The Queen’s Speech

Nothing serious tonight.

I have just watched the Queen’s Speech on video. One cannot help but be impressed by the pomp. Who can do it better? Also, for her age, Her Maj demonstrates rude health. Odd, is it not? After all, all through her reign, she has been forced to suffer the consumption of alcohol and been subjected to second hand smoke.

The Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, was something of a hedonist. She lived the high-life, indulging herself. Of course, the worst of her excesses were committed in private or on the island of Mustique. No one will every know the truth. Compared with the Queen, she aged rapidly and pegged out some time ago. She was hastily buried without much pomp.

I liked the fancy dress that Phillip, Charles and his wife were wearing, especially the ‘offensive weapons’ they were both sporting – you know, great big swords hanging from belts around their waists. Funny, isn’t it, that civilisation is still stuck in the groove of ‘might is right’. These people do not sport olive branches – they sport swords.

Just one thing struck me listening to the speech. It involves the idea of ‘the defence of the Realm’. No provisions were announced to strengthen our armed forces, but provisions were announced to spy on citizens. Funny that. There is something odd about the idea of legislation in that area since, as far as I know, National Security has always had ‘carte blanch’ to investigate without restriction, provided that its investigations were solely concerned with National Security. For example, I would not in the least complain if, for some reason, my name became connected to some plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and Security wished to question me. Since I hardly ever ‘venture forth’ these days, the silliness of such accusations would become very quickly apparent. However, it would be a different thing is such ‘laws’ were used to investigate my hobby of growing ‘nicotiana’ plants. That is always the problem – ‘mission creep’. Or you could call it ‘building an empire’. It always happens. Why?

These government ’empires’ are rarely destroyed. They almost always take decades to fade away. That is why Tobacco Control is desperate to get legislation over and over again.

The only difference in today’s world is that the communication of events is a million times more rapid than it was a hundred years ago. That also means that it is possible for ‘laws’ to become irrelevant much more quickly than in former times. Thus, it is quite possible for the EU Tobacco Directive rules about ecigs to become outdated before they are actually enacted by Parliament. For example, simple minded Ministers, who think that it is just a matter of saying, “The Directive says….” might be surprised when MPs say, “NO!! Justify it!!”

Further, because of the inertia in a grossly fat body like the EU, ‘work-arounds’ will have years and years of fun before the bloated legislature catches up.

There will be an EU “IN/OUT” referendum. I think that it sad that a worth-while project was high jacked by charlatans, fascists, totalitarians, eugenicists, moral relativists, environmentalists, teetotallers, tobacco haters, etc, etc.

And why? Because ordinary citizens were not considered or consulted. The phrase ‘white trash’ comes to mind. Somehow, governments have to come back to earth. For example, universities are for teaching and researching into the nature of the world and the universe, along with all the factual connotations, such as economics and health, etc. It is not for academics to pretend that they are elected representatives and thus have authority. THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY AT ALL, not even academic authority.

Enough for tonight.



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  1. Ed Says:

    Do you think that the snoopers charter will be used just for terrorism or will gchq just be turned inwards to monitor ordinary citizens?

    I noticed today on the Salford online site that they have some very efficient sniffer dogs that can find tobacco hidden behind a false wall. Those dogs are being well trained in advance! Wonderful to see our police fighting real crime again eh.,000%20fake%20wall%20to%20hide%20thousands%20of%20illegal%20cigarettes.html

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