How The Tobacco Control Industry is Gradually Destroying Itself

It is always the same, isn’t it? In any ‘Empire’, once the Empire settles down, internal corruption will assert itself and, eventually, destroy the Empire.

That certainly happened in the Roman Empire. The central bureaucracy in Rome became so top-heavy in charlatans and thugs that it could no longer pay the costs of defending its frontiers. Bit by bit, it had to give way.

The E-cigarette seems to be the catalyst in a sort of ‘chemical reaction’ which is a new reaction. Only a couple of years ago, the chemistry in tobacco control seemed to be in perfect balance – orders were passed down from the WHO Zealot controlled FCTC organisation, Academics undertook studies and issued press release, newspapers published perverted versions of the studies and politicians passed anti-tobacco company, anti-smoking and anti-smoker laws. A perfect equation, a perfect chemical balance. What could go wrong?

The E-cigarette has introduced an acid into the equation. The E-cigarette is like a pellet of pure sodium being dropped onto the surface of a placid bowl of water. Wham! The pellet jumps here and there, fizzing and rippling the surface and creating clouds of hydrogen gas, until the pellet is all used up. I think that tobacco control thought that the E-cig would be just a single sodium pellet, but it is turning out to be a multiplicity of pellets, and the number is growing all the time. In the bowl of water, when a sodium pellet falls onto the surface of the water, not only the sodium ‘melts’; the water also ‘melts’ or rather breaks up. Hydrogen escapes and the sodium becomes sodium hydroxide. The more sodium pellets are dropped into the water, the more rapidly the water is broken down until there is no water left.

Can you see why the Charlatans in tobacco control want to destroy e-cigs? They want to remove this ‘acid’ which is draining their money-pool. Further, they are bold-faced about it. Any semblance of ‘health inequalities’ has been discarded. This is clear from the very rapid jump, throughout the top echelons of the tobacco control industry, from tobacco smoke to nicotine. “A life-long addiction to nicotine” has replaced the slogan “Fumar mata (To smoke kills)”.

But TC is breaking up. Even some tobacco controllers are pointing out the cruelty of forcing ‘nicotine withdrawal’ on mental health patients. See this:

in which Louise Rossi, ‘Leicester Stop Smoking Service Manager’, decries the totalitarian attitude of managers of mental health facilities.


Further, the Zealot Charlatans are also having to cope with demands that ‘less dangerous’ tobacco products should be allowed to say so. In this case, in particular, it concerns Swedish Match, which wants to change the ‘warning’ on its packets of snus from “tobacco, and therefore could be very dangerous (words to that effect)”  to “substantially less dangerous than smoking”.

That has set the cat among the pigeons! The application for the change of wording has been put to the US FDA (Federal Drugs Administration). The FDA asked its Scientific Committee to answer some questions about what ‘science’ was saying about the benefits/risks of snus. The results have been utter chaos. See here:

Carl Philips will not mind, I am sure, if I quote from his post:

“They then voted on whether snus use is lower risk than smoking, and four of the eight voted no despite how obviously wrong this is.”

Remember that this committee is supposed to be a ‘scientific’ committee.

How can four members of such a committee come to such a conclusion when all the evidence points to less harm overall? There may be unspecified uncertainties, such as pregnant ladies, but such numerically minor matters should not impinge upon population-wide emotion-based warnings.



It isn’t obvious, of course, but the signs are there. In Roman times, it took three hundred years for the Roman Empire to fall apart. The British Empire fell apart as a result of WW1 and WW2 in quick time. Speed of communication and action, as a result of the internet, guarantees that corruption cannot be hidden for long. Thus, Glantz, Chapman, and all the other secret WHO ‘Common Purpose’ one-world totalitarian, fascist State eugenicists will fail sooner than would have been the case in the last century. Thus, the reliance of TC upon inertia as regards repealing laws is misplaced. Thus, only a slight change in the general understanding of what constitutes a ‘private, members’ club’, and the legal recognition of such an entity, and especially the human right to establish such entities without fascist control, and the absolute right, within Common Law, to create their own rules, could reinvigorate local community cohesion. Thus, no change in the smoking ban law would be required – private clubs are private clubs. They have human rights which override statute law – freedom of assembly. In such circumstances, the idea that such a group must police a smoking ban while their objective is to overthrow Government is laughable.


The Scottish Experiment in puritan eugenics continues apace. The Scottish Eugenicists have reduced the alcohol blood limit from 80 bits to 50 bits. The Bank of Scotland did a study and concluded that the reduction has damaged the Scottish economy. No mention was made of savings in health, of course, since there is none. What seems to have happened is that no one knows whether or not, at any specific time, they are over the artificial limit.

But what is really, really important is whether or not a person is fit to drive. If, generally, 80 bits was OK, why has that limit been reduced to 50 bits?


The General Election will change nothing – nothing at all.


There may come a time when Christian Churches in the UK will oppose the regime, as they did in Eastern Europe. But the Leaders are just chicken. In my own mind, I see these people, archbishops etc, as anti-Christs because they ‘hide their lights under a bushel”.

“But what can they actually do?”, you might cry. They could advise contentment and tranquillity, but that philosophical ideal does not mean living in a cave.

The smoking ban militates against the philosophical ideal of ‘contentment and tranquillity’.


Tobacco Control has no philosophical content. It is wholly transient and animalistic. It depends upon base emotionalism. It relies upon humans being emotional animals.

Sooner or later, someone will ask the question: “Tell me again what the harm of SHS actually is?”


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