ALL.  Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble. I may have that quote wrong, but it sounds about right. Dylan Thomas died aged 39 from the booze, I understand. A brilliant flame rapidly extinguished.

Another more prosaic quote: “Keep on keeping on”. There are lots of them in the same vein.

ASH ET AL have recently gained what, for them, has been a major victory. They have got parliament to do their bidding by passing the PP law in the last gasp of this dying parliament. That is, what they have done is reinforce the almost complete monopoly of the existing big tobacco companies. It is a weird situation since PP suits both organisations, despite the tobacco company lawsuits. ASH ET AL have only a few big organisations to deal with, and tobacco companies have no competition. ASH ET AL are now demanding further steps such as the levy on tobacco company profits to pay their salaries. They only want an extra 25p per packet, which is nothing (they say) in view of the £8 cost of a packet of cigs.

It is reasonable to say that ASH ET AL are persevering. Of course, they are. It is in their financial interests to do so. Their plans to ‘get more information on gays and pregnant women etc’, and to ‘raise a levy from tobacco companies’, and to ‘etc, etc’ keep them in work.

But it is also true that smokers are also persevering. Calls for a relaxation of the ban in pubs and clubs are increasing.

Imagine the Roman Empire. At the beginning, the inhabitants of Rome were pretty disciplined and fought off attacks. Gradually, the Romans extended their territory. But there came a point where, while the discipline on the frontiers was still strong, in Rome, it was falling apart.

People are calling for a relaxation of the ban in pubs and clubs. I think that more and more people are beginning to see that forcing people outside in all sorts of weather is wrong when there are reasonable compromises available. Both my locals have areas which have separate ventilation and could be ‘sealed off’ very easily. Why not?

We hear bleats from TC that ‘the massive gains’ may be lost. What ‘massive gains’? The gains are in their imagination. There have been no ‘gains’ – there have only been ‘losses’. Smokers have never been so visible; they stand outside places in full view. Pubs and clubs have suffered enormously. Pub entertainers have suffered enormously. Working Men’s Clubs have suffered enormously. Bingo Halls have closed in large numbers. How many people have been condemned to a life of loneliness in their old age?

But it must go further. There is still no proof positive that it is tobacco smoking which caused so many cases of LC among smokers in the Doctors Study. Read the McTear Case (see sidebar). Doll had all the information that he needed, but failed to investigate the influence of where the doctors lived and practised. Also, as doctors, they must themselves have come into contact with lots of respiratory diseases. I don’t ever remember a doctor, anywhere, any time, wearing a mask when I went to the surgery. Why not? Should they not always wear masks? Suppose that a patient infects a doctor, is it not likely that the doctor will infect many others before he know that he is himself infected? Would the doctor be affected by constantly being exposed to respiratory diseases, as well as having his surgery in a smoky, smog-ridden town centre, AND boozing, AND whatever genetic liabilities which his body might be subject to?

So…. While Tobacco Control fiddles with its FCTC Treaty, on the ground people are working around the admonitions and verbotens. Manchester airport did not fight against the smoking ban on behalf of travellers. Belatedly, after several years, it created a ‘smoking area’ in T2 which is an insult to human progress in that it is bare, cold, constricted, prison-like…. but better than nothing. But every time that I go there, I feel insulted. It is as though I am vermin to be tolerated. Needless to say, I buy nothing whatsoever in Manchester airport other than one or two cups of coffee.

In view of the failure of those organisations who want our money to fight against the smoking bans, then we ought not to think twice about refusing them our money. Only if we have to do we pay them.


Our Perseverance will outlast that of the FCTC Zealots. Why? Because it has always been so. Zealot organisations always run out of support. Also, in view of today’s rapid communications, it is likely that the support will run out very soon and very rapidly.

We have yet to see what will be the catalyst which will render smoking as a minor matter. Ebola came close to it. Is Ebola forgotten? What happened to HIV? Is that also forgotten?

And yet the persecution of smokers goes on and on.


It is not for individual smokers to revolt. It is for the owners of airports, pubs, restaurants, workplaces of all kinds, to demand autonomy. They need to start to fight back. They need to demand ‘proof’ that, if they permit smoking, that X number of people will be killed by that decision.

It is the ‘witchcraft’ which needs to be combated. “Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble” (Macbeth). ‘Second Hand Smoke’ is the modern day equivalent of ‘the witch’s brew’. It is the equivalent of saying that if you go outside when it is raining, you will breath in so much water that you will drown. If the powers-that-be could not even gently prove that smoking causes LC (as per the McTear Case), how weak must be their case for SHS? Further, how weak must be their case regarding vaping?


Individuals, even if they band together, have great problems in influencing government. They might influence government if they shout and shout. One can understand how ‘Fathers for Justice’ can be so emotionally involved that they will fight and fight. The problem with us smokers is that there is no ’emotional imperative’. Doesn’t that sound crazy when we are all supposed to be addicted?


If there is one thing that needs to be brought to the attention of the general public, it is the weakness of SHS harm. Critical are the time-scales. The Holy Bible, the Doctors Study. can be turned against the Zealots because of the timescales revealed in that study.

The fact is that the Doctors Study does not ‘prove’ in any way or sense, that there is a delay of decades between smoking initiation and the onset of ‘smoking related diseases’. That idea is a conjecture. It is a hypothesis. The detail of that study does not support that hypothesis. The reason is that, in every individual case, there is no reason to suppose that any individual did not suffer some ailment which triggered the LC. That is, it is quite possible, and indeed quite likely, that anyone might suddenly get LC. LC generally kills quickly. Therefore there is no reason to create a false situation where LC grows and grows over a long period of time. That makes no sense.


It is extremely important to Persevere.

“Keep on keeping on”






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