More About the Seedlings===Neanderthal Estimates of Risks

At the moment, during the dawn of the new era of a miraculous Tory majority, few sound-waves are coming from The Puritans, other than from the ugly Fat Controllers. I cannot help but feel that when the Puritans have got their way about tobacco, alcohol, salt, sugar, etc, that they will turn their attention to ugliness. It will start with ugly children. Studies will show that the ugliest children come from women who smoked even one cigarette during pregnancy, or drank a bottle guinness, or …. well, you know the process.

Anyway, be that as it may, the curious case of the ‘Wilting Tobacco Seedlings’ needs a Sherlock, Columbo, Morse, Wycliffe, Lewis, etc to investigate. There is no murder involved, merely unexplained death. There again, according to a Morse story on the TV earlier today, even the most apparent case of suicide is open to doubt.


So were my seedlings murdered, or did they commit suicide, or did they die from ‘seedling child abuse’? I do not know.

Here is the story. Here is a pic:

2015-04-20 21.52.13

The nice distribution has come from selective thinning.

And so the seedling grew.

Unfortunately, I did not take pics of them as they grew, but they grew sufficiently until I judged that I could transplant them into 2″ pots.

Now look at these two pics:

2015-05-18 01.51.46

2015-05-18 01.51.18

The seedlings in the bottom pic were much bigger than the seedlings in the top pic when they were transplanted. The bottom pic does not really indicate how sick the seedlings are because of the light, but I still have hope that they might get going. I refuse to abandon them until all hope is lost. This is not merely a sentimental issue – it is a learning issue. Can they survive, and can they suddenly spurt to growth?

But perhaps what is more important is the top pic. Those seedlings were the runt of the germination when I first started transplanting. The pots are the same, the compost is the same. What is different? The only thing that I know of is that the bottom pic is of seedlings which I put outside in the sun, but also in the cool wind, for a couple of days. The top tray is on the window ledge in my bedroom. It has not been outside at all.


I have transplanted some more tiny seedlings into more spacious surroundings. Also, I have started some more seeds. I have filled a washing-up bowl to about two thirds (about 3″ thick) with ‘rough’ compost topped off with a layer of ‘seeding’ compost.

You see, even though it may be that this year may be a calamity, there is no reason that we should not learn from the calamity.

We shall carry on. I read an article from an OZ news source earlier. I bucked the trend. It told the truth. Persecution produces resentment. Four times 12.5% increases in duty on tobacco products over the last couple of years, in Australia, produces resentment. Citizens who are resentful ‘revise’ their thinking about what is ‘honourable’ and what is not. Thus, it is easy to see how ‘white van man’ and ‘chop chop’ purchases overwhelm the State apparatus. The State is no longer ‘honourable’. Its laws are ‘dishonourable’.

In fact, I am sure that future philosophers will show that early 21st century politicians were mugged. I feel sure that ‘Smoking Bans’ will be seen as a no more significant than sugar bans – FOR THE OBESE.

Ha, Ha! Now we hit the crux, and it is this crux which is different from smoking. Eating a MacDonald burger is just as healthy, and, at the same time, just as unhealthy, as eating electricity or astronomy.

Some people become extremely fat as a result of sitting at home, day after day, week after week, month after month, chomping. It really does not matter what they are chomping. They chomp and chomp, and if they are chomping on ‘healthy’ stuff, they think that they will become slim. They will not. Chomping ‘healthy stuff’ will only reduce the propensity – unless you eat too much …..


There may have been a time, before the modern era, when politicians knew what they were talking about and what they were dealing with. That seems no longer to be true. The situation is, in every respect, very, very complex. Thus, Smoking Bans are Neanderthal.

Perhaps I shall expand upon the Neanderthal nature of ‘Smoking Bans’, and all the other ‘fears and risks’ tomorrow.

Good night.


3 Responses to “More About the Seedlings===Neanderthal Estimates of Risks”

  1. Ed Says:

    You’re right. Persecution causes resentment and the state has long ceased to be “honourable”.

    A part of this resentment has resulted in the quickly expanding homegrown movement. I’m hoping it grows massively and a good way to help this to happen is to share our knowledge when growing this plant. Seed sharing is another aspect of this. Tobacco seed, with a little care will be viable for well over 10 years if dried and stored correctly and there exists many cultivars that will excel in a short season location.

    Although it has been my first year with tobacco, I’ve found them relatively easy to grow, especially if you can give them good light and heat to start them off. An inexpensive bank of fluorescent lighting is ideal for this and heatmats are cheap as chips. Give them these two requirements and add a weak fertiliser to the mix and you have a recipe for very rapid growth, easily doubling their size from week to week until they are ready to be hardened-off outside.

    Hardening-off plants are best accomplished by putting them in a cold greenhouse/polytunnel or a cloche. The current cloche I’m using for tobacco wasn’t expensive and cost me £12.50 in Aldi in their end of season sale last year. So hardly breaking the bank here!. It measures 6ft x 5ft in total and was ideal for a modest tobacco crop.

    I took a few pics for Junican a few days back when I was measuring the leaf on my biggest plant (A Golden Virginia), but you can see how well they do on the regimen I’ve given them. Also it’s been interesting to see the differences between the cultivars.

    Here’s a few pics of the plants inside the cloche. End of March sowing at the back and April sowing at front;

    Cultivars (First 3 varieties, sown March)

    Golden Virginia

    Golden Burley

    Silver River

    and a pic of the largest leaf (A golden Virginia)

    • junican Says:

      Gosh!! I am so, so jealous!
      RIGHT!! THAT’S IT!!
      I’ve already ordered a grow light, just a couple of minutes ago. A greenhouse will follow in due course.

      Sod it…

  2. Ed Says:


    This time next year we’ll have a plantation on the go and opening the Bolton Tobacco Company lol

    Let’s overgrow the UK! 🙂

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