When Will an EU Country Rebel?

I must admit that I am somewhat knackered (again!) tonight. I had a standard rose to plant. Our daughters bought it for is because it is named ‘Golden Anniversary’, being of a gold/yellow colour. Nice of them.

Planting it sounds easy enough, but it was not. The place selected for it (by them) was overgrown by geraniums. Not the splendid geraniums which you put in pots, but perennial geraniums. They have plentiful, small, pretty, pink, white, red flowers, but the roots are really thick and dense, though quite shallow. It took quite a while and much digging to clear an area of about half a square metre of ALL traces of root. If you don’t, then the roots quickly reproduce foliage. After that, I took the opportunity of the fine weather to clear my semicircular ‘rock garden’ of weeds ready for summer bedding. Damn it! Every year I ignore it until it is overrun by thistles, dandelions, etc.

Anyway, my little legs are a bit stiff and the eyes are rather tired, so if I ramble a bit, please accept.


The title of this post has multiple possible meanings. “Anything can happen in the next half hour!!” The EU (along with its boss, the UN) is founded upon the shaky foundations of gradual imposition of more and more regulation. Perhaps the worst regulation of all was the idea of ‘modified majority voting’ (or whatever the correct phrase might be). You see, since there is no direct democratic control over the EU, which means that each and every country must have a mandate from The People of that country to confirm EU decisions – except that ‘modified majority voting’ meant that the EU Elite could manipulate decisions so that any country that disagreed could be forced to comply or face….. What? Penalties? Well, we have seen such penalties imposed. Ultimately, the offending country could be thrown out of the EU. Divide et impera.

I keep wondering what are the benefits of being in the EU which mean that a Country or Nation has to sacrifice its freedom to decide its own destiny? Only one idea comes to mind, which is BLACKMAIL. There are no benefits, other than avoiding being stigmatised, demonised and bashed by the EU Central Bank. In other words, countries like Spain, Italy, Greece were tempted into joining the EU by gifts and promises. Once in, the gifts became necessities. Is that not what happened in Cyprus? Is that not what happened in Italy when the EU put a regent in place? I have no doubt that the financial arrangements for these countries are such that, if they do not comply, they will be bankrupted.

What does that mean?  I am not quite sure, but it might well be that banks would not be permitted to credit State employees with the salaries. But who makes the decisions that funds are not available to pay those salaries? You see, when the shit hits the fan, it comes down to simple arithmetic. It always has done. If you rely upon an overdraft, then the withdrawal of the overdraft buggers everything up for you. I mean, buggers up everything. Thus, to survive, you need ‘charity’. Charity comes with rules.

Countries like Greece dare not rebel. BUT THE UK COULD! That is very important. The way that I see it is that there needs to be wholesale destruction of the Academic control of the EU, the WHO and the UN, among others. There is a problem because Big Business and Academia are almost opposites, but not quite. Big Business produces wealth. Academia absorbs that wealth and spits out words and symbols designed to terrify THE PEOPLE.


OK. It is clear that, say, Greece, must rebel. There is no alternative other than a sort of slavery. But does not this slavery also apply to the denial of pleasures to THE PEOPLE?

That is where the UN, EU, WHO ‘tobacco control, alcohol control, salt control, sugar control, SUSTAINABILITY’ picture enters into the equation.


The Conservatives has promised a referendum on EU membership. God only knows what secret negotiations will be involved. The probability is that loads and loads of ‘straw men’ will be employed to obfuscate the reality.

The Common Market was working wonderfully well. It established common standards of efficiency and durability of products. But one could still buy a superior product, like a Rolls Royce, with its luxury. The point is that the Common Market set a minimum level of longevity and efficiency.


Sooner or later, a country/state will rebel over the smoking ban. I have previously mentioned the hotel that I stayed in in Magalluf which had an ashtray on the balcony table, an ashtray in the room and an ashtray in the bathroom. I shall go there again. That hotel welcomes smokers. I shall never visit Ireland. Ireland is taboo. Its politicians believe in witchcraft from tobacco smoke and voodoo epidemiological metadata studies. Its politicians are slaves of the EU Aristocratic Elite.

Slavery is alive and well, but who are the SLAVEMASTERS?





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  1. Callie Says:

    My parents had the Golden Aniversary Rose in their garden for around 6 years, never flowered. So 4 years ago they decided to replace it. As I am a sucker for lame ducks I planted it in my garden, the following summer it was smothered in flowers and has been every summer since. They just stand and curse it when they visit.

    • junican Says:

      LoL! I can imagine the scene. I’ll bet that every time they visit, they look at it in the hope that it will have shrivelled up and died.

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