Convolutions Around the Australian Plain Packaging Mistake

It really is very, very weird that the Con/LibDem Government, in its death-throws, chose to grant pride of place to PP. It can only mean that the  Leaders of those organisations were not in touch with anything at all of importance since it is obvious that the colours and shapes of cig packets do not influence the death of Africans who venture across the Mediterranean in crap boats, or the death of Africans by Ebola.

The promotion of PP, as a serious matter in the fortunes of the Nation, cannot be viewed as anything other than incompetence. In fact, it is hard not to regard the whole matter of tobacco control as anything other than a political distraction.


It is hard to know where the ‘killer fact’, which sinks tobacco control, is going to come from. In fact, it is almost certain that there is no such thing. However, PP is clearly becoming a joke.

The reason that it is becoming a joke is that it flies in the face of every ‘rule’ which international agreements about ‘trade marks’ and such have ever envisaged.

Sure, the Australian High Court decided in favour of the Oz Government. Why not? It is a bit like Hitler’s Court deciding that Jews were fair game. There is little difference, other than degree.


But what is important is that there is a real possibility that the Oz PP could be found to conflict with Trade Marks Treaty Obligations.



There are two ‘laws’. One emanates from the totalitarian, fascist EUSSR. The other comes from ‘The Common Law of England’.

Which would you prefer?


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