The Golden Wedding Celebration Do and Tobacco Addiction

Can we think and act on different levels? I think so.

Tonight, seven of our family went for a nice celebratory meal at a local restaurant which fancies itself as a masterchef contender. We were celebrating the coming 50th anniversary of ma and pa’s weeding (being me and herself). Daughters one, two and three were there, along with daughter one’s husband and child youth. The other grandchildren, and great-grandchild were absent, which is not surprising since they live far away.

There seems to be some sort of catch 22 in life. Wherever you go, especially if you have never been there before, or very rarely, it is inevitably true that you will bump into someone you know. Just such a thing happened tonight. As we entered the restaurant, there was a person that I knew and who knew me from way back. Is it not uncanny? So we had a brief chat, baring in mind that we were both with groups, and pressed on.

Anyway, the meal was very nice, but not especially ‘masterchef’ quality. My starter was top class, being a concoction of blue cheese, pear, jam, some sort of shredded vegetation and walnuts. It was delicious. The main course half-duck was, however, not as delicate as I would have wished. Having said that, duck is not a dish which pleases everyone.  It can be fatty, and one person’s ‘delicious’ can be another person’s ‘greasy’.

After that, I enjoyed a cheese and biscuit ensemble, which could have been a meal in itself.

We had a few bottles of wine and a few beers, and the whole meal took three hours.



I hope that I have described above an ongoing experience without too much detail, which describes a tobacco absent experience over three hours.

How come, you might ask?

The simple fact is that I determined not to bother. I determined that, during the course of this event, I would not allow myself to be bothered to smoke. You know, what? Having made that decision, I was not troubled at all by the desire to have a fag. In order to understand, one might think of my recent holiday. In the hotel, dinner was served between about 7pm and 9pm, give or take a bit. When I went to eat, it never occurred to me that I might smoke during the meal. It did not matter at all.

Have I been ‘conditioned’? I don’t think so. That is, I have accepted the rules as they are imposed by the place, just as I accept the rules imposed by airlines. To me, the anti-smoking rules are imposed by the owners of the place where I am. They have nothing whatsoever to do with Government.

Do you see? When I go to a pub, it is the pub owners who dispense the smoking ban as a cure for the county’s diseases. It is their fault that they have allowed themselves to be suckered into being ‘doctors by prohibition of putative harms’.  If I decide to go there, I accept their rules, but what is important is that the rules are THEIR rules. THEY did not fight against the Government imposition of puritanism. THEY decided to bash smokers.


What is important is that I made a decision that the Puritans would not spoil our fun. But the fact that I decided not to bother about smoking for those three hours did not mean that I would become ‘cured’. The same applies to aircraft.

Which leads us on to another topic.

Have the Zealots ever actually converted a smoker into a non-smoker? I doubt it. It is like converting a Catholic to a Muslim. A small number of people do so, but by and large, there is no point. Even if a smoker stops smoking, he is still a smoker. That is not because of nicotine addiction but because of  pleasurable experiences.


There are unexplored areas. For example, why is it taken for granted that smokers must pay exorbitant taxes? Why do drinkers have to pay exorbitant taxes? Why should not health zealots pay exorbitant taxes on cuss-cuss, bicycles and fresh air?

It follows that smokers and drinkers must do this:

1. Accept the rules that owners of places dictate.

2. Do everything that they can do to enjoy what they wish to enjoy.

3. Deprive the Zealots and Government of money.

As regards 3., what seems to me to be a strange thing happened a couple of days ago. In the local co-op, a young and pretty Asian girl, in the queue just before me, bought ten cigs. I was amazed. I could not believe that she did not have access to illicit cigs.

There is no such thing as an ‘illicit’ cigarette, unless you count Government taxed cigs. The only illicit cigs are Government taxed cigs, as produced and supplied by Big Tobacco. All other cigs are ‘licit’.


I don’t know quite how to put it, but it is something like ‘pleasure is more valuable than austerity’. In economic terms, that means that the economy depends upon supplying pleasurable things rather than austere things. Do you want to eat sweet oranges or bitter lemons?


Whatever. I think that the two major political parties in the UK lost their way a decade ago when both of them decided to fight over the middle ground. That is how they became indistinguishable from each other. Principles evaporated and cynicism took over. That is how the Academics gained control.

I think that there is a serious problem in there somewhere which people like Cameron, Miliband, etc do not understand, unless they are complicit. It is critical to understand the part that academics play. For example, Faraday showed how to make electric force by spinning a magnet close to a conductor (a wire). What he showed was that the force used to spin the magnet could be passed along a wire for a long distance by electrical conduction, and reproduce the force by spinning a magnet at the other end. Not everyone sees the point, which is that effort can be transferred over long distances and produce effort at the other end. I use the word ‘effort’  rather than the word ‘work’ because of the corruption of our language that we have seen in recent years.

Faraday was a great man and a great academic. Today’s academics are charlatans. They claim superiority without any basic justification at all. They are mostly frauds.


As I illustrated, in my simple way, tobacco addiction is weak and relative to the circumstances. Tobacco Control is more addicted than smokers are.


2 Responses to “The Golden Wedding Celebration Do and Tobacco Addiction”

  1. Jude Says:

    Its TC zealots that want people to be “addicted” to nicotine, which is why they get so upset when a smoker, or in my case a vaper, tells them the truth, that they are not “addicted” they simply enjoy it.

    They accuse you of being in denial, although they can’t show exactly what you are denying, as only the person themselves knows how much they “need” a certain substance, or not.

    You’ve just given a good example of how smokers are not “addicted” at all. I think it is all about medicalising pleasure, if the zealots can convince people that using and enjoying nicotine, is some sort of disease, that people are “victims” of, it gives them justification to treat people as though they cannot control their use, or indeed any other aspect of their lives.

    We see the same with drinking alcohol, and now even sex is supposed to be “addictive”. Basically, if someone enjoys a substance or activity, that the puritans don’t like, they are “addicts” , that need treatment.

    They will never be satisfied, even when there are so few people engaging in public smoking or vaping, because theirs is a true addiction, one where they must keep having more, their lives depend on it.

    • junican Says:

      Quite so. Habit and pleasure are the factors and not addiction. I like my red wine and beer, but, normally, I drink neither before 10 pm. I could do the same with tobacco if I wanted to.

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