Simple Simon Chapman Reflects Upon His Glory

Has he retired? I vaguely recall some suggestion that he has. Certainly, his reflections are described as ‘on a 38 year career’. He gives ten tips to aspiring “early career researchers and advocates”.

I must admit that, in accordance with my new ‘sanity retaining and emotional wellbeing’ policy, I failed to read the whole thing…..

OK then, for the purpose of this post, and in the interests of science, I’ll read it all now….



OK. I’ve forced myself to read it all – it hurt, but I’m OK.

Here is the link:

So let’s go through his ten tips to aspiring health tyrants. Apart from the occasional quote (if any), I’ll reinterpret:


Around 1970, I got an advert featuring Paul Hogan promoting Winfield cigs removed. I was very clever and got the media involved. That’s what I have been doing ever since.

Lesson 1: always respect evidence, and if the evidence changes, so should you.

Don’t flog a dead horse. If the evidence that smoking causes solar eclipses is weak, even though epidemiologically significant, move on to something more certain. Or, if you can’t, change the evidence.

“Two illustrations of the advance of junk and low-quality science are the resilience and influence of climate change denialism, and the current efforts by e-cigarette interest groups to claim that e-cigarettes have revolutionary potential to make smoking history.

The interest groups behind these two major issues are succeeding in building momentum that may spread to challenge decades of public health and safety legislation.”

Lesson 2: be clear and concrete about what you want to change or support.

If, for example, your group want plain packaging, then, before attacking politicians etc, describe precisely what you want the packaging to look like.

Lesson 3: “It’s better to be looked over, than overlooked” (Mae West).

When you’ve decided what cherry-picked studies you are going to use and what lies you are going to tell, ensure that you shout and shout and shout again, in the media and on twitter. Keep on shouting – all together and at the same time.

Lesson 4: study the media.

Learn how the Press works. It likes “SENSATIONAL”. Give it “SENSATIONAL”. Make extravagant claims, but precede the claims with words like ‘may’, ‘could’ and ‘indicate’. Few people will notice the ‘may’, ‘could’ and ‘indicate’.

Lesson 5: use ‘killer facts’. 

Get a suitable sound-bite and repeat it ad nauseam. “Smoking Kills” is better than “The Health Authorities advice that smoking might be bad for health”. The ‘fact’ need not be true, it needs only be ‘a killer’.

Lesson 6: values are everything.

Make sure that you frame your propaganda in such a way as to appeal to basic human instincts. ‘Protect the vulnerable’ is a nice one since it can include the stupid, the poor and the children.

Lesson 7: experts are fine, but they are not ‘a living thing’.

When people who have used ecigs to cut or eliminate smoking, call their statements ‘allegories’, and thus of no importance, but when it suits, it is OK to use sob stories to make your point. EG. “My lovely mother smoked all her life and I am sure that it killed her. If she had not smoked, I am sure that she would not have died at aged 88”. Such statements are very powerful.

Lesson 8: use social media. A lot.

A preprint of my much-tweeted paper on the nocebo effect and wind farm health complaints17 is the most downloaded item in the entire University of Sydney eScholarhip repository and featured in a video that has been viewed 4.02 million times:

The reason that it has been viewed so many times is because I am brilliant and not because people are worried about their minds and bodies being damaged by wind farm oscillations or because they are bird-mincers. But do not hesitate to block anyone who disagrees.

Lesson 9: successful advocacy takes time.

‘Keep on keeping on’ – of course, but only if you are being paid handsomely to do so. Pointless otherwise.

Lesson 10: grow a rhinoceros hide.

Always remember that you are the most important person in the Universe. You are a God. Devils such as the Tobacco Industry, the Ecig Industry and Bloggers,who are allies of those industries, will try to undermine your godliness with their version of the truth. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED! YOUR WEALTH DEPENDS UPON IT!


But, if you actually read Chapman’s musings, you might notice one essential thing above all – there is no sign of any empathy, sympathy, caring, or anything of that nature with the human beings which he hopes and expects to ‘SAVE’. He will SAVE them whether they want to be ‘saved’ or not.

People like Chapman ought be ridiculed, but they are not the important people who need to be ridiculed. The politicians who voted for PP are the people who should be ridiculed, for only they have the power. Chapman et al are akin to Hitler’s advisors who advised him how to get rid of Jews via the extermination camps. They told Hitler that it was feasible, and that it could be done, and that the incinerated bodies could be rendered into fertiliser, after removing their gold teeth, to say nothing of raiding the homes and bank accounts. It is the politicians who turn theories into facts.


Perhaps that idea is worth a separate post – “If it is theorised that malaria is caused by ‘miasmas’ from swamps, does a decision by politicians to drain swamps turn the theory into a fact?”









2 Responses to “Simple Simon Chapman Reflects Upon His Glory”

  1. Jude Says:

    Brilliant Post!!! Chapman is a narcissist, a deluded control freak, blind to truth, particularly about himself. This will be his undoing. The same thing is happening to all those other narcissists in tobacco control, Glantz, Mckee, Daube, etc etc etc. They are being exposed for what they are, liars, and hypocrites.

    My Mother used to say, “its always darkest before the dawn”, and we are living in that darkest hour, but there is hope.

    • junican Says:

      Thank you, Jude!
      As you know, I wrote a post a few days ago which showed that LC deaths are proportionately the same now as they were in 1970, despite the fall in smoking prevalence. The demise of TobCon might well be triggered if, in another ten years time, LC deaths fail to fall or, indeed, start to rise.

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