Cameron Welcomes Nicola Sturgeon into No. 10

Much too late to be bothered with anything significant tonight.

I just saw on BBC News a story about the above.

The Scottish Nationalist Party got 50+ seats with only one million + votes. UKIP got one seat with three million + votes. Sturgeon was invited into No. 10 to have discussions with Cameron, on the basis of her party receiving one million + votes out of the forty or so million adult voters in the UK. Farage, on the other hand, leader of UKIP, with three times the votes of the SNP, is NOT invited into No. 10 to have discussions about devolving the UK from the EU.

I should stress that I have no knowledge of the pros and cons of dissolution of the Union.


I fail to see the problem in dissolution. If the PEOPLE of Scotland want to become self-ruling, I see no difference between that and, say, Australia, or Malta, or the American colonies. A sticky point could be Defence, but I am sure that a sort of ‘Framework Convention’ via the honest endeavours of the UN, WHO (defence obviously involves ‘health and welfare’) and the EU could easily sort out precisely how many spears, and bows and arrows the Scots would be provided with for their defence. Simples.

Further, the more I think about it, Wales and Northern Ireland could be offered complete independence. Would that not be loverly? In fact, I would suggest THAT IT MUST BE SO!!!

Thus, the people who live in those places should be offered, once and for all, either integration or separation. Thus, the stupid anomalies of the Welsh and NI Assemblies could be dissolved.

Oh, and if these places expect England to defend them, they can fuck right off (I rarely use bad language). They can pay for their own ‘border forces’ and their own ‘tax evasion specialists’. And if they offer enough money, we English might just stretch our armed forces to cover those places.

Thus, as early as possible, Cameron must produce a ‘Dissolution of the Union’ Bill. It is the only thing that makes any sense, in view of the Scottish Nationalist invasion of Parliament. It is also clear that the vote for the SNP, being so overwhelming, means that the Scots no longer want Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,  to represent them in the World. They can ‘anoint’ their own King/Queen, if they wish to. Since Nicola Sturgeon is not herself an MP, perhaps she could be seated upon the Stone of Scone and anointed Queen of Scotland. I thing that would be very nice. There is nothing nicer than a fairly pretty, pretty blonde wench (or even a blonde proto-male wench) ascending the beauty contest throne. I feel sure that those who voted for SNP in the GE would just love to be reigned over by Queen Nicola I.

The above musings are not as divorced from reality as it might seem. You see, “there are TIDES in the affairs of men….” (or something like that – Shakespeare). They ebb and flow, and change the situation of the underlying strata.

It is strange that there are, at the same time, people who want to be free from perceived oppression (which can be the only reasonable reason for Scottish Nationalism), but who happily accept oppression from their own side. It is like German Jews who survived Nazidom applauding the continuation of extermination camps.

Suppose that I said that Scottish Nationalism is the same thing as Nazi Anti-smoking Intolerance? For those sort of intolerant ‘verbotens’  are the very soul of the rats who scamper around the sewers of Public Health, which is the modern equivalent of Nazidom.

Finally, it ought to be true that the politicians who enact some legislation should be PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. We have forgotten that vast parts of our problems as a Nation are that politicians enacted laws which caused the problems. The reason for the cock-ups, mostly, was that the politicians did not demand physical evidence. They accepted rhetoric and emotion.

“Evidence based Policy”? Pull the other one.


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