It is Friday night and I have been to the pub and over-indulged a little. For a change, it was quite amusing. I really ought not to blog.

But I know (or think that I know) that readers like to be amused by my ramblings. Last night, for example, I considered ‘Tobacco Control Industry Regulation’. It will not happen, of course – well, not until nations see sense and stop it.


What is ‘Pestilence’?

No one uses that word any more. As far as I know, it means much the same as ‘epidemic’, but it could also be applied to natural phenomena, such as locusts.

We have a new ‘Pestilence’ known as ‘The Tobacco Control Industry’. It is not a physical disease, it is a mental disease. It is almost undetectable since it appears to be rational. For example, statements such as, “Smokers will be exiled to the outdoors”, are seen as rational. They are not – well, not in a FREE society. As someone said, “It must be awful for a non-smoking, teetotal person to find out that he is about to die from nothing”.

That statement seems to be jocular, and it is, but it has a grain of truth. A person does everything which is correct – no smoking, no drinking, no excessive eating, but his body still exhibits the characteristics of ageing. Why? Why does he not attain a state of permanent middle-age? There was a programme on Sky in the pub tonight looking at the attainments of John Lowe, the darter. Do not snigger. He is one of the few people who actually attained the miracle of a nine dart finish to a 501 challenge. His throws were: 180 (leaving 321), 180 (leaving 141); treble 17 (51), leaving 90; treble 18 (54), leaving 36; double  18. He hit the double first dart.

I don’t know whether or not John Lowe still alive.


There is a MASSIVE ERROR in the thinking of The Tobacco Control Industry which is that everyone who does not smoke will live forever, and will be spritely, able to work, NOT suffer from diseases such as Altzeimers, Parkinsons, Prostatism, etc.

I recently met the son of a friend of mine. My friend married an American after his wife died. He met the lady on a cruise. He went to live in the USA. His son told me that his Dad is suffering from Altzeimers. His Dad is about 80 years old. He does not recognise people. He does not know what to do.


The PESTILENCE is not diseases any more. It is The Tobacco Control Industry. It is that Industry which has produced the PESTILENCE of any number of control INDUSTRIES which suck on the public teat.




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  1. garyk30 Says:

    “But I know (or think that I know) that readers like to be amused by my ramblings.”

    True, and challenged by your digressions. 🙂

    “It must be awful for a non-smoking, teetotal person to find out that he is about to die from nothing”.

    You can not go against the ‘Laws of Nature’.

    The greatest and most ignored threat to human heath is the second law of thermodynamics.

    The law of increasing entropy.

    All things, especially life forms deteriorate over time.

    Our bodies become incapacitated, our genes lose important information causing genetic defects. Useful or harmless microorganisms mutate into deadly pathogens.

    But our “science” crowd cannot accept this. It contradicts evolution where everything is supposed to be “getting gooder and gooder!” instead of falling apart.

    So they must find some boogey man to blame.

    • junican Says:

      “Entropy” – ‘smoothing out’.
      Failing a supply of new material, eventually, the Sun will radiate away all its energy and die. They say that it will expand and become a red giant, engulfing the Earth and the other near planets. Eventually, it is surmised, all the other Suns will die and the whole Universe will die.
      If you were to run a car engine continuously (say, by arranging a continuous supply of fuel), eventually, no matter how good the engineering, it would grind (literally) to a stop. Bits of steel would rub off. Eventually, the parts would rust, degrade, fall apart and spread about. Entropy wins.
      When you think about it, the human body is one hell of a good machine. It keeps running, year after year, with virtually no external maintenance. Sure, we humans have found ways to add some ‘maintenance’ in the form of medication, but medication can only work because of the human body’s ability to accept the medication. Even so, ‘side effects’ are common.
      In all human bodies, there is a physical plan. It starts at birth. After birth, given nourishment, the body grows. After some 20 years, it settles down somewhat in that it stops growing taller. For the next 10 years or so, it expands outwards (gets fatter). That is growth.
      For a time, the status quo is held steady until THE PLAN changes – runs out of steam, if you like. The ‘engine’ which creates new cells, which itself has no repair mechanism, begins to fail. Thus, hair starts to go grey and and the skin gets wrinkles. Eventually, for some people, a vital organ will fail earlier than in other people, and that person will die. A few people will go on and on without a major organ failure.
      Until someone proves otherwise, I suggest that it is just a matter of luck.

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