Having a Bit of Fun

Really, really weird.

Friday night – jollification in the pub.

Right, but for the last few weeks, hardly anyone has been in.

Oddly, tonight was jumping. I do not understand why that was the case. I asked a woman and a chap what was going on, but neither had an opinion. It was all very weird.

In the first place, there was a gang of male youths who were playing pool. Why was that gang not in the pub last week? Further, there were loads of women and men (mostly women) in their 30s, 40s, 50s. Most of them were plump with big bottoms, but not all. Some of them disguised their big bottoms by wearing very high heels. It was strange to observe that many of the women were somewhat ‘aged’, but were trying to disguise that fact with hairdos and make-up.


But most of the males (apart from the ‘children’ who were playing pool) were even worse. It is not that they were fat, it is that they were ‘out of shape’. Some of them were very big – like six foot three, and having huge muscles. Those people were clearly ‘out of shape’, as idealistically described.


Who cares? Only those who can make money from it care.


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