We Have Germination!===Is the PP Debate Finished?

OK. No big deal.

I sowed the seeds on the 11th, and now, the 14th, the little darlings are popping up all over the surface of the compost. Very tiny, of course, but visible. Three/four days has sufficed. What is important is that my home-gathered seeds are viable. They are third generation, and should be ‘acclimatised’ to my soil to some extent. The only inference that I draw from that is that the plants will be just a little ‘hardier’. I don’t quite know what I mean by that! Perhaps it means that cooler, wetter conditions will not deter growth initially but not stop growth in due course.


Another interesting point is that ‘toasting’ is becoming more and more obvious as a means of ‘ageing’ tobacco quickly. I have been at it again, toasting Red Virginia and using it in a blend. I wanted to confirm my initial impressions. Testing repeatedly seems to confirm that toasting takes out the ‘tarty’ tastes, in the sense that those tastes are akin to ‘lemon’ rather than ‘orange’. Difficult to describe. I am enjoying one of my creations at this moment, and it has a pleasant taste. What more can one ask for?

All going to plan – wonderful!



Is the PP debate finished?

I doubt it – not be a long chalk. I don’t mean Parliament. MPs have shown themselves to be simplistic idealists. It is becoming clearer and clearer that MPs have little idea of the consequences of their decisions. For example, do they realise that they have just banned sunbathing without an ample coating of Big Pharma sun-cream? It follows. The reason that it follows is that warnings become more important than what is being warned against. We have seen this phenomenon often in the last several years. Getting flu is less important than NOT getting the flu jab. That is called ‘hysteria’. But politicians support that hysteria. They do not understand double negatives.

To explain.

There is always a possibility that the whole population, old and young alike, will get flu. That means that, on the precautionary principle, all 60,000,000 people in the UK, young and old, should offer themselves up to take the flu jabs. The double negative occurs when no one who has not had the flu jab gets flu.

Politicians are childishly susceptible to moralising ‘black and white’. The reason is that they, by and large, HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO, and so are happy to be lead into la-la land.

Enough for tonight.

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