. From then on, it would be the duty of all politicians to protect the people from being ripped off. For example, I understand that landowners are reaping vast profits from windmills placed upon their land. Erm… Whose land?


If you were lucky enough to get a windfall which magically paid you a million pounds a month, would you bother to complain if the Government stole 75% of your windfall?

Our political system stinks. It has stank for several decades. It is no longer fit for the modern world. Worst of all, the transition has objectified and persecuted the least offensive people – people who enjoy tobacco.


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