4 AM and still up

The whole situation is becoming more and more comical. I really do not understand. The Labour Party in Scotland is being decimated, and so is the Liberal Party generally. Heywood and Middleton result has just been declared – a massive vote for UKIP, but second place again. What I want to see is the decimation of anti-smoker MPs, like Williams. Douglas Alexander, Labour campaign organiser lost his seat and the Labour Leader in Scotland failed. One of the things that has been amusing me is the so-called ‘swing calculations’ on the BBC programme. It is nonsense. For example, a chart shows a massive increase in UKIP vote, and a small variation in the share of votes between Tories and Labour. Clearly, the UKIP vote has effected both Tory and Labour, and yet the situation is described as a swing from Lab to Con, or vice versa. But it is amusing to observe.

Earlier, Labour’s Tristam Hunt, a shadow minister I think, was waffling on about ‘early days as yet’. Of course, at the time, he was right. But what he said was not as simple as that. He was trying to ‘spin’ what was happening. He tried to say that Miliband had done great, even though it was already clear that he had bodged badly. Needless to say, Hunt is AN ACADEMIC! What a wanker!

It is a pity that UKIP’s valiant efforts have not resulted in seats, but that was not really unexpected. What is important is that UKIP has been shown to be more than a flash in the pan. UKIP is more than a Little England party. It has established itself as a thorn in the side of autocracy.

(Vince Cable, a LibDem big noise has lost his seat. Good.)

It is almost 5 am. I would like to have stayed up until Nige’s result was announced, but I fear the worst. (Nick Clegg has just held on). I really must to bed.


What strikes me above anything about the way that people vote is that there is nothing wrong with their decisions. I know that we describe people who vote ‘traditionally’ as sheeple, but I don’t think that it as simple as that. I think that people vote according to their convictions. They vote on the basis of belief. That is, voting is almost religious in nature.

It seems to me that the only reasonable explanation for the SNP success in Scotland, despite the vote against independence, is that the Scottish people saw ‘independence’ and ‘representation in the UK’ as two completely separate things. In a way, that shows how artificial the division into ‘Labour’ and ‘Conservative’ is in England. Imagine an ENP – English National Party. And imagine that the English National Party drove out all the Labour and Tory MPs.

What the SNP experience has highlighted is the unfairness of the ‘first past the post’ system of representation of THE PEOPLE.

Our democratic system stinks. Is it any wonder that academics and autocrats can manipulate it so easily? And yet it is hard to imagine a better system. It really is. Would we want a Government which can only make decisions as a result of horse-trading? – ‘You give us that and we will give you that’? Is that idea not what created mayhem and stultification in France and Italy for decades?

I do not know the answer.   Good night at 5.30 am.


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  1. cherie79 Says:

    7am I am still up ! Had a cheer when vince cable lost his seat but just have to wait for ed balls. As a Scot I have no idea what’s going on there, I left for good in 1996 so out of touch now.

    • junican Says:

      Balls is gone. Williams is gone. I dare say that several other nannies have also gone. I hope so.

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