Toasting Again===Will the General Election be a Two Horse Race?

For any new reader who might pass by, we are talking about growing your own nicotiana plants, harvesting and curing the leaves and then ‘finishing’ the produce to get the best possible result. It might be worthwhile for new readers to look at these two posts before continuing:


I’ve had another go at toasting my home-grown stuff. Improving the taste was the object of the exercise, especially that stuff which was over-fermented due to the ‘wadding’ process. How about a pic?:

2015-03-06 15.45.17

You are seeing a roasting tin, lined with foil with a layer of shredded and chopped stuff inside. The layer is about half an inch thick (as recommended). You can make out the probe of a digital thermometer on top of the stuff.

I got the instructions from here:

Essentially, you need to warm the stuff at around 66ºC for an hour, and then toast it at about 130ºC for 25 minutes. Commenter ‘Blocked Dwarf’ opined that the preliminary hour at 66C is just to ensure that the stuff is dry before the temp is raised. I feel sure that he is right, because when I toasted some Red Virginia without the warming period, the stink was awful.

So I followed the procedure as accurately as I could. That is not easy since ordinary ovens are not designed to operate accurately at temps as low as 66C. The only way that I could get near that figure was to have the oven (gas) as low as possible and keep an eye on the temp, as displayed on the thermometer. Since I was experimenting, I had to stand there and watch what was happening, but I amused myself on the laptop while I was waiting and watching. It wasn’t as bad as it might seem. The temp crept up to 78C, at which point I turned the oven off. The temp fell back slowly, and when it reached 55C, I turned the oven on again. I only had to do that twice. During that period, there was no noticeable smell.

Holding the temp at around 130C was much easier. That more or less coincides with the ‘low’ position on the cooker control. There was a smell, but not anywhere near the stink which was produced from the Red Virginia mistake. The instructions said that the smell is what you should expect, since that shows that the ‘nasty’ compounds are being ‘toasted’ off.

Having completed the roasting, I misted the very, very dry stuff with water and left it for an hour or so before gently stirring it up with a spoon. After another hour or so, I could mix it by hand, and then I just let it dry off overnight.

Today, I used it in a blend – one third my own stuff and two thirds lemon virginia.

I am really pleased with the result. The blend is almost perfect. Is it possible to be perfect?


I now have no doubt that toasting works. Perhaps this quote from the above link explains it all:

Nitrogenous compounds and alkaloids are chemicals naturally produced by the tobacco plant.  These chemicals make smoking raw tobacco very unpleasant.  Nitrogenous compounds and alkaloids produce a smoke with a disagreeable odor and with an unbearable harshness.  A process, know as toasting, is by far the simplest and easiest way to prepare a smooth and fragrant tobacco for cigarette smoking and pipe smoking tobaccos.”

I think that it is legitimate to say that toasting can replace ageing.

What about the ‘curing box’ stuff? More experiments are required. If I was a ‘tobacco control’ EXPERT, I would be being paid for all this work.


Will the election be a two horse race?

Cameron certainly thinks so. In fact, anyone who does not think so is dreaming. General Elections have been a two horse race for decades. Sure, the LibDems have buggered things up over the last five years, but there is one thing that politicians are actually really expert at – it is surviving for the time being. One might reasonably ask if that is the object of the exercise. Is there some sort of excitement in playing this game of survival? I can imagine politics being similar to a game of chess. A General Election decides who will play the white pieces, and thus have the first move. For example, if the Tories won the election in May, their first move would be e4 (the pawn in front of the White King is moved two squares forward – a standard opening move). That translates into as statement from the PM, in the House, something like, “We shall continue to correct the mistakes of 13 years of Labour misrule, and grow the economy”. Labour will reply with e5 (the pawn in front of the Black King is moved two squares forward, blocking further progress of the white pawn). The Opposition Leader says, “What you actually did last time was make the poorest people poorer while enriching the fat cats. We will fight you tooth and nail”.

And so the game will begin.


I once attended a chess competition in Mallorca. There were at least 100 players involved on 50 boards. Can we imagine the game being played in the UK as just ONE of those games being played in Mallorca? That it does not matter who wins? That there are ‘grandmasters’ among the participants in these tournaments who will win and win and win? I once attended another tournament in Mallorca where an international master (a cut below ‘grandmaster’) played about 20 others (mostly young people) simultaneously (all the his opponents were seated, but he went from board to board in turn). He polished off most of the players fairly quickly, but five or so proved to be almost his match. In the end, only one was left. The ‘professional’ eventually won, and there was great applause.

But what is important is that these games are, in themselves, side-issues. What is important is that the organisers of the games are in control. For example, it used to be the case that the PM could make a decision, in the best interests of the Country, that we need a General Election. Now, that decision cannot be made by the PM. That decision has to be voted upon in the House. On the face of it, that is reasonable, but, in reality, it makes no sense. The reason is that a PM might be stuck in a ‘Catch 22’ situation. He cannot get anything passed, but he cannot do anything to stop the blockade. In effect, the blockaders can create a Nation without a Government. How else can the PM burst the through the dilemma other than call a GE?

In Star Trek, there often featured a sort of chess game with three boards stacked on top of each other. The game of chess is complicate enough on one board! Imagine three boards where pieces could move from from lower boards to higher boards and vice versa! And yet, that is what seems to be happening in the world. But it cannot be so. The complexities are too great. There has to be simplification, at the top.

And there is such simplification. As regards tobacco, that simplification is destruction. The World Health Organisation has said so in words of one syllable: “Let them eat cake”, it said. That is, the WHO wants tobacco plantations to become potato patches, or something. The glut in potatoes would not be their business, of course. Rather than destroy real diseases, the WHO has been hijacked by the same puritanical groups which were responsible for alcohol prohibition in the USA. Remember that the WHO was set up, at public expense, by FUCKING ACADEMICS, like Doll. They saw the opportunity, in the aftermath of war chaos, and grabbed it, funded and encouraged by American prohibitionist billionaires, like Rockefeller.


Enough. I need some sleep.

I have just seen a hopeful report on ‘BBC News’. I have no idea what it is about precisely, but there were thousands of people, of all ages, dressed in the most colourful of clothing, processing through the streets in some place in India

. Does that speak to you of abject poverty?

There is the multilayer chess game in action.

Well, it is my belief that the vast majority of THE PEOPLE, world-wide, do not want the likes of ‘global warming’ or ‘world tobacco control’.

The Tobacco Control Industry must be destroyed. Not only because it persecutes ordinary people, but because it is counter-productive. It produces nothing, is fraudulent and is damaging to the economy. The ‘fraud’ concerns SHS.

That is the important thing. That fraud matters. Not much else matters. The important thing is that even Richard Doll said that SHS is not worth considering as harmful. Why? Because the human body is capable of dealing with low-level atmospheric contaminants.

‘Fraud’ is a good word to accuse the likes of ASH ET AL, except that ASH is shorthand for the Royal College of Physicians. Thus, it is the RCP which is guilty of fraud.


I really like that line of thinking. “FRAUD” is the most important thing. SHS danger, in a human being’s lifetime, is nonsense, in view of the Doctors Study’s timescales. SHS danger was fraudulent in the Surgeon General’s Statements. It has always been fraudulent.

Who and what is driving the uglification of Great Britain? It cannot be Cameron, Clegg and Miliband because these people are engaged in a minor chess-like game. It would not matter if the Cameron, Clegg and Milband rotated daily as PM. It would not matter. They are all the same.

Who is uglifying Great Britain? The important word is “WHO”.

Interesting times.


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