More ‘Toasting’

I acquired some ‘Red Virginia’ (for experimental purposes, of course). That backie is quite strong stuff. The leaf is dark brown. JB from Ireland opined that it was cured at a higher temperature than normal.

Yesterday, I ‘toasted’ some of my home-grown stuff. I hesitated to claim that the results of toasting were good, but they certainly seemed to warrant the word ‘improved’.


Today, I decided to ‘toast’ some Red Virginia. The result was odd.

I had put the stuff on a small baking tray in the oven. I did not bother about the preliminary warming up period, but went straight to 130C for half an hour. Daughter two came home and went into the kitchen and shot back out again, claiming that the ‘stink’ was abominable. She was right. There was an awful stink in the kitchen. Further, when I opened the oven door, there was a stinging sensation in my eyes. Clearly, some nasty chemical reaction had occurred. What other explanation is possible?


I allowed the baccie to cool and then misted it with cold water since it was very dry. The baccie absorbed the water easily. After a while, it was in the dry but soft state which makes it easy to tube. I tubed three fags – one being the toasted Red Virginia alone, one being half RV and Lemon V (weak stuff), and one being one third RV and two thirds Lemon V.

I was astonished. When I toasted the RV, the result had the same chocolate-y smell as my home-grown stuff after toasting.

Does it not make sense to ‘toast’ everything?

The ‘Blocked Dwarf’, in the comments on the last post, said that he thought that the first period of ‘warming’ (at about 66C for an hour) was intended to fully dry out the tobacco. Only after fully drying should the tobacco be ‘toasted’ at a much higher temp of 130C – aka only when the tobacco was as dry as possible. In view of the stink noted above, I think that he is right.


So, we may have learnt a lesson which goes in the opposite direction to Tobacco Control. It is only because of TC that many of us started to enquire about home-growing and pure leaf purchases. We are not criminals – we just wish to be self-sufficient, and believe that we have that right. Any other interpretation of ‘LAW’ is tyrannical.


Weird things are happening in the EU. The Elite demand some action. MEPs might argue about it, but the demand of the Elite is voted through, after some slight changes. No one gives a shit that the the original demand was fascist.

What happened in WW2 was that Churchill stopped the political blathering. He, and others, organised the country’s industries to produce weapons. One might ask whether people like Arnott, McKee, Hastings, etc could produce weapons to annihilate smokers. Well, NO, they cannot do it. They can only mess around on the periphery.

All the more reason therefore to see the imposition of PP and kids in cars smoking bans as above political decisions. Those decision are imposed upon The Prime Minister. He has no control. He never has had control.


The passing of the law which enabled the ‘general smoking ban’ highlighted the failure of the Government in the UK to stop fascism years ago.

The EU is Fascist. It cannot be denied. Everyone must comply, and the UK Government exists only to ensure that EU fascist dictats are complied with.


MPs are supposed to fight against fascism and autocracy. It is sad that our political system has enabled fascists and autocrats to gain control of MPs. That is really sad.



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  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    In the original about toasting I posted it says “You will notice an odor. This is good because it means that the unwanted nitrogenous chemicals from the tobacco is breaking down and being released” and I have heard people say that steaming tobacco can also cause an horrendous stink. Maybe the ammonia escaping, which is a good thing? I’ve steamed tobacco a few times and once or twice Mrs.Blocked Dwarf has grizzled about the smell but I haven’t noticed anything and , of course, just ignored her girly grizzling.

    As to toasting all tobacco, I recall reading years ago how British POWs of the Japanese during WW2 would ‘cure’ rough green ‘jungle’ tobacco by placing it in a frying pan with sugar. A trick they learnt from the natives (Malaysians?). So heat-direct or indrirect-would seem to be an answer.

    • junican Says:

      It certainly seems to be a good thing to heat the stuff up. Before I start on doing all my stuff, I’ll test again with a small amount. All being well, I can do quite a lot at a time using three baking trays. The recommendation is to do only about half an inch at a time in each tray.My stuff is already pretty dry, so I should be able to shorten the first period of drying to half an hour perhaps.
      All very interesting.

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