A Bit of Frivolity===Draining the Exchequer===What is the EU For?

Tee Hee. I became 76 years old today. Tee Hee. I have now been draining the Exchequer for 11 years via my pension, and, as thing are at the moment health-wise, I see no signs of letting up. Further, as readers will know, I have been minimising my contributions to the Health Zealots’ Treasure Chest to the best of my ability. Home grown and whole leaf stuff cost very little and even Spanish bought stuff does not contribute the the UK Zealots. Not one single penny if I can avoid it.

I read somewhere today that excise duty receipts are holding up but that is because of the increases in duty. Volume sales of tobacco products are falling. But I personally used the internet some time ago to peruse official figures, and found that volume sales holding up very reasonably. Of course, it might be that the Zealots are omitting the population increase in their calculations. I don’t have the information or the skill to factor in those variables, but it is reasonable to say that it is almost certain that revenues are less than was budgeted for. Needless to say, if that were true, nothing will be said about it.

Here is an interesting thought.

Suppose for a moment that tobacco tax revenue fell through the floor and became tiny. What then would be the point of Government funding tobacco control in any way, shape or form? What would be the point of contributing millions of pounds to the FCTC Fraud, and similar sponges? Bear in mind that all that money leaves the UK economy. I would like to see a Public Enquiry into what permanent and long-lasting constructions our foreign aid pays for.

You see, it seems always to be the case that the wrong questions are being asked, and the answers are deliberately convoluted. Deliberately convoluted answers to the wrong questions.

What is our position in the EU? What are the right questions?

The first question ought clearly to be: “WHAT IS THE EU FOR?”

I think that the answer was, from the beginning, to stop European Nations going to war against each other. Looking back, we might reasonably ask why WW1 took place. But before we do so, we might reasonably ask why there was a war between the American colonists and the King of England. Why? Why did the King of England not say, “Right, you chaps in America, God speed to your endeavours! If you need help, we will help, but it might cost you. But don’t worry, we are right behind you Brothers and Sisters”. What happened was that the King of England said, “Damn it! You lot in America are my subjects. You must do as I say. I own everything and I want a good income from my colonies. So, I’m going to send my army and teach you a lesson by killing the ring-leaders and destroying/stealing their possessions. Public opinion in England is 100% behind me”.

And the French revolution. The revolution cast out the King and the Aristocrats, but it culminated in the Emperor, Napoleon.

So why did WW1, the most devastating and horrific war of all time, get started?

There have been many and various learned studies on that question, but, as far as I know, no one has really produced a definitive answer. There IS a definitive answer, but, as usual, it has been obfuscated and hidden under a form of ‘omerta’.


So the initial idea was to stop European countries going to war with each other.

I suppose that the Top People (The New Aristocrats) calculated that the reason for European wars over the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries had been about resources. “We need iron. We have no source ourselves, but you have. Sell us what we need at a reasonable price. No? Then we will invade and take the iron without paying you a penny. Better still, we will invade anyway so as the ensure that no one else can control your iron supplies”. Remember that the common market started as the “Iron and Steel Community”.


What seems to have happened is that the Elite have galloped away simply because there is no source of opposition. There has been no such source for many a year. Maggie T tried a bit, but lost out in the end. But who did she lose out to?

Questions rain down, many, many questions. For example, how did the EU become so involved in creating edicts (‘directives’) about health? Who permitted the EU to take such control? Who permitted the EU to control tobacco supplies? Who permitted the EU to control medicines?

Further, why is there a need for Cameron to try to take back competences? Who gave them away and why? Was the ‘giving away’ frivolous? It really is very, very, very important to know how and why and by whom the competences were given away. It is not sufficient merely to get them back.


At the end of this current process of the in/out referendum, it will not really matter that much whether we vote in or out. What needs to change is the whole political ideal. Universities must get back to the idea of teaching FACTS, and not opinions. Industrial corporations and anti-tobacco, anti-alcohol, anti-fat organisations must set up their own labs etc, and not make use of OUR taxpayer-owned universities. Student fees MUST NOT fund the private interests of their teaching professors. Further, of the greatest importance, candidates for election in constituencies in the UK should be pre-chosen. That is, before the general election, there ought to be ‘public examinations’ of the candidates. By that I mean their histories. For example, it is not unlikely that people might vote for a real-life experienced person as compared with a parachuted-in university graduate who has been a researcher for an MP for a couple of years.

Enough for tonight. In a vague sort of way, I think that we are ‘getting there’.

It isn’t that ecigs might renormalise smoking; it is that smoking has NOT been denormalised sufficiently as yet, and that ecigs might slow down or stop that denormalisation. To me, that makes sense.

Enough, I must to bed.



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  1. Rose Says:

    Happy Birthday, Junican!

  2. Ed Says:

    All the best, hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

  3. cherie79 Says:

    Happy birthday to you and all us June babies

  4. junican Says:

    Thanks all. We wined and dined and had some fun. A very pleasant event indeed.

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