The Jaunt in Abu Dhabi, or Wherever

“Or Wherever” is precisely correct, since the place matters not one jot (apart from jollification in non-quite Muslim ‘kingdoms’). Abu Dhabi is the equivalent of a brothel for those Muslims who would stone a woman to death for adultery, but want to shag. Such are the contradictions inherent in the Muslim World.

I have been looking for the link which connected to the speeches at the event, but I cannot find it. Ah well. The important thing is that they are recorded for future reference. Reilly, the Irish blatherer, spoke. He claimed to be a knight in shining armour, astride his trusty steed, armed with his lance and battle-axe, taking on the massive armies of BIG TOBACCO, and to have routed them. What a warrior!

But the fact is that Big Tobacco never confronted him. He ’tilted’ at windmills. What actually happened is that Irish MPs were shit-scared of being branded ‘baby eaters’ and took the easy way out.

And so did Parliament in the UK. There is no objective sense which applauds PP. Humans adapt. to what they see. There is no reason to believe that PP will not enhance the desirability of tobacco. Yukky Brown is the new ‘in’ colour.


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  1. themorrigan1972 (@themorrigan1972) Says:

    These videos are the ones they’re broadcasting on the hotel t.v. during the conference.

    The other videos are linked at the bottom of the page .

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link(s), even though I couldn’t bear to watch the self-satisfied, smarmy gets!

  2. themorrigan1972 (@themorrigan1972) Says:

    It’s pretty awful stuff. I don’t have much of a stomach for viewing this now,not that I ever did.
    And these are the very people who seem to believe we are all one(allegedly) one world,one people.
    Unless you don’t fall in line,unless you don’t do as they say.
    Smoking isn’t a battle,fatty food isn’t a battle,choice isn’t a battle.
    And ordinary people looking for the simple pleasures in life aren’t anyone’s enemy,but to listen to these people every choice we make that they don’t like is something they must battle,must fight.
    Their”science” has become a religion and the sinners are us.
    In some ways I fear their ideal society more than anything….

    • junican Says:

      I can understand that there are ‘trends’ which are “undesirable”. For example, there is no doubt that an awful lot of Americans are very fat. You might call it ‘affluent flab’. That fact has spawned a huge ‘industry’ intended to get Americans to reduce the flab on the grounds of the costs of the flab. But the ‘industry’ consumes as much ‘production’ as the ‘loss of production’ that the flab causes.
      Thus, there is a loss of ‘production’ due to flab, plus a loss of ‘production’ due to people being paid to cut the flab.
      There is a big problem, which is that politicians will not take the very easy way. That is to just ignore treaties. That is what has always happened in the past. A treaty exists only as long as it is useful to the parties. When it ceases to be useful, it fades away.
      There is no need really for the UK to formally retire from the EU. It may just ignore everything emanating from the EU and take no part in it. For example, there is no reason that Parliament should not decide to no longer hold elections for the EU Parliament. There is no reason that the UK Parliament should not refuse to enact FCTC demands.
      UK law has become crude and totalitarian.

  3. themorrigan1972 (@themorrigan1972) Says:

    What they have in America is a tenth amendment to their constitution that allows states to ignore any federal law which is harmful to the individual states.
    They call that nullification,it’s a real shame that nation states don’t have the same sort of thing for having to deal with treaties.

    • junican Says:

      In a sense, ‘nullification’ is much the same thing as ignoring treaties. I suppose that a US State can just say, “Sorry, Federal Gov, we refuse to do as you say”. That is much the same as the situation in the EU. the problem is that I do not think that Cameron et al know this. Or rather, that they know but pretend that is not so. Remember when Milton MP, Health Minister, said that the UK is ‘legally obliged’ to enact the FCTC? Rot! It is treaty and nothing more. There is no legal obligation whatsoever. It can be ignored.

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