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I was quite amused today when I went to the Co-op to get my 3 litre box of red to see that the Display Ban has arrived there. There are two sliding doors coloured a yucky shade of green. But I had to laugh. In huge capitals on the left door was the word ‘TOBACCO’, and on the right hand door was a message saying, in effect, ‘ask a member of staff’. So no kiddies can see the ugly images any more. What a great idea! What’s more, when the even uglier images and pack designs come in, they too will be invisible. Youths will only see the nice white ciggies which they buy as ‘loosies’ at 50p a throw from their mates (who get them from other mates who are over 18, if not white-van-man).

I have never seen the shutters before because I have not been inside a supermarket for a couple of years (we get our groceries delivered). In any case, I buy my ciggies in Spain – I am sure that the Spanish Government need my tax monies more than Osborne because of their enormous youth unemployment rate.

But it gets better. According to Dick P;


Some Zealot in New Zealand is trying the yukkie cigarette paper trick again. “Colour them brown like shit”, she demands, “then the kiddies will be put off” Has she never heard of the cigarette brand called “More”? Those cigs are long, thin and brown. When I was in my thirties, I used to smoke them because they were ultra cool (and they tasted nice). What colour are cigars? Sky blue pink with a finnie-addie border? I suppose that you can still get Sobranie Virginia, with their multicoloured papers? So cool at parties and in clubs. Oh, the style of it all! How wonderful it was!

As we know, Tobacco Control loves to conflate ‘kiddies’ and ‘youths’. I’m beginning to think that they are about to be hoist by their own petard. “The cheeldren” have no interest in tobacco, but youths have. The more that you ‘protect’ kiddies from the sight of cigs and smoking, the more that they will be intrigued by they when they become youths.  This is already a problem for the Zealots. I read somewhere (today, but cannot remember where) about another silly study. It seems that more ‘confident’ girls are less likely to start smoking, and so the Zealots want the Local Authorities to start ‘confidence’ clubs for young women with the specific objective of raising their confidence levels to the point where they do not want to enjoy tobacco. Well, one might ask if this study (which I have not seen – naughty!) produced a relative risk of one and a bit, and if the correlation is less clear than is claimed:

Ask 100 girls:

Q. Do you believe that you are a confident person?

A. Yes 50, No 50.


Q. If Yes, do you smoke?

A. 40 No, 10 Yes.

Q If No, do you smoke?

A. 39 No, 11 Yes.

No matter how questionnaires might be phrased or designed, some variation of the above must be true, otherwise the state of ‘confidence’ becomes both suspect in the person answering the questionnaire AND subjective in the researcher.

So, on the basis of such a study, the LAs are demanded to spent fortunes of taxpayers money on ‘confidence clubs’. No doubt attendance will be compulsory. Oh wait! These clubs will almost certainly replace maths/history/whatever classes in schools, to compliment the anti-tobacco propaganda classes. Would it not be more worthwhile to show these youths examples of ASH ET AL propaganda and analyse the language used to show how minds can be manipulated? They might thus learn to think. There again, one cannot be sure that the Elite want the ordinary person to learn how to think.


Getting back on track, one can see what will happen. People will ask for whatever their favourite brand is. Or, they might ask for the cheapest. In the first instance, that is good news for tobacco companies. In the second, it is good news for retailers who have a stock of stuff under the counter (only for known and recommended people, of course). I have often wondered how the illicit backie market works. That must be the way – ‘known and recommended’. And, of course, the number of ‘known and recommended’ people increases as time passes. What is extremely idiotic is that attention and resources will be take away from hard drugs, weapons, illegal immigrants, etc, and focussed upon the relatively harmless substance, tobacco.

But we must always remember that it is politicians who have POWER. That’s what has surprised me about Cameron approving PP and the car ban. It just looks like he has been suckered into thinking that posturing on the world stage is more important than the livelihoods of a core group of his party’s supporters – independent small shopkeepers. Cameron has the POWER – academics do not. Cameron will appear to be the tyrant – academics will not. The deflection of blame is a core attribute of the Tobacco Control Industry. One should note how the FCTC requires our own elected politicians to do what it demands, even though no one in the WHO has ever been elected to office.

Cameron, and the cabinet, are responsible for the tyranny.



Preparing the Plots.

Readers might remember that I roughly dug the plot in January. That involved shoving my spade as deep as possible and just reversing the level of the soil – deep soil came to the surface, and surface soil went deep. Also, there were lots of deep holes to allow frost to get deep inside.

It must be global warming because we have had little frost this year again. But, hereabouts in the North, we did have some frost around minus 3C for a few days. Frost helps to ‘open’ the soil by freezing the water in the soil which then expands and makes holes when the soil thaws. That lets nitrogen into the soil from the air. After rough ‘turning over’, I spread bonemeal over the plots to provide nitrogen and phosphorus. I also added tobacco ash to provide potash (potassium).

Today, I attacked my biggest plot, using a fork to de-compact the big lumps. The soil hereabouts is black, carboniferous stuff which tends to get sticky when wet. I was quite surprised that broke up reasonably easily. The forecast for tomorrow is quite good, and so I should be able to do the smaller plot. But I must admit to being rather stiff tonight! After that, I shall spread another layer of bonemeal, since I only applied half of the recommended application on the first pass. It takes quite a while for the bonemeal to leach into the soil, but I am happy with progress to date.

Dr Masters, the mathematician, told me off in the comments to my post yesterday. He complained that I misrepresented his views. I must admit that I tend to get a bit rhetorical, as I have above, but is that not part of the fun? When tobacco control stops exaggerating tiny differences, perhaps I shall stop being rhetorical.

Can you see what I did in that last sentence? I vaguely suggested that Dr Masters, the mathematician, is part of the ‘tobacco control which exaggerates’. See how easy it is to imply! Tobacco Control does that all the time.

I have a bone to pick with Dr Masters and anyone else who chooses to believe in tobacco control doctrine (Oopst! I’ve done it again!). Here, again, is graph from Doll’s Doctors Study:


(NB. That is the ‘true’ graph when you expand it as it should be, as compared with the compressed vertical axis in the Doctors Study). Here is the question:

“At the age of 60, some 20% of heavy-smoking doctors had died, as compared with some 8% of non-smoking doctors.

First question: What prevented all the other heavy smoking doctors from dying?”

Second question: Why did 8% of non-smoking doctors die?

The answer to the second question is that they were subjected to second hand smoke, since nothing causes the death of people other that smoking. Oh, wait. It could have been boozing, or eating cakes, or a combination of many, many factors.

Oh, SOD IT. As health zealots, let’s blame every death on smoking or second hand smoke. That is the safe option, and let’s ensure that no one can say otherwise. And let’s ensure the propaganda implies that ETERNAL LIFE can be secured here and now by being ‘smokefree’. Additionally, one can have a double ETERNAL LIFE by being alcohol free, and a triple ETERNAL LIFE by being cake-free.

What are the proofs of these claims? All of them are similarly implied in tobacco control/booze control propaganda. “Smoking will kill you. If you do not smoke, you will never die, since all caused of death are ‘smoking related'”.


This was supposed to be as short post. Once again, the red wine has interfered.

Ah well.





6 Responses to “Display Ban Arrives at Local Co-op===Preparing the Plots===Death caused by Death Statistics”

  1. cherie79 Says:

    Control the packets then control the contents, I think that is the aim. I still buy the occasional pack of Black Russian Sobranie for after dinner on special occasions. In my youth we loved buying anything fancy like Passing Cloud, it just goes with being young. I also get all my tobacco and cigarettes, quite legally, from abroad except the Black Russian. I have said before the alternative to smoking is not immortality though some seem to think it is. I am still at a loss how all this insanity happened so quickly, if someone had told me I wouldn’t have believed it,

    • Rose Says:

      They are in fact nationalising the packets.
      Victory cigarettes may be on the way, but they still need someone to make them.

      • junican Says:

        Or ‘Manchester’, as is the name in OZ? But I must admit that I quite like the name ‘Victory’. If I was making them, I would put Churchill’s two finger salute on the front and back to mock TC. Apart from the name ‘VICTORY’ being big (no need for all the imposed chatter), the packet could be a subtle brown and the cig papers the same colour. You can get coloured cig papers:

        I’m convinced that it is already happening. Why else would Customs be trying to crack down on raw tobacco imports? Of course, Customs will fail because I doubt that big imports of raw tobacco are being imported via legal channels. How difficult would it be to disguise a crate of dried tobacco leaf as blankets, for example?

      • Rose Says:

        Victory cigarettes are the only brand of cigarettes available in the book 1984. They are badly made and the tobacco falls out but supplied by the government, there is no other choice.

        One redeeming feature is that they don’t have medical horror pictures on them, but then Orwell published the book just before Doll published his London Hospitals study.

  2. Smoking Scot Says:

    As Cherie says, these coloured cigarettes are currently high end, though I’ve never enjoyed their taste.

    Anyway a few photos for the curious


    All they’ll discover in NZ is how widespread smuggled cigarettes are. It’s not an authoritative link, but it does give an idea of the respect some people in NZ have for their government and TC. Naff all!


    • junican Says:

      Good links!
      I particularly like the attitude of ‘despite’ for the Government that the commenters have in the second link.

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