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It has taken me all day to recover from last night’s debauchery. I was still not recovered when we went to daughter three’s place for tea. I only managed two bottles of beer and one glass of wine. How I managed to write a coherent post last night, I do not know. Tonight’s meal rounded off the 50th wedding anniversary celebrations. Daughter one and her entourage wend their way South tomorrow. We don’t expect to have another full round-up until September. So it’s back to the decorating tomorrow. Another two days should do it. My seedlings are ready to pot on. Here is a pic: 2015-05-03 23.50.49 They were all standing up, but I watered them before taking the pic. You can see from the ruler that they are reasonably big. The trick now is to bury them in pots of compost right up to the bottom of the leaves. The white stalks have hairs on them which will become roots if they are below ground. It is also important to make sure that the compost does not get too warm. If the compost temperature gets above 40C, the plantlets will die. That happened to me a couple of years ago. I use 2″ pots. They are big enough since the roots are very small to start with. The pots will go on trays on a sunny windowsill. I guess that another four weeks should see them about ready for planting out. The plots were dug over months ago and were fertilised with bonemeal initially. Unfortunately, bonemeal does not contain potassium. Its make up is 3 parts nitrogen, 15 parts phosphorus. Phosphorus is very important for leaf growth. Bonemeal contains no potassium. Potassium is also important. Turn away now if you are squeamish. Human urine is a great fertiliser. The three main chemicals appear as 11 parts nitrogen, 1 part phosphorus and 2.5 parts potassium, plus a lot of the trace elements that plants need. That ought not to be surprising since, one way or another, almost all our food is derived from plants. It is very concentrated, and so little needs to be applied. It is all very simple – piddle in a pot, transfer to a bottle and, after a few days, empty the bottle(s) into a watering can and sprinkle over surface of soil. Repeat until the whole surface has been treated. Rain will wash it in. How the hell did I ever find time to work? ==== I see that the dreadful MSP Hume (?) has introduced a Bill into the Scottish Parliament to ban smoking in cars with kids present. The Parliament has published a fake consultation. One of the questions is, “Will this action protect children from the effects of SHS?” Needless to say, the question of whether or not SHS exposure in cars harms children is taken as a given, despite the fact that there is no evidence of such harm whatsoever. Another question is, “Should there be exceptions?” Dick Puddlecote observes, “Yes – vehicles with windows”. I have no doubt whatsoever that SMPs will once more show their underlying desire to be tyrants, just as the UK Parliament did. I hope that every Westminster MP from Scotland is a Scottish Nationalist. They could then have a meeting and vote to leave the UK and join the Australian Federation. I don’t think that the German Federation would want them. I must admit that I do not understand the Scottish public. On the one hand, they reject independence, and, on the other hand, they elect Nationalists to Westminster. Perhaps the logic is that it is better to stay in the Union in order to screw more money from the English. Here is a wonderful idea. Assume a hung Parliament where no realistic coalition could be formed. Imagine that Tory and Labour MPs who want liberty and proper progress get together and form an alliance which we could call ‘The Grand Coalition Party”. Miliband and Cameron are discarded. They elect a leader of their new Party. The new Party petitions the Queen and forms a Government, with the proviso that it will govern for no more that twelve months before calling a new General Election. It declares a short programme of activities, one of which is to unilaterally abandon the European Union and revert to the Common Market ideal. EU funding is cut drastically. Foreign aid is stopped except for specific programs agreed by the Commons in each case. Those programs must be the provision of welfare for specific needs, eg. AIDS medicines. Quangos to be abolished. Their ‘duties’ to be taken over, in so far as they are required, by Local Authorities. Eg. The local authorities in Somerset looks after the drainage of the Somerset Levels. Such drainage must continue until Parliament actually decides that it is not necessary, and not at the whim of some wildlife sentimentalist. All anti-liberty laws to be repealed in bulk unless it can be shown unequivocally that they are really necessary. University academics are paid to teach. When a University wants to conduct research, it must employ researchers and pay them as such and be part of a separate establishment in the University, not part of the teaching process. Students should only pay fees for the teaching process. All arrangements for funding of such research (from Big Pharma, for example) must be published and subject to FoI requests. The objectives of ‘Charities’ must concern only specified, physical activities. Thus, Cancer RESEARCH must only concern itself with physical research. Titles such as “British Lung Foundation” would banned on the grounds of being deceiving in that they do not specify what these organisations are for and because they promote inequality. Such organisations must only act ‘downwards’. That is, they are not allowed to lobby Government. They are charities, and receive support, both Government and public, for acting directly upon the perceived problem. Contributions to the UN to be cut back very substantially. The WHO, especially, to be disbanded (or certainly not funded by the UK) as being ‘not fit for purpose’. ‘Medicin sans frontieres’ to replace it. Climate ‘specialists and experts’ to be replaced by physicists. Above all, Whitehall to be cut drastically on the grounds that much of it is engaged in perpetuating itself. Civil servants rendered unemployed thereby could receive counselling and assistance in finding jobs in commerce and industry. Above all, the “Grand Coalition” would redefine some words, once and for all. Thus, a person who can only just manage to survive, is ‘poor’. That state is not necessarily one to begrudge, provided that the person is happy to live in that state. Many, many people do, and are not unhappy. A safety net is required for such people. Then there are people who are striving to better themselves, people who buy a home and have steady jobs. They too need a safety net. People who do not need a safety net are the well-off. It is hard to define that state, but it exists. Perhaps a system could be found whereby people could opt out of certain taxes in exchange for not receiving certain benefits, like child benefit. The question from a government point of view would be about savings in admin costs. As usual, I have become to specific, but I hope that readers get the general idea. Far to much of our time and money is being wasted by Government on ephemerals, such as the ‘smoking in cars with kids present’ idea. The harm is ephemeral and the benefit is ephemeral, but the cost will be real, in terms of police time enforcing it, especially if no one gives a toss. —– Last thing tonight. The ‘children’, who will not be protected at all by a car smoking ban, will grow up. They will become adults and will indulge in booze and fags, or other substances. That is what human beings do, and what they have done for thousands of years. I doubt that the Zealots are ignorant of this fact. It is clear, therefore, that the Zealots are interested in only one thing – the destruction of the tobacco industry. The reason that they are so anti-ecigs is because ecigs have produced a sort of compromise. As far as they are concerned, there is no compromise. Only the destruction of the tobacco industry, utterly and totally, will do. That is their motivation. It has nothing to do with health.


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  1. cherie79 Says:

    Still can’t understand why they want to destroy the tobacco industry with a loss of jobs and taxes? or why the government, who must be aware of the cost, let them. It’s a complete mystery to me.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t think that the Zealots give a damn about the consequences. I think that they see the real possibility of destroying the tobacco industry at the present time after many decades of efforts in that direction. What do you think that PP is about? Stopping the young from being mesmerised by colours? Crap! It is about taking the individuality out of different tobacco companies.
      You are absolutely right about Government. For the life of me, I cannot understand how Cameron and his advisers allowed the last minute rushing through of PP. I can’t imagine what influenced them. Antagonising some 10,000,000 smokers? Was that a good idea? Perhaps they had been told that smokers would not care. Perhaps they had been told that Labour and the health fraternity intended to make a big stink about it if they did not. But why did they not also rush through the ‘smoking in cars with kids present at the same time? After all, it was also passed in Parliament at the same time as PP. If they were really bothered about children’s health, would they not have done it the other way round?
      I suspect that Cameron is rather weak.

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