What Will Be the Constitution of Cameron’s Cabinet?

Cameron now has a clean slate – no more LibDem confusion. Even though his majority is only three, he has an opportunity. He must grab it quick. He might have only a few months before scandals and deaths eliminate his outright majority. His window of opportunity to deal with the question of the EU is NOW. He might never get another chance.

He should drastically cut the UK contribution. He should say that we are no longer prepared to finance all the blather and socialist/communist/fascist/totalitarian attitudes. For example, it seems that the EU has issued an edict requiring all vehicles to be fitted with some sort of positional satellite system so that a crash can be instantly relayed to some sort of communication centre which will alert the emergency services. This is a typical ‘one size fits all’ idea which will be useless, since the necessary communication devices are already common in the more advances States. Where such devices would be most useful would be in States which have ‘blind spots’. Do you see? Imagine that a crash occurs somewhere in Bulgaria. The device would be useless if Bulgaria does not have the necessary coverage of transmission stations. On the other hand, it would also be useless in France which does have the stations, since people would be reporting that they have seen an accident from their mobiles anyway. Can anyone doubt that <i>the real</i> objective is surveillance of the movement of vehicles? It appears that the aristocrats involved have said that no one should worry because these devices will only be activated in a crash. PULL THE OTHER ONE! These devices are only a first step. That sort of ‘law’ is precisely the sort of thing that Cameron could kick into touch with the greatest of ease. It is very easy – the ‘law’ would cost billions, but the proponents have no personal responsibility for the costs and the failure.

Is that also not true of Tobacco Control? Is it not true that they have no responsibility? They make health claims that no one can justify. They rely upon propaganda. They somehow manage not to be responsible for the costs.


Cameron could eliminate these thorns at a stroke. The Climate Change Act is nonsense. It must be repealed and other ideas considered, based upon science and not propaganda. No further funding of the UN Climate Change gang of charlatans must be permitted. Also, it is obvious that the WHO   FCTC gang must also be defunded in view of the utter failure of the WHO regarding Ebola.

There is no reason whatsoever that the UK should not simply say, “WE WILL NOT PAY!” The UN, WHO, EU are hopelessly corrupt.


It really is a matter of the competence of the Cabinet Members. ‘Courage’ seems to be in short supply. Also, it seems to be that politicians take the easy way – to act downwards, and persecute the people, rather than to act upwards, and make it their objective to free the people.

That is weird, but it accords with recent political ignorance. The ignorance concerns the use of student fees to fund academic zealots. Somehow, the cost of student fees must be not include the time and opinions of quack professors and quack doctors. Students should only pay for the cost of lessons. Nor should these academics be funded by THE PEOPLE to state their claims. If THE PEOPLE pay for research, then THE PEOPLE must be able to access that research. Also, any research which is intended to influence public policy must also be freely available.


Cameron must ensure that sentimentality is absent from his cabinet. I hope that he sees the importance of that.



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