Some Sense on Ecig Regulation in Canada

The persecution of smokers in Canada is as bad as anywhere in the world (with the possible exception of Australia). Unfortunately for Canada, they have a hugely lengthy border with the USA, so smuggling stuff across that border is relatively easy, whereas Australia is an island. On the other hand, the Australian coastline is enormously long, so very difficult to police. In a sense, therefore, both countries are very similar. Having said that, there is the curiosity that Australia has banned nicotine containing ecigs whereas Canada has not.

That is very important because Australia has backed itself into a corner. Because it has banned nicotine-containing ecigs, it has banned ecigs as ‘a much safer nicotine delivery system’. The idiocy of this situation is that it has NOT banned the far more dangerous ‘nicotine delivery system’ known as the cigarette. [I trust that readers will understand that I am following the propaganda logic to its reasonable conclusion] As a result, Australian cigarette prohibition is fucked because no realistic alternative ‘delivery system’ which satisfies smokers is available. Thus, Australia is destined to experience more and more illicit imports, both counterfeit branding, unrecognised branding (like ‘Manchester’) and chop-chop. That is made even worse by the ban on returning holidaymakers importing more than 200 cigs.

Canada, however, seems to have seen the light. The ‘Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Health’ has recommended that nicotine-containing ecigs should be accepted, and that they should be accepted as being in a different category from ‘tobacco products’, even if tobacco control laws are used as the vehicle for regulation. However, needless to say, they cannot help themselves, can they? They always go too far – they try to use regulation to gain ownership, for all intents.

All of this is explained here


I’m not sure how to take Clive Bates. He seems, on the one hand, to be sympathetic to smokers while, at the same time, to demand the destruction of the source of supply – tobacco companies. One might ask: “How can we be free to smoke cigs if we wish to, if the Gov is taxing cigs beyond the affordability of many of us, closing down tobacco companies, forbidding the import of leaves and the growing of tobacco plants, banning smoking almost everywhere and making smoking parents criminals?”

Clive Bates is, I think, a classic prohibitionist. By ‘classic’, I mean having a genuine belief that he has a mission to save ‘souls’. That is the only way that I can put it. Even he must be aware that all of us die, no matter how we might try to postpone the event.  Thus, even Clive B must be aware that his ‘life’s work’, after all the years that he has been involved, has been wasted since he cannot save ‘souls’ beyond death. It follows that tobacco control (and Clive Bates) is soulless.

I guess that the word ‘soulless’ is mostly meaningless in today’s world. I am no theologian, but I would say that I personally have not aged one jot since I was born, but my body has aged, and it will probably disintegrate, over time, once I depart from it. My body is not me.

OK. I have drifted as usual.


In a way, my interest in Pompeii and Herculaneum has been driven by knowing that these places have given us a snapshot of a moment in time. Everything that happened in those places when Vesuvius erupted, happened within a period of about twenty four/thirty six hours. But imagine a wall of steaming, red hot gasses and dust, ten metres high flowing through streets and houses, and eventually flowing over the coastline into the sea. Who could live in such a maelstrom? The key is the SIZE of the flow, and the SPEED of the flow. What happened in those places STOPPED TIME.

That is what is missing in all the ‘studies’ of the effects of smoking, SHS and third-hand stuff – SIZE and FLOW. In the case of SHS, SIZE means ‘effect’ and FLOW means ‘timescale’. So, you could think of SHS as some tiny pyroclastic flow which moves at at tiny pace and drifts around your ankles and will never hurt you since, even if the flow is disturbed and hits you in the conk, there is neither the SIZE nor the FLOW to cause damage.


I suppose that we should be glad that the sadists like Glantz et al, who want smokers to suffer as much as possible, are being gradually displaced. Smokers have an alternative, in the form of the ecig, if they wish to use it, and if it works, it will save them a lot of money.  Ugh, Ugh. Legislators want to both forbid it and tax it.

I wish ecig users well – it is their decision. I am on their side. I love them as brothers. Ecig companies must not make the same mistake as tobacco companies, which is to be revealed as heartless calculators of profits at the expense of the premature death of ALL who enjoy tobacco.

Sorry, Mr Tobacco Control, you have slipped up. If smoking causes health problems for one, it cause such problems for all, unless you can prove otherwise.


I personally have a fall-back expectation. IF I decide, in my old age, to stop smoking, then vaping will be my preferred alternative. I would not mind if that was the only way, other than becoming senile. Or, being senile, I might prefer to be senile.


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  1. Ed Says:

    Euuw but ecigs are for pussies! Besides, it’s not just about the nicotine. You’ll miss out on all the other beneficial medicinal effects of tobacco smoke itself.

    They’ve known about safer cigarettes (RRC-risk reduction cigarettes) for decades now but have purposefully chosen to ignore going down that route as there isn’t enough profits all round for them (that’s Big Pharma, Big tobacco and Big Government all in collusion) . Essentially, they have double the nicotine levels and have the toxic crap from big tobacco removed from them. You could probably achieve similar results yourself by organically growing a very high nicotine strain and smoke it filter free on the thinnest cig papers.

    Not sure whether you have read this, but it’s an interesting read;

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link – I had not seen that one, although I am well aware of Mr Gori.
      A decision must have been made decades ago that cigarettes had to be kept as dangerous as possible in order to justify the statements that have been made, such as ‘no such thing as a safe cigarette’ and ‘kills 50% of its users’.
      But even Gori said that tobacco damage accumulates over decades. You have to ask, “What is the nature of the damage?” But answer comes there none. If there were an accumulation of damage, why are smokers’ lungs used in transplants?

  2. Jude Says:

    Vapers do indeed save a lot of money, particularly in Australia with the ridiculously high taxes on any tobacco product. You are entirely correct about the increase in smuggled tobacco products, which I have personally seen become increasingly popular, and much more commonplace since the “propaganda packaging” came in here.

    As a vaper myself, (I started vaping because I enjoy nicotine but can no longer afford to smoke tobacco), I have the benefit of knowing that not only will the hypocritical government not be getting any more tobacco taxes from me, they are also missing out on any taxes I would have been paying, to purchase the nicotine base I use in my eliquid, as I cannot buy this in my country so have to send my money overseas. I also buy much of my vaping hardware overseas as well, because the stupid and very very lazy government in my state, has decided to ban the sale of vaping hardware here.

    Only last night I was watching our village idiot of a treasurer, decrying the fact that so many Australians are buying goods over the internet, and not paying the GST, (goods and services tax), yet this same idiot cannot understand that the policies of his own government are the cause of this.

    • junican Says:

      I have seen your comments in other places, such as Siegel’s place. I do not understand why you do not say that you are Australian.
      But it is true. The Australian government, by banning nicotine juice for ecigs, has shown itself to be totally in the control of Tobacco Control as far as the enjoyment of tobacco, or anything similar, is concerned.
      Your Government would happily boil a smoker in oil in public, if it discouraged just one youth from puffing on an ecig.

      • Jude Says:

        I often do say that I am Australian, when its relevant to the post or to the topic of discussion. However, the lies and agenda of “tobacco control” are a global problem for anyone interested in freedom, democracy and personal autonomy.

        The government response to vaping is utterly ridiculous, and beyond hypocritical, but they are not so much under the control of “tobacco control”, but are far more influenced by pharma corporations, and their own greed for tobacco taxes.

        Australians are a fairly laid back people for the most part, and we are great at figuring out “work arounds” for the policies and laws that are made by our extremely lazy, and ignorant politicians. In the real world of ordinary people, there is a realisation that what “tobacco control” or the puritans put out, are full of lies and corruption, and are often taken with a grain of salt. When “propaganda packaging” came in, the sales of black market tobacco products went up, and so did the market for stylish cigarette cases and pouches.

        For vapers it is far more difficult to vape than just go and buy a pack of smokes, but it is far cheaper, and at the moment the government is losing the battle in trying to push people onto either pharma products, or back to smoking tobacco. More than other countries, which allow the sale of nicotine liquids, we have developed our own system of getting what we want. As I mentioned before, this also means that our greedy and stupid government have cut off their nose to spite their face, so to speak, as they make very little to no tax revenue, and their supporters, the pharma corps, are losing money.

        Sensible regulation would be welcome, but I wont be holding my breath waiting for that to happen any time soon.

        Tobacco control freaks may want to boil smokers in oil, but they do not represent the views of either smokers, or even the vast majority of non-smokers.

      • Jude Says:

        BTW just want to say that I really enjoy your blog, and its long been on my list of favourites 🙂

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