The Three Day Week===Global Cooling

I think that the two conjectures occurred about the same time – the 1970s. A variety of ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ were projecting that certain events were about to happen. The first was that technology and mechanisation would revolutionise productivity. It was surmised that one person could supervise some process with little actual effort, and that the wages of such people would soar to the extent that the work could be spread over several employees, and everyone would receive more money for much less work. Three days work and four days leisure.

What went wrong?

There is no doubt that improved mechanisation, along with computer controls, have revolutionised productivity, and yet it seems that everyone is working harder and harder, and for longer and longer.

How come?

What happened to the dream of ‘the three day week’?

I think that, in some ways, it is obvious. Rather than the benefits of mechanisation and computerisation feeding down to the workers, they fed up to academics, administrators and politicians. Do you see the iron triangle?

The ‘key’ to the triangle is POLITICIANS, since only they can pass the laws which transfer value from employers and employees to themselves and, thereby, to those who do the work to support them (the administrators) and to those who justify their deeds (the academics).


What is important about this idea is that we should all be gaining the benefits of our forefathers’ efforts. We should all be able to enjoy much more leisure, rather than being worked to death.

Is there a political party which does not have an interest in stealing the fruits of the labour of the workers? It seems strange that the Labour Party has no interest in the theft. Is that because it is complicit, even though it may not be aware?

In a vague sort of way, I could imagine a scenario in which the bin men have an annual salary of £50,000 per an, whereas the academics have to get by on £20,000 per an. Why not? People like Gerard Hastings could take a job as a bin man if he wished. What happened to the Unions? When did they become infiltrated by paper-pushers?


Ah well, perhaps UKIP might start to think about the nonsense.



There is an association of ideas, not disconnected from the above. “GLOBAL COOLING” was the expectation of ‘scientists’ some forty years ago. Who decided that those ‘scientists’ were wrong, and who were the ‘scientists’ who declared that the ‘global cooling’ hypothesis to be wrong, AND WHY?

Not one single party, in the coming election, has produced a plan to cut Government intervention in the way that we live our lives, including smoking, drinking and eating. The probabilities of which group will form the next government are all mixed up. But who cares, since they all have the objective of punishing people and stealing their goods for their own benefit?

Cynical? You bet!


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  1. salsajo2 Says:

    What a good analogy :> Like your bit at the end: Cynical? You bet! Couldn’t agree more!

    • junican Says:

      I pity those innocents who enthuse about a political party. Unless they have ulterior motives, they must be blind and deaf. I vaguely think that all political parties should be temporary allegiances.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    Carry over from a previous post.
    “Something I did annoyed her, and she said, “If you don’t stop it, we’ll come to blows”. Somehow, she imagined that she could jump out of bed and attack me. The funny thing is that I think that she was serious.
    Married life is like that, is it not?

    More likely she felt certain that you would come to the bed and stand obediently for your appointed blows. 🙂
    There is not doubt about it. A MAN’s saving phrase is, “YES DEAR”!

    That is why you would gone to the bed and have taken your blows.

    indeed, “Yes Dear” has gotten me through 35 years of marriage.

    “If Mother is not happy, no one is happy” is another proven truism. 😦

    • junican Says:

      I like the phrase: “If Mother is not happy, no one is happy”
      To put it another way, if mother is not happy, she will make damned sure that no one is happy.

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