A Night Off – Taking a Utube Tour of Herculaneum===a Few More Words about PP

After all the blathering about PP, I decided to have a night off tonight. Instead (among other things) I decided to find out something about Herculaneum. That was a town, similar to Pompeii, which was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Readers might remember that I visited Pompeii about three years ago.

What happened to Herculaneum was quite different from Pompeii. The first few hours of the eruption consisted of ash, which, due to the prevailing wind, fell on Pompeii. Thus, Pompeii was covered with that ash and debris to a depth of some four metres (above the level of the buildings, I assume!). Because of the weight of the ash and debris, the roofs and upper stories collapsed. Herculaneum suffered little ash and debris, but was hit by a massive pyroclastic flow of gases and molten material which filled the buildings with material as hot as 500ºC or more. The town was buried to a depth of 15 metres. The result of the difference in the two cases was that, whereas in Pompeii organic stuff like furniture rotted away over the centuries, such material in Heracleum, although charred by the heat, survived. There are examples of wooden beds and cots, wooden screens, roof timbers and even a wooden balcony in a wine shop. Another consequence of what happened to Herculaneum concerns the fate of people. In Pompeii, bodies rotted away over the centuries, and left only impressions in the compressed ash. Casts were made from these impressions using plaster. In Herculaneum, the heat was so intense in the pyroclastic stuff, that people hit by it were killed immediately and their bodies vaporised, leaving just the skeletons. Some 300 skeletons of people trying to escape, were found around the boathouses and on the beach. The skeletons in the boathouses were almost all women and children and the skeletons on the beach were nearly all men, which suggests that the menfolk were trying their best to protect the women and children.

Is this all a bit ghoulish? Perhaps, but all I was interesting in when I started was finding pictures of the houses of Herculaneum similar to Pompeii! Fortunately, various links led me to a BBC video called: “The other Pompeii – Life and death in Herculaneum”. I found it fascinating. Here is the URL:


I still do not understand what Cameron and the rest of the Cabinet were thinking about when they rushed through the PP stuff. I honestly just cannot get my head around it. Let us think for a moment.

There were two amendments to the Families and Children Act. One was PP and the other was smoking in cars with kids present. Now, which of the two has some sort of direct connection with Families and Children? Is it the colours on cig packets or is it kids in cars? The answer is rather obvious, I think. So why go with the colours on cig packets, with all the attendant risks, rather than the simple kids in cars provision? Or, one might ask the question: “If it was so important to rush through the colours of cig packets before the election campaign, why was it not important to rush through the kids in cars regulations also?”

I honestly really, really, DO NOT UNDERSTAND!! The Cabinet know perfectly well that PP will trigger massive law suits. It knows perfectly well that counterfeiting cig packets will be easier. It knows perfectly well that there is likely to be a massive increase in smuggled raw tobacco (hence its intention effectively to ban the import of raw tobacco by insisting upon registration of importers, which will not stop the illicit imports since such imports will, obviously, not be described as tobacco). Customs will be stretched to breaking point. The police don’t like it either because their resources will be stretched as well.

If the Tories wanted to throw a sop to Labour, why did they not go for the kids in cars option? That would have been easy-peasy – no international treaties to bother about; 70% of the drones agree with it; it does not really have to be enforced; they could shout about how wonderful they are. What could go wrong? If Labour shouted about PP, the Tories could have claimed, perfectly reasonably, that PP needs a bit more work because of treaties and evidence and such, whereas kids in cars is not a problem.


One can only conclude that there are “FORCES” at work of which we know nothing. It is the only sensible conclusion.

Why is no one talking?


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    Politicians are brain-dead and must never have had normal kids.

    Most parents know the truth.

    They know that pretty colours do not ’cause’ kids to consume stuff and gruesome pictures will not stop people from smoking.

    Kids should eat veggies; tho, many kids won’t touch their veggies.
    Passing a law to make veggies the colours of the rainbow will not inspire kids to suddenly eat their veggies.

    Painting a pig in pretty/gaudy colours is not going to convince people that they should have a pig as a pet.

    Our societies revel in the guts, gore, and blood in horror movies.
    The more the better.

    Only tobacco control nannies and imbecile politicians could believe that some pictures on a cig pack will be noticed.

    • garyk30 Says:

      PP is a solution for a virtually non-existent problem.

      TC and braindead pol’s claim you need PP to help prevent children from starting smoking; because, 600 per day in the UK do start.

      There are 15 million kids under 18 in the UK.

      Only 1 per 25,000 kids start smoking each day.

      99.996% do not start smoking each day.

      • junican Says:

        It is said that 400,000 Americans die annually as a result of smoking. If SHS is 99% less dangerous than smoking, then the calculation is that there are 4,000 Americans being killed by SHS – caused by the 1% equal danger.
        Is that correct logically? Answer: Yes – sort of. That is, it would be, if the premises were sufficient.
        According to Doll, smoking has a timescale of danger. Heavy smoking will kill a few heavy smokers at a relatively young ago, but not moderate smokers and light smokers at that age. The less smokers smoke, the longer it takes for smoking to kill them, as compared with non-smokers. As we have seen, SHS is so risk-free that humans would die for other reasons long before SHS could get at them.
        That is what really, really annoys me about SHS bases bans – timescales are totally ignored, and only toxins are counted.

  2. Ed Says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. It will cause chaos and they know it too.

    With the ongoing “denormalisation” of smokers quickly coming to a head, it maybe the old tried and trusted; “problem, reaction, solution”, to push for a ban of whole leaf sale/import. No doubt the media will join in the ensuing hysteria and will show us some nasty Muslim in his ice cream van, parked outside some school gates selling single cigs to 8yr old’s to raise funds for ISIS to justify it. Maybe add posters of poor sods with progeria to tell us how fast smoking ages you, etc,

    Thanks for the welcome on your previous post! At the moment I’ve not sown the seed yet as I’m busy germinating veg for the coming months and don’t have room in the propagator for them. In theory (famous last words) I should be able to catch up fast as I have fluorescent lights over my propagator trays and set on a timer for 18 hrs of light and they grow like crazy on that light regimen. I ended up getting 3 varieties to try. These are Golden Virginia, Vesta 64 (another virginia gold brightleaf variety) and Kentucky Burley KY-17. Hopefully, we’ll get a half decent growing season and pull in a good crop to enjoy. 🙂


    • junican Says:

      Conditions will vary, obviously. I reckon that about 8 weeks from germination to planting out is about right, which, for me, means planting out about mid-May. Last year, I germinated too early and consequently had quite ‘leggy’ plants before i was ready to plant them out.
      Good luck.

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