Do Only Politicians Still Support the Totalitarian, Fascist Organisation Known as The Tobacco Control Industry?

It is rather late, and so I do not propose a lengthy blather about this subject. In the same way that Tobacco Control has attempted to control the people by innuendo, propaganda and superstition, it is possible to seriously ask whether or not our ‘political representatives’ have been doing their duty, to protect even the smallest of minorities against the predations of majorities of any kind, including multinational businesses, which can skew our knowledge by verbal trickery. A typical example would be a toothpaste multinational telling us, via adverts, that their toothpaste will ‘help‘ to avoid the corruption of tooth enamel. Erm… What is ‘tooth enamel’? Is there really any such thing? What is it? Is it just some sort of calcium coating on the teeth; is is it metallic? What is it? How does toothpaste actually do anything at all about ‘enamel’?

My serious question, as formulated in the title of this post, concerns the formulaic substance of Tobacco Control’s utterances. They ceased to have any scientific justification some time ago, and now rely upon hysteria. For example:

“Smoking expert Professor John Britton, consultant in respiratory medicine at Nottingham City Hospital, said: “Smoking is the biggest threat to public health in this city and tackling it should be the biggest priority. Any attempt like this has to be applauded. Is it a good thing for young kids to walk through the town centre and see adults smoking? The answer in any civilised society is surely no.”

There is so much wrong with the above statement that it renders ALL THE PREVIOUS statements from The Tobacco Control Industry suspect at least, if not visibly dishonest.

If I had a ‘respiratory disease’, as a smoker, the last person that I would wish to be involved with, medically, would be Professor John Britton. Of course, the probability is that Prof JB has never, in his life, actually met a patient in a hospital. Like the Queen, he might have passed through and asked, “How do you do?”

I hate people like Prof John Britton beyond imagining. People like him are no better that those in Nazi Germany who saw ‘civilised society’ as being one without Jews. But Prof John Britton does not understand that he is a Nazi. He would be a bit upset if you told him so to his face. He does not understand, at all, that smokers DO NOT GIVE A DAMN that they might peg out before they get dementia or become senile, or get Parkinsons Disease.

I have known very few people who have not wanted to have fun. Frank Davis has described, to some extent, the epitome of ‘funlessness’ in his description of Dr. W (?), who lived his life in a state of austerity.

Other people of great renown have also been austere. For example, the greatest experimental physicist of all time, Michael Faraday, belonged to a Christian sect which deplored  exhibitionism. That is, everyone in that group helped each other on an equal footing. Faraday refused a knighthood. It is hard to sufficiently describe the contribution of Faraday. It isn’t just that he worked out how to produce an electric current by spinning a magnet adjacent to a conductor, it is also that he had the humility to realise that the power of the forces involved were way beyond anything that mankind had ever experienced before.

People like Prof Britton are killing that humility and creating False Gods. It does not matter if people in the healthy, wealthy West die a little earlier than, say, 90 years old because they enjoy smoking tobacco. What really, really matters is that the People of Africa, for example, have not yet enjoyed the vast resources of that continent. When I say ‘vast’, I mean incalculably huge. And that does not include the energy resources  which lie deeper within the Earth.

And, no, the exploitation of these heat resources does not mean that the Earth will warm. It is already warm and emits heat into space, and will continue to do so until it becomes an iceberg or something like Mars.

Such things are ‘common sense’, and yet Cameron, Clegg and Miliband play political games with their declaration of intent to be greener-than-green.

There really ought to be a way to hold Politicians to account. Not just on the basis of expenses claims and such, but also upon their votes. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, legislators who cocked up seriously were permitted to end their lives painlessly. In more recent times, an Admiral, around the time of Nelson, was executed on board his ship by his officers because he made terrible errors and cost the lives of hundreds of sailors. I forget his name. Bing?

The Zealots will not always get away with their hysterical claims. What is likely to happen, eventually, is that a Judge will strike down the provisions of the EU Tobacco Control Directive in its entirety, on the grounds that it is simply UNJUST  in every way sense of the word.

But we must wait and see. In the meantime, vote for anyone other than the Neo-communists who inhabit Westminster.



4 Responses to “Do Only Politicians Still Support the Totalitarian, Fascist Organisation Known as The Tobacco Control Industry?”

  1. raven921 Says:

    They always seem to support these NGO’s. I’m still not quite sure exactly how they gained supremacy over a nations laws but they did.
    In another time this would have caused a massive uproar,but once we started losing liberties inch by inch and people stopped noticing we came to where we are right now.

    Is there a solution?

    Only time will tell.

    • junican Says:

      What usually happens is that they go too far. There are signs that it is happening. More and more people are beginning to see that the smoking ban was a confidence trick. Palma airport used to have two comfortable enclosed smoking rooms (that I know of) which had their own extraction systems. The only trouble was that staff never entered and so the table were often overflowing with cups etc. It would have been simple for notices to have been placed on the tables asking people to take their cups etc outside and put them on trays provided. Even trash cans could have been constructed quite simply so that they were in the walls of the room and could be emptied from the outside. But, a recognition that momentary exposure to SHS is absolutely harmless would have enabled staff to pop in from time to time and remove detritus. But, needless to say, the Zealots got there way and the smoking rooms were closed.
      Sooner or later, something will happen and all the restrictions on freedom will be swept away. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the Generals in the military saw real changes in morale among soldiers if they could not smoke and shouted about it.

  2. Smoking Scot Says:

    Professor John Britton is an academic with an office at the University of Nottingham. His exact title is:

    Professor of Epidemiology
    Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies
    School of Medicine
    Division of Epidemiology and Public Health

    and his area of specialisation is:

    Smoking – nicotine addiction, health effects, preventing uptake, promoting cessation, tobacco control policy, harm reduction.

    and the UK Centres for tobacco control studies is a network of FIVE such centres of excellence that:

    Bringing together a network of nine universities in the UK and based at the University of Nottingham the Centre focuses on research, policy development, advocacy and teaching and training in the field of tobacco control studies.

    and the whole pile is part of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration and is funded by this lot:

    (taxpayers and “charities”).

    You are correct however Prof. Britton wouldn’t know the first thing about hands on treatment.

    Or life.

    • junican Says:

      I had forgotten about this ‘nine universities’ stuff.
      Are student fees paying for these ‘centres of excellence’? If not, who is paying? Oh, wait….. Fake charities are paying using donations intended for cancer research and such. We could do with someone suing CRUK for the return of a gift on the grounds that they were misled.
      Sooner or later, fraud will be revealed and politicians will hang their heads in shame, and someone will apply to open a smoking bar and the ban will be overturned.

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