A quick one tonight. I need some sleep.

On a Frank Davis post, Rose mentioned that she dreams chaotic dreams, and surmised that the reason for those dreams is because she spends a lot of time trying to cope with the CERTAINTY displayed by tobacco control when she knows that there is no such certainty at all.

I also have such dreams. I describe them as labyrinthine. That is, in the nature of a maze.

My dreams, again and again, feature devastated landscapes. Sometimes, the devastated landscape features the surrounds of a worked-out coal mine. The surrounds is a landscape of a black quagmire which can suck bodies into it. But that dream is now an ancient one. More recently, the chaotic dreams have flowed around uncertainties. For example, I dream that I have parked my car somewhere on a street near the place that I have attended. The streets are not familiar to me and I search and search to find my car. I never find it.

Another similar dream is that I am searching streets to find some place. I search and search, but cannot find the place. Further, I do not know what the place is. I just search and search.

Another is that I am trying to find my way across a wilderness of mud and rocks. I find paths, but these paths never go anywhere out of the wilderness.

Another is that my car mysteriously disappears. I search and search and find it in a garage workshop. It has been taken apart. All the parts of the car are spread all over the workshop. I come to an agreement with the workers to put it back together, but nothing ever happens.


There are other variations, but they all come down to the same thing – an impasse.

What do we note about the dreams?

It is that one’s mind, in sleep, is trying to make sense of all the contradictory stuff which it has had to deal with during that day. If a person just goes about working and living, he will not have such dreams. Only those people who try to find ways to overturn anti-social, eugenicist, totalitarian, fascist, one-size-fits-all, edicts will have such dreams.


I am about to go to bed. As I settle down, I might just imagine people like Glantz, Chapman and co being before a firing squad. At least the likely consequent dream might consist of scenes of these people going to the guillotine. Firing squads are so ‘yesterday’ – they kill indiscriminately (if you know what I mean). A nicely sliced off head is soooo much to be preferred.

Off I go – “to sleep – perchance to dream…”


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  1. Some French bloke Says:

    The only dream I can recall with an anti-smoking theme about it was just three nights ago. There was this hefty, bible-like book, above the heading of one of the chapters of which was an embossed portrait of Hitler, and when you took the flame of a lighter to it, the already surly führer’s face “came to life” and started frowning angrily…

  2. Some French bloke Says:

    The following quotes and thoughts were prompted by the discussion we were having here a few days ago. Since disconnection and serendipity are part of the stuff of dreams, I might as well post them here:
    The mention of the city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) in the 1959 article cited by Rose in her comment:
    got me thinking about the Amish people’s lifestyle and its purported health benefits. I understand Amish people are largely rural communities, in fact the expression “urban Amish” does not refer primarily to genuine members of the community, rather to city-dwellers using very little “mod cons”. On the other hand, contrary to e.g. the Mormons, the Amish people tolerate moderate smoking and drinking, which apparently doesn’t preclude the occasional excess (Cf. this article entitled: “Drunk Buggy Driving: 4 Amish Men Face Charges After Colliding With Police Car”).
    And Amish farmers still grow tobacco, where others switch to other crops. E.g., a 2004 article is subtitled “Maryland’s Amish are filling the void left by farmers bought out by the state”. And they also get paid very sparingly – in other words, they’re not aboard the MSA anti-smoking gravy train. From a 2001 article on some type of genetically modified, nicotine-free tobacco, designed to promote smoking cessation: “the company’s promise of $1.50 a pound looked like manna to Amish farmers who were enduring a fourth straight year of prices too low to cover their costs – prices that last winter dipped as low as 70 cents a pound.” In short, while US cigarette prices skyrocket, growers are being controlled out of existence.
    On the Amish health angle, from wikipedia: “Overall cancer rates in the Amish are 60 percent of the age-adjusted rate for Ohio and 56 percent of the national rate. Tobacco-related cancers in Amish adults are 37 percent and non-tobacco-related cancers are 72 percent of the rate for Ohio adults.” This difference in rates reduction, in my view, has far more to do with the markedly higher prevalence of vascular and respiratory diseases in urban populations than with some “virtuous lifestyle” humbug.
    Most interesting would be a comparative study of Mormon and Amish populations in the US, based on crude, non-adjusted incidence rates for disease, but I suspect the inevitable conclusion most unpalatable in fact , all such inconvenient evidence on the rural/urban issue has been systematically suppressed or warped to accomodate our precious antismoking Zealots. Somehow this lot came out of the woodworks back in the early 1950s, and have since then managed to worm their way into halls of power everywhere.
    To quote Junican in his “The Rural Divide” post: “All I am looking for is a simple comparison of LC incidents per thousand SMOKING urban dwellers compared to SMOKING rural dwellers. Once we know the simple facts about that difference, we can look for other factors. The Zealots have ensured that we can only see things from the other side of the mirror.”
    This “simple comparison” is something we’re fully entitled to demand. In the meantime let us keep honing our skills of reading between, and beyond, the lines.

  3. Some French bloke Says:

    Erratum: “I suspect the inevitable conclusion most unpalatable in fact”
    Corrigendum: “I suspect the inevitable conclusion, from an anti-smoking perspective, would be the most unpalatable of dishes: that of crow. In fact…”

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