Strong Women

In the last few years, we have been beset by weak women. Examples are Milton MP, Soubry MP and Allison MP. All were health ministers, and all were weak. Oh… from their Commons performances, one would think that they were strong. That is because, in their speeches, they spoke strong words, like ‘children’ and ‘youths’, or even a combination of the two, such as ‘young people’. They used words like ‘protection’, ‘health’ and ‘education’, all of which are golden words. But they were weak women. Why? Because they lost touch with reality. Strong women have always been in close touch with reality NOW. Thus, Milton MP said in the Commons that the UK ‘was legally obligated to enforce the FCTC demands’. She was wrong because the FCTC was, at best, a treaty and nothing more, and weak because she did not know that. She was weak because she did not know the reality, and she was weak because she put responsibility on other people’s shoulders. She was sacked. I wonder why? Soubry MP was also wrong and weak. She thought that ecigs had been dropped from the EU tobacco directive. She voted in the EU for something that she did not understand. How weak can you get? She was promoted! Allison MP enthused about plain packaging. Her weakness is astounding. She acted like a man in the pub, solving the problems of the world. She did not act like a strong woman, who would have said, “Youth smoking is small beer. What really matters is youth unemployment and youth self-respect. Bashing tobacco companies will do nothing about those problems”

Strong women deal with the here and now. That has always been their hidden strength, and supported their control of their men-folk. I think that men have always been thankful that strong women have relieved them of the worries and problems of day to day control of household and family, and I think that women, on the whole, have been glad that men do the work. It must be so if a woman is with child and needs support.

In no way should be above be taken as a denigration of women. Without the strength of women we would be in a serious mess. If fact, it may well be true that we are in a serious mess because we lack strong women.

That is my point. Women like Milton, Soubry and Allison are a disgrace to the abilities and strengths of women. They are weak blatherers. They are not strong women.


Today, 5th May is our actual 50th wedding anniversary. Daughters 2 and 3 did us another celebratory meal, together with prezzies and such. It was lovely, but I should warm people against  having to much offspring which is female. They pester their fathers to death. In the same way that the best protection that husband has is to say, “Yes Dear” to his wife, then “Can you just” from his female offspring is to be accepted and welcomed, since there is no escape.


So we have seen above that people like Milton and Soubry do not represent strong women. On the contrary, they are effeminate. They play ‘sexy’ games with laws and regulations. ‘Objectivity’ is the strength of strong women because they deal with babies and children and households. The fact of the matter is that there are not enough STRONG women, like Thatcher, Bessie Braddock, Betty Boothroyd in Parliament.

Herself and I have voted UKIP. Our constituency is solid Labour and our representative is named Yasmin Quereshi. She seems to be a nice person. Believe it or not, I got a leaflet from the Tory candidate today, two days before the election. I don’t know why he bothered. At least UKIP produced their leaflet a few days ago. I can’t remember if I read them. I might have done or not. They are in the bin.

You see, only a few things matter to me. Of paramount importance is the security of the persons and livelihoods of my children and grand-children. Whether they have infinite life is not important. Therefore, smoking and drinking and eating are not that important. What is important is that they should not be persecuted in any way at all. Tobacco Control involves persecution. It must be so since measures have been promulgated which deny adult individuals access to tobacco. Persecution, no matter how ‘light’ it might be, is still persecution. There is no doubt that tobacco and alcohol taxes these days are persecution. What’s more, those taxes are not that important. It would be true that ‘smoking related diseases’ cost X, provided that those costs were correctly identified, but they are not. They are imaginary figures. It would also be true that tobacco taxes bring in vastly more funds than required to treat ‘smoking related diseases’. But that does not matter either, since that was not the purpose of tobacco taxes in the first place, nor are they now. They are just ‘income generators’ which are pretty reliable. The same applies to alcohol taxes. They also are not ‘sin’ taxes – they are just income generators.

So where are the strong women in politics? I see none. I see only sycophants.



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  1. cherie79 Says:

    I think the strong women who comment here have more sense than to go into politics. That said if I had my time over I would have gone for being an MEP at the start when hardly anyone was interested, no one knew who you were, no hassle from the public., a great salary, expenses and pension. What’s not to like! I loved politics at uni to honours level but it never once crossed my mind to be a politician.

    • junican Says:

      Political studies at uni now is part of a career path! It is not a general education discipline any more. The same is true of ‘public health studies’.

      • cherie79 Says:

        Certainly wasn’t easy when I studied political economy, it was pretty intense and covered different countries, systems and comparisons.Then that was rather a long time ago so no idea what it’s like now.

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