A Bit More About the BMA and ecigs===All Plants Now Planted Out

Last nights post about the BMA and ecigs was a bit of a marathon, so I’m having a night off writing about serious stuff. Yesterday’s post has been viewed quite a lot for some reason with more visitors than for quite a while. As I said to Ed in response to his comment yesterday, vapers are rightly angry and outraged by the vituperation heaped upon ecigs by various parties who really should be encouraging them and not trying to get them banned. Reasonable regulation makes sense, but what is ‘reasonable’? When it comes down to it, there are only two things involved with ecigs, a) the machine itself, and, b) the juices. An ecig machine is very simple. It can hardly be considered to be in the nature of a bomb. The only thing that can explode is the battery. The liquid is not flammable and so will not ignite and explode. The sort of simple precautions that we all take when fiddling with electrical devices of all sorts suffice – use the correct charger, follow the instructions, do not swap battery types. As regards the juices, what is there to fear? Propylene glycol has been used for decades as an air purifier and not considered in any way dangerous. People have been inhaling it for decades. As for flavours, whenever we smell the scent of roses, we inhale that scent. We inhale the scent of cooking steaks, sausages, bacon, etc. That is how we detect the scents – by inhaling. We inhale the scents of medium-rare steaks, and taste the tastes. I am at this moment, drinking a glass of red wine. I sniff the bouquet, and it is nice (a pleasant South African merlot). I sniff the bouquet by inhaling. The taste is much more powerful.  Every time that we smell something we are inhaling molecules of one sort or another. If we go out in the rain, we inhale water molecules (even more than normal). We inhale mixtures of water molecules, plant spores, dust, and probably bits of lead, cadmium, fluoride, formaldehyde, etc. The important thing, of course, is the concentration.

But enough of that – it is all very well known to everyone – apart, it seems, from the high and mighty of Tobacco Control, starting at the very top with THEM in the WHO.

So there seems to be a clash of Titans. There is THEM at the top pressing down on the lower echelons of TC, and there are those down below pressing up. Funny, isn’t it?, that the Welsh Health Despot is determined to ban ecigs, while the English Health Despot is not so determined. Oh wait – there is no English Health Despot. There is a Welsh Despot, a Scottish Despot and, probably, a Northern Ireland Despot, but there is no English Despot. Thus, it is entirely accidental that there are no plans for ecig bans in England – there is no mechanism for such bans. There would be such bans if there was a mechanism!

Damn – I’m blathering. Oh…. I was reading Totally Wicked twitter thing. It seems that TW are not taking the response from THE NOBILITY of the BMA lying down. I don’t know how TW might do it, but we must give them a pat on the back.


I finally managed to get sufficient plants of sufficient maturity to finish filling my plots. Here are a couple of pics:

Plot 1.

2015-06-15 20.46.22

Plot 2.

2015-06-15 20.45.55

In plot 2, you can see the plants which Ed kindly provided me with. See the leaves which are going yellow? They can be collected and used. They are only ‘sand lugs’ (I believe that is the correct term for the very first leaves which tend to be small), but why waste anything? I shall pick them, roll them in a towel heaped on top of each other, put the towel in a warm place for a couple of days until they are completely yellow and them dry them. Because they are already almost completely yellow, there is no need for special curing techniques. What I love is that there is already a semblance of ‘produce’. There are also some small yellowing leaves on Ed’s plants which are right at the back of plot 1.

But what is most important is that all the plants inside their own pop-bottle greenhouses are doing well.

It is a pity that I had so much trouble with germination and keeping alive, but valuable lessons have been learned. In view of the lousy weather in May this year, perhaps it is just as well. Having said that, I would just love to have my plants in the same sort of condition as Ed produced, although perhaps not so ‘willowy’. There is a lot still to be learned.



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  1. Frank Davis Says:

    Are those empty whisky bottles stuck in the ground?

    • junican Says:

      Whisky bottles don’t grow. Frank. Neither do 2 litre coke bottles. Daughter 2 likes diet coke (Ugh!!). I cut the bottom off the bottles and use them as personal greenhouses for the plants for a couple of weeks until they get going. They also protect against slugs, but not always! Two plants have been nibbled from inside! But only two.

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