Civil Disobedience

This will be a very short post. It is more of a reminder to myself to think more about it.

The idea of ‘civil disobedience’ has occurred to me as a result of reading a tweet from a MEP named Glenis Willmott. She tweeted:

70% of global lung cancer deaths are caused by tobacco. Need to combat this.”

Now, if Members of the European Parliament are either bent or stupid, they should not be there. Glenis Willmott is repeating an allegation as though it were a fact.

There are lots of Glenises who should not be holding such positions because of their gullibility – they accept repeated allegations as fact.


There is little that we can do about it. The only thing that we can do is be ‘civilly disobedient’.

What constitutes being ‘civilly disobedient’? Needs thinking about. But that is not the important thing. What is important is that the powers-that-be should know that the civil disobedience is because of anti-smoking and anti-vaping propaganda and regulations. A simple example (not that I would recommend it at this stage!) would be to write to your local councillor and tell him/her that, because of the smoking ban, you will, from now on, throw lots your bits of rubbish in the street surreptitiously, other than cigarette ends. AND, you will especially throw into the street bits of meat to encourage rats. AND you will make a point of throwing the bits of meat especially in the vicinity of his/her own residence.

Those are rather silly examples, I suppose, but the point of them is that they are proactive examples of civil disobedience. Actions like ‘not going to the pub any more’ are not civil disobedience, nor is ‘growing your own’ and stuff. Civil Disobedience requires that the powers-that-be are put under pressure. Thus, as I said, if a thousand smokers told their local councillor that they would throw their rubbish into the street in protest about the ban, IT WOULD WORK! It would work even better if the protesters said that they would increase their disposal of rubbish in the streets month by month.

It will not happen, therefore the next best alternative must be adopted – stop buying cigs at UK prices. Buy abroad. For Heaven’s sake! It is easy and cheap to fly to, say, Prague, and buy cigs for £2.50 per 20. Cost of trip out of season, say, £400 for 3 days. Purchase of, say, 30 sleeves of 200 at £25 per 200 equals £600. Total cost £1000. Cost of 30 sleeves in UK at least £2100. What is there not to like? Seizure by customs? No. The MAIN and, essentially, only, important thing is that you can AFFORD the trip and the purchases. A bank statement is perfect, if it shows that you have money, but a credit card statement, showing your credit limit, would be fine.


The above is only some simple ideas. We must also link to the idea of the previous post – ALLEGATIONS.

I must to bed.

What has amazed me, again and again, is that FOREST, supposedly the ‘friend’ of the smoker, has not actually done a thing to communicate plans for civil disobedience to members. I suppose that, underlying everything, is the fear of being seen as ‘promoting smoking’ – or rather, promoting tobacco use.



7 Responses to “Civil Disobedience”

  1. Frank J Says:

    What brands are available over in Prague? Same as here, I presume?

    • junican Says:

      I’m not that bothered about popular UK brands. In Spain, I used to buy ‘Coronas’ superkings, made by Japan Int., but they were replaced by Winston something-or-other. I was not impressed by them so I I tried a couple of other brands and settled on L & M, made by Philip Morris. I’m not sure now what brand I bought in Prague, but it was one produced by ‘Big Tobacco’, and was fine. I paid the equivalent of £2.50 per pack.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    @ Frank

    Seems they’re big on American brands.

    Elsewhere I’ve read the price was about £2.50 a pack in early 2014 for Marlboro. However they do stock many British brands of rolling tobacco – at £6.50 for 50gr – again 2014 prices.

  3. Frank J Says:

    Thanks. Will give it a try. Bit concerned about 30 sleeves, though. I suppose 2 of us could get away with 1500 each even if the rec. number is approx. 800

    • junican Says:

      Frank, I am sure that you have been to:

      The Chech Republic is in the EU, so you can bring back what you want for your own consumption. Read what they say at N2D – there is good advice, such as recording any conversation that you might have with Customs, should they stop you. I have been to Spain umpteen times and never been stopped yet.
      Personally, I think that a very important point that Customs look for when they stop someone is whether or not the person can afford to buy the cigs which they have with them. I always take bank statements with me to show that I have more than enough income and funds. But, if I didn’t, and assuming that I had borrowed the money, I would take documentary proof of that borrowing.

  4. brian moore Says:

    Re your comment on FOREST, l have just listened to Simon Clarke on local radio with a phone in re smoking around children and in cars etc.
    He is such a namby pamby spokesperson for this organisation l’m afraid they are useless.
    l commented on him to you some time ago!


    • junican Says:

      He is in a catch 22 situation. He is trying to appear to be ‘reasonable’ in a world of ’emotion’ and propaganda. I cringed not long ago hearing him talk about the ‘smoking in cars with children present’ stuff. He talked about ‘courtesy’ and ‘consideration’ – in effect admitting that such smoking could be generally dangerous to children. He never seems to attack the source. In this case, it would be the ‘deliberate misuse of scientific statistics to create allegations’.
      Personally, I think that it would be better if the media could not find anyone to give them an excuse to claim that their reporting was ‘balanced’. It would perhaps be better if FOREST concentrated upon lobbying MPs, speaking in ‘proper’ debates and, perhaps, issuing written press statements constantly challenging tobacco control on the basic (lack of) real scientific justification.

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