The Welsh Ecig Ban

Today, I have been following the proposed Welsh ecig ban in public places with some relish. It is great to see the great and the good of tobacco control falling out. The trouble is that it is the prohibitionists who are in positions of power, and they enjoy using that power. I suppose that members of the Welsh assembly need a ‘fix’ from time to time, otherwise they become agitated. They absolutely need to pass a law. Any law will do.

There was a poll on Wales On Line. I voted that ecigs should not be banned in the same places as tobacco cigs. When I voted, the vote was 97.5% against and 2.5% for.

What surprises me is that ecig shop owners and vapers themselves could not see this coming. We smokers have been shouting it out loud an clear for several years – THEY WILL COME FOR YOU SOONER OR LATER!! You would think that shop owners and even on-line sellers would have made it their business to ensure that customers had a forum on the net for communication purposes. How many vapers are there in Wales, and especially in Cardiff and its surrounds? They need to demonstrate. They should think it terms of the poll tax rebellion. They still hold the high moral ground. They should use it. A home-made placard saying, “I STOPPED SMOKING! LEAVE MY ECIG ALONE! GET OFF MY BACK!” would state the truth. This is not the same situation that smokers found themselves in. Smokers were tricked. The original Bill made exemptions for wet-led pubs and members’ clubs, but that exemption was withdrawn at the last minute.

Vapers can expect the same conditions to apply to vaping in a pub as applies to smoking – vapers will be hit with a small fine, if anything. It will be publicans etc who will be massively punished for ‘allowing’ vaping. It will be publicans etc who will be coerced into becoming enforcers. Publicans in Wales should even now be telling the Welsh Assembly that they will not be tricked again; that they will absolutely not be coerced into being enforcers.

Do you know what? The Zealots might be right about ecigs ‘renormalising smoking’, but not in the way that their propaganda says. Remember that they simply repeat the mantra, “Ecigs may renormalise smoking”. They do not say what they mean by that vague phrase. most of us would imagine the phrase to mean: ‘Because vapers are seen to puff on an ecig and blow a white-ish cloud of water vapour from their mouths, persons seeing that cloud will go to a shop and buy tobacco cigarettes. They will then set fire to the end of the tobacco cigs and blow white-ish clouds of smoke from their mouths’. That scenario, I suppose, would qualify for the description: “Renormalising smoking”.

But there is another way to think about it. Smoking has NOT been denormalised. 25% of the adult population of the UK still enjoy smoking. What has happened is that they have been driven out of the places where they used to be welcome. Tobacco Control is covering up its failure to denormalise smoking. What it is afraid of is that smokers might just possibly start to go back to pubs and use ecigs while they are there. So, if a person who does not smoke talks to a vaper about ecigs, the vaper might say, “I enjoy this ecig. It is OK. But I prefer the real thing. But this ecigs is useful in these circumstances”. What the Zealots want is for tobacco not to be mentioned at all. They want tobacco to be airbrushed out of existence. Why else would snus be banned in the EU apart from Sweden. In fact, it is worth asking who decided to ban snus? What trickery was involved?

That is another problem. It is almost certain that Members of Parliament pass EU regulations merely because the whips tell them to, and the whips themselves do not know what they are telling MPs to vote for. Also, it is pretty certain that Ministers also do not know what the agenda of the Zealots who have infiltrated the Health Dept is. The Ministers are ignorant and powerless since they must accept advice.

Why is the Health Minister, Allison, attending the ASH revelation of the College of Physician’s plans for further torturing of smokers? Has her boss, Hunt, no control over her? Or is she intended to be the ‘fall guy’ if anything goes seriously wrong? Milton was a ‘fall guy’ and so was Subry, but Subry got away with it. I wonder if Allison realises that she is a sucker? She ought to realise that, when she associates with the likes of ASH ET AL, she is associating with Zealots who will cast her aside without a moment’s hesitation. She is a sucker, both for the Zealots and Cameron. He too will cast her aside as soon as she ceases to be useful. The key is that she has no skills, apart from having a good memory.

I just have a feeling. I feel that Health Zealotry is on the wane. MSM reports are not quite as ‘on side’ as they were. That can only become more ‘the norm’, the more that the Zealots fall out.

Forest commissioned a poll via ‘Populus’. The poll showed that over 50% want smoking rooms in pubs. I have a recollection of a pub which had a room described by etchings on the glass of the door as “SMOKING ROOM”, or similar words. That recollection was from around 1959. Such words reflect the ethos at the time, which included the words ‘snug’ and ‘public’ and ‘members’ rooms. There were no laws. Pubs and clubs catered for different groups of people as best they could, and everyone accepted the compromises. No individual demanded special consideration. ASH ET AL have inverted that equation. They have demanded a false equation. They have demanded that 4s -1ns = 0s. I mean, 4 smokers in the company of one non-smoker must equal no smoking. The ‘4s’ can be multiplied by any amount, but the result would be the same: Xs – 1ns = 0s. That is, no matter how many smokers there might be, if one person is a non-smoker, then ALL must refrain from smoking.

The situation is so illogical that it can only be sustained by repeated increases in demands. That is the reason, ultimately, that it must collapse.

Imagine a road with a 30 mph limit. Imagine that almost no one observed the limit. The authorities have only two alternatives – either reduce the limit to 20 mph or increase it to 40 mph (or some such figures). That is, either they give more leeway, or they crack down. In my mind, I see the Welsh ecig ban as liken to the ‘crack down’ scenario. There is no logic to it other than ‘punishment’.

The final piece in the jigsaw was the inept contribution from the spokesperson for the BMA Wales. I think that he might have been a bit slat at. He opined that, because ecigs are called ‘cigarettes’, then they are tobacco products. But if they were called ‘ENDS’ (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems’), then they would be medicines. I have noticed that more and more of the Zealots are being hung by their own petards. They are definitely losing it. They are becoming mentally unstable and ought to be confined to a mental hospital where access to ‘smoking cessation’ is denied. They could be given patches and gum to bring them back into equilibrium.


Regarding the Welsh ecig ban, I suppose that it is possible for the inhabitants of Wales to begin to take the Assembly seriously. I doubt that more than 10% of Welsh people have any interest at all in what the Assembly does. Perhaps they might start to complain.

That is an interesting idea, and perhaps we do not take advantage of it. The idea is ‘to complain’. You do not need to go any further. Just complain. Complain and complain and complain, and then complain again. The reason is that politicians and Zealots want ‘fait accomplie’. They want ‘finality’. They do not want people to go on at them about what they have enacted. They want it all to be accepted and finalised.

Erm… “NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! WE WILL FIGHT, AND FIGHT AGAIN, AGAINST THE DYING OF THE LIGHT!” The light is of freedom to amuse ourselves regardless of health obsessions.

I must to bed. It has been fun tonight.


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  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I agree, smoking has not been denormalised despite the Antis best efforts. They are perhaps close in parts of Australia and Canada but even there smokers persist.

    The increasingly draconian bans (eliminating loopholes, outdoor bans) and the increasingly common acknowledgement that these extreme bans are designed to denormalise demonstrates the inherent weakness of the Antis’ so-called end game.

    • junican Says:

      Shouting, SL, shouting. Australia and Canada. Both those countries are awash with illicit tobacco. In either of those countries, if you had a decent job, would you admit to smoking? What is the point of doing so in such a poisonous atmosphere? Both of those countries are enormous. I know for a fact that tobacco plants grow OK in Canada. The Australian climate is even better. I know from videos on the internet that both of those countries have thriving ‘do it yourself’ home growing.
      I think that what you are saying about bans etc is that the Zealots are panicking, and I agree.

  2. Ed Says:

    “They could be given patches and gum to bring them back into equilibrium.”

    That one made me chuckle! 🙂

    I have a few updates for you on the tobacco gardening front Junican. I managed to cure and dry the first lot of mud leaves ok. I did it similar to the toweling method you suggesting in your blog to get the leaves to a yellow stage, then dried them fast in small piles using a mild heat source. The whole procedure took around 8 days in total. Once dry, I lightly sprayed the leaves daily so that they became pliable and workable. I also labelled the leaves from the different varieties and used a tight elastic band to keep them together. Here’s some pics;

    Also, here’s a few pics of the other tobacco varieties I’m growing this year. They are all now in 8” pots and at the rate they are growing will be in their final pots at the end of the month, if not before.

    Yellow Twist Bud

    Monte Calm Yellow

    Vesta 64

    Virginia Bright Leaf

    The biggest leaf award this month goes to the cultivar Silver River. It is also the stickiest and is proving to be a right old bug trap too!

    The Golden Burley has the fattest leaves and cures to a very light lemon colour. One of my faves this year;

    • junican Says:

      I like the colours of your cured stuff, Ed, and those leaves are a good size. I have in mind a little blog post. I’ll get back to you by email about the plants.

  3. castello2 Says:

    It seems e-cig vendors across the world have their heads in the sand. As you said we’ve been telling them for years that this is coming.

    • junican Says:

      Indeed, castello. What could be simpler than to hand a leaflet to everyone who enters the shop? But I doubt that they ever conceived in their minds that they ‘hold the high moral ground’. I can imagine vendors and vapers being confused. ‘What have we done wrong? We have stopped smoking’. They haven’t realised (en masse) that that gives them power. If they do not protest VERY VIGOROUSLY, then they deserve to go under.

      • Some French bloke Says:

        If they do not protest VERY VIGOROUSLY, then they deserve to go under.

        Most vapers uncritically embrace the TobCon mentality, SHS harm included. This mentality was allowed to thrive because smokers didn’t protest AT ALL, even when they found themselves accused of infanticide (i.e. from 1975 to the present)… which is why they now find themselves in this insane predicament!

      • junican Says:

        I think that smokers were in a horrible situation. All the planning was going on way, way over their heads in the UN, EU, Health Dept, College of Physicians. What could smokers do? What could smokers do about the infiltration of the WHO etc? Remember that it was the tobacco companies which bore the brunt of the initial attacks, and not smokers.

      • Some French bloke Says:

        it was the tobacco companies which bore the brunt of the initial attacks, and not smokers.

        On the contrary, outside of smokers paying increasingly outrageous taxes, it’s only tobacco growers in some countries who found themselves out of a job as a result of the antismoking onslaught, while TobCoM bigwigs were, and still are, in league with the pompous quacks in the Health Depts. It would be dead easy for them to end the whole charade by simply using only a fraction of the information circulating in blogs like yours or Frank Davis’.
        IOW, the tobacco companies’ persistently supine behaviour is revealing of the “integration of state and economy”…

      • junican Says:

        We may not be talking about the same things, SFb. When I said: “it was the tobacco companies which bore the brunt of the initial attacks, and not smokers.“, I meant in terms of demonisation. I remember reading American comics when I was a kid (around 1949 when I was ten) which depicted an evil character called “Nick O’Teen”. Despite WW2, puritanism and eugenics were alive and well.

  4. Ed Says:

    The thing is with vapers, is that they’ve swallowed the official line over the health issues surrounding tobacco hook line and sinker and have tried their damnedest to distance themselves from smokers whenever they can. They could have always done a little research instead or at least challenged the ridiculous BS that current epidemiologists pump out. It could have saved them a lot of pain. It could have also stopped them looking like a complete berk in the process whenever they decide to get one of those contraptions out.

    Saying that, as an old school smoker I’ve always tried to distance myself as much as possible from vaping, so I’m just as bad eh!

    • junican Says:

      Well, Ed, I believe that if a person wants to vape, for whatever reason, rather than smoke, then good luck to him. But to turn against smokERS is the worst thing that they can do. What really annoys me are claims from vapers of miracle cures from all sorts of ailments. If airways and lungs have been damaged by smoking, they will not recover overnight. I think that people who make those claims are psychosomatic.
      What is important to them is that they should feel no guilt. They have done what they have been told is best for their health – stop smoking.
      The attack on ecigs/vapers is enormously cruel and vindictive.

  5. Ed Says:

    100% agree.

    “The attack on ecigs/vapers is enormously cruel and vindictive”

    Very true too, but that is what these people are by nature and you won’t change them by appeasement. It reminds me of the fable “the scorpion and the frog”

    It’s their nature to be cruel and vindictive!

    • junican Says:

      Yes, I know the fable! That’s what makes the behaviour of politicians so odd. Why did Cameron permit PP to go through as the last gasp of the old parliament? Why not something more important? Or, better still, nothing at all?
      The medical profession has been being appeased for years and years. The demands will never end. Ultimately, their bluff will have to be called.

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