An Early Night===The Seeds Germinated in the Pots

I need to get to bed earlier tonight, not only because I have to rise earlier than normal to do my duties, but because I am rather bog-eyed. So a bit of light relief is in order.

We have a cat. He is not our cat but belongs to ‘er upstairs’, aka Daughter 2. His name is Marcus and he is well over 10 years old. He is black, apart from his white ‘socks’ and white ‘bib’ on his chest. He likes being stroked. Here is a pic taken a few minutes ago:

2015-06-04 00.05.29

When it suits him (and only when it suits him), he jumps on the couch and shoves his nose quite forcefully into my hand, demanding strokes. There I am, succumbing to his demands. What a life, eh? He doesn’t seem to have suffered one bit from all the SHS that he has been subjected to.


Here is a pic that I showed a couple of days ago:

2015-05-31 23.45.11

It shows tiny white specks, which are germinating baccy plant seeds. That was after only three days. Here are a couple of pics taken an hour or so ago:

2015-06-03 23.54.34

2015-06-03 23.54.11

Seven days after sowing.

Which just goes to show that the multiple failures, earlier this season, were entirely due to my over-confidence.

The old propagator had forty ‘cells’ and was rather shallow, each cell being no more that 1½” deep. It sat on a shelf in the kitchen which was over a radiator. Thus, the compost in the prop was always sufficiently warm throughout. That is, the compost was not so deep that the bottom layers were warm while the surface of the compost remained cold (and wet). This year, I made a bad mistake. I filled quite deep containers with compost, sowed the seeds on the surface of the compost and then put the containers into the heated propagator. That should have been fine, should it not? Well, in retrospect, NO! The reason is that the prop heated the bottom layer of compost, but, before the heat could conduct to the surface, the prop switched itself off because the heat at the bottom of the compost ‘reflected back’, and told the prop to switch off. The failures delayed things, so, when I eventually got germination in shallow containers, I was much relieved. Unfortunately, when the seedlings were big enough to transplant, I made the same mistake again! I transplanted them into cold, wet compost in pots. Thus, they all died. That was because I had ‘lost’ my sunny, South-facing window ledge.


I suppose that readers who just want to talk about the nasty tobacco control zealots will find this boring, but they shouldn’t. Smokers need to find ‘workarounds’. For example, it would behove everyone to obtain, and learn how to use, a third generation ecig. It would also be a good thing to learn how to mix one’s own juice. What would be even better would be to find an easy way to extract nicotine from tobacco plants! ‘Nicotiania Tobaccum’ is the obvious plant to use, but ‘Nicotiana Rustica” has twice as much nicotine as “Tobaccum”. You see, when the ‘smoking harm’ propaganda erupted, tobacco companies, encouraged by governments, searched for varieties which had less tar and nicotine, which produced the ‘lights’. Curious, is it not, how these attempts to find a less ‘dangerous’ tobacco were turned against tobacco companies by the Zealots, who accused TobComs of merely trying to maintain their sales. It is a remarkable fact that Zealots somehow expected the TobComs to throw in the towel, admit their guilt, hand over all their financial assets to tobacco control and cease production.


Which is why TobComs should have withdrawn from Australia when PP was passed. They should have offered to supply cigs to the OZ government, in packets dressed in their individual liveries. If the OZ government wanted to repackage them, they could do. They must have thought about something similar, so what stopped them? Perhaps they were afraid that, even though they were acting rationally, it would be better not to antagonise governments generally and directly. Perhaps they thought that it would be better to pursue avenues such as the international trademarks agreement. Personally, I think that that was bad thinking. They should have been prepared. As soon as PP was passed, they should have issued a press release saying that they would only supply the OZ government, and not ‘the trade’. Had that happened, there would have been a lot of noise, but I doubt that the Irish and UK PP stuff would have progressed.

What do we see most clearly?

Absolutely no one gives a toss about consumers. Consumers are citizens with the votes. Why do non-consumers have a vote? It makes no sense. “I don’t drink whiskey, and so I shall vote that whiskey should be banned”. Is that not precisely what the tobacco control has being doing for the last couple of decades? What does it matter what non-consumers think?

That idea is very important, and needs thinking about. Tobacco Control has engineered a progressive prohibition by stealth. “Smokers are exiled to the outdoors”. “Smokers are to be forbidden to smoke outdoors in specific circumstances”. “Smokers cannot smoke in cars with their own children present”. Next thing: “Smokers cannot smoke at home with their own children present”. Expect the first implementation of that edict in some place like Malta – a small island.

The organisation which is enacting this progressive ‘impera’ is not ‘locally based’ in the sense of being a product of some sort of appointment by people who have been elected. Thus, Cameron, and the UK Cabinet, have no control whatsoever of who runs the UN, WHO and EU.

What is the answer? It is to do what many other nations do. Pay lip-service and do nothing which these people demand. At the same time, cut the contributions.

Why is it not clear and obvious to people like Cameron that organisations like the UN, WHO and EU are past their ‘sell-by-date’? Today’s technology and communications rendered their global meetings in far-flung holiday resorts, paid for by Big Pharma, redundant.


I firmly believe that savings in government costs (and thus the level of tax) is a sort of ‘save the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves’ situation. I really believe that to be true. There is a very reasonable argument that the NHS should just treat diseases and accidents; that its employees should not be involved in politics in their work time. They can do so in their own, unpaid, time.

A typical example of undue use of paid, political, influence was the Bolton Hospital smoking shelters fiasco. The Hospital Board ‘promised’ to erect smoking shelters if a ‘referendum’ via the Bolton News showed that there was a majority in favour. There WAS a majority in favour, which the Zealots did not expect. Needless to say, a combination of Councillors and Doctors scuppered the plan. One can understand the Councillors shouting, but what right did the doctors have to shout? Who paid them to shout?

What seems obvious to me is that Cameron, and his Cabinet, really ought to ‘get control’ over the Health Dept. Why do they not see that, by allowing the Health Zealots to treat them as servants, that they ARE servants? I have given up on individual MPs. They mean nothing to me.

To bed.



4 Responses to “An Early Night===The Seeds Germinated in the Pots”

  1. cherie79 Says:

    My late husband and I were both quite heavy smokers and always had cats. On average they lived to 18 so no SHS problems for them. It’s very true that dogs have owners but cats have staff!

  2. smokingscot Says:

    It may be possible you haven’t seen this. It gives details of toasting tobacco and the conversion of 150 F is 65 C, while 265 F is 130 C.

    What I had not picked up on is the tobacco should be removed once it’s done its hour at the lower temperature. You then pre-heat the oven to 130 C before placing the tray back into the oven.

    I’ve just been upping the heat without removing the tray.

    Did a second batch yesterday and it’s turned out just fine, though I was a bit of a prat and smoked a wee pipe without rehydrating it. Boy did that puppy burn – and get fearsome hot.

    It contains a lot of very helpful information and confirms your statement that most of the work can be done by the leaves themselves by letting them alone for a year or more.

    That might explain something Harley said about tobacco companies having 3 years in store. He thought that’s because they wanted to factor in crop failures and such. He may be correct, or it could be they’re simply letting it age, with some being used for cigars.

    (I’d suggest a screen save of this one – it may disappear quite soon).

    • junican Says:

      Yes, I have read that link before – more than once! But it does no harm to read it again.
      Towards the end, the author says:

      The easiest way to prepare tobacco for smoking is to let the tobacco age. The tobacco leaf has natural enzymes that breakdown nitrogenous chemicals and alkaloids. This is mother nature’s way of preparing tobacco for smoking or chewing. The tobacco is humidified and stored at room temperature for at least a year. Not only do the enzymes breakdown and release the nitrogenous chemicals and alkaloids, but they also facilitate other processes, such as converting starches into sugars thereby imparting a natural sweetness. As they leaf ages, certain aromatic elements begin to build up in the leaf and provide a fragrant aroma. Tobaccos such as Burleys do not age well, but others, especially Virginias age spectacularly well. In fact, many Virginias are aged for three or four years or even more to bring forth sweetness and aroma sought after by avid pipe smokers. Unfortunately, this is not the most practical way to prepare your tobacco. Mostly, aging whole leaf tobacco is general geared for the advanced tobacconist. Resorting to toasting or kiln fermentation is probably your best bet.”
      Note the bolded sentence. Clearly, the author regards ‘ageing’, ‘kiln fermentation’ and ‘toasting’ as ALTERNATIVES! He is not recommending that you do all three!

      Here’s a little story. I bought some Red Virginia some time (months) ago. I had previously tried RV and found it to be a really nice smoke, but this new batch was rather harsh. I was not happy, so I did not use it. I left it wrapped up in its plastic bag in a corner. I opened it up yesterday, expecting it to have dried out badly, but it had not, nor was there any mould.
      Something seems to have happened to it, because I have made a blend of 4/6ths Lemon Virginia, 1/6th my own curing-box stuff and 1/6th RV. I am smoking one now, and there is no sign of the strong pong, and the taste of the blend is very pleasant.
      Also. It is now over 6 months since I cured the last batch of my produce. I am pleased to note that it seems to be ‘mellowing’ of its own accord.
      Now, we have to be careful that we are not ‘wish-thinking’. All I can say is that I hope that I am not. At least, in my defence, I can say that I have been surprised to note the ‘mellowing’ because I did not expect it.
      As you know, I also have the ‘wadded stuff’. That stuff is now about nine months old. I have just opened the lid of the box and the sweet smell is still being created. The stuff is dry but soft, IE, it is not brittle dry, so it must be in reasonable ‘case’ (contains some moisture). NB, it is already shredded and chopped.

      This is getting more and more interesting. I must try my wadded stuff again. Perhaps a small quantity, say enough to make 20, blended 2/3 Yellow V and 1/3 wadded stuff, and see how it smells and tastes.
      Regarding toasting, my biggest problem was getting the gas oven to maintain low temps, like 65C. The 130C was easier, but there were still fluctuations.

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