Republic or Democracy?

In the UK, we have a ‘Constitutional Monarch’. Well, we used to have. It seems that, now, having handed over the control of our borders to the unelected and unconstitutional elite of the EU, our Monarch is no longer “Constitutional”.

Even though the Queen no longer has any powers at all, she still represents, in her person, the People of this Nation. Thus, when the new Parliament assembles, after the GE, it picks a Prime Minister who visits the Queen and receives The People’s assent to form a Government. At this moment, because of the dissolution of Parliament, we are in a sort of limbo. Although Cameron is still, at this moment, Prime Minister, he is powerless. The Civil Service alone keeps things going.

It isn’t all that long ago that a crisis of Government in Australia could only be solved, constitutionally, by the ruse of the Queen, apparently, dismissing the Government and calling new elections. It was a ruse, but it achieved the objective of correcting the apparent situation of Australia being utterly and completely lawless for some days. That is the point. For those few days, had it not been for the Queen taking control, there would have been no law at all in Australia. It could have been dog eat dog, with no repercussions.

Not that such lawlessness would actually have happened. The important point is that the position of the Queen, legally and constitutionally, ensured the continuance of ‘common law’.


I have been reading stuff about how the colonists in America broke away from the English rule. It is easy to see these things as simplistic American patriotism, when, in fact, most colonists still regarded themselves as British. What irked them was that, having suffered the trials and tribulations of establishing the colonies, and having overcome all the problems and endured the hard work involved, they suddenly found themselves being taxed by a foreign entity, without justification arising in their new homeland.

That is how I feel as a smoker. I feel that the justification for duty on tobacco products has faded away over the last couple of decades, ever since Tobacco Control appeared. There used to be ‘luxury taxes’. I cannot remember the details, but I feel sure that certain classes of goods were considered to be ‘luxuries’ and were taxed when other goods were not. It is an awful long time ago. But, somehow, these ‘luxury taxes’ hung on, but only regarding alcohol, tobacco and petrol. But you could put it another way. You could say that ‘luxury tax’ was extended to EVERYTHING, except essentials, via VAT, and that duties on alcohol, tobacco and petrol were SUPER luxury taxes. What is most extraordinary today is that petrol is still considered to be a SUPER luxury, in view of the fact that fuel duty automatically reduces the competitive abilities of our industries.

We smokers cannot rebel as the American colonists did,  but we can engage in what was called in the Forces “passive disobedience” (or something like that). I can’t remember what constituted ‘passive disobedience’, but it might have included doing nothing before receiving precise instructions. For example, an airman might be instructed to go to the mess and do duties there. He might go to the mess, but stand outside and wait. No one told him to enter said mess.

This ‘passive disobedience’ is precisely what is required about the smoking ban on hospital premises. If I visited someone in hospital and decided to pop outside for a smoke, it would light up. If someone wearing a cap came over and said something like, “There is a voluntary ban…..” (which would actually be said to be “a Ban”), I would be inclined to say, “Oh… What do you want me to do?” “Put the cig out”. “OK”. Then light up again. That, my friends, is  the epitome of civil disobedience. The compliance, in the first place, is essential. That is because the State always engages massive force in the first instance.


I got carried away a bit.

The point that I was intending to make is that there is not as much difference as we think between Kings, Emperors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, First Secretary of the Party. All, regardless of title, can, if they wish, control the Agenda. What seems to have happened recently is that such titled people have voluntarily handed over that control of the agenda to groups, such as the WHO, which have no responsibility to the people who created and pay for them. They are a law unto themselves, and, because of the proliferation of connections within the 160 countries involved, have no responsibility to anyone. The WHO is a court without a jury.


I have indulged over-much tonight I think.

When the colonists in America broke away from Europe, they broke away from Kings, Queens and Aristocrats. They broke away from ‘the divine right of Kings’ and such. They produced a Bill of Rights which emphasised the pre-eminence of individual rights to pursue their own vision of happiness.

What must eventually bring down Tobacco Control, probably first in the US, is weakness of SHS harm. The physical effects of SHS harm are too minute to be measured and, according to DOLL ET AL, would take hundreds of years to affect anyone.

When America disconnected from ‘Kings’ and such, it declared a “Republic” – no Kings or Emperors. Thus, it thrust itself back into Roman pre Emperor governance. In later days, we have seen the rise of the new, very profitable, puritanism, and the new Aristocrats are all for it.

But the ‘Republic’ has not protected Americans from TYRANNY.

That is really weird.


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