Has the UK Government Turned On its own Citizens as a Result of Powerlessness in the World?

It is an interesting idea, is it not?

Now…. I’m not very sure of the facts, but it might be worth thinking about these things.

Ever since the end of WW2, the UK has been involved in wars over and over again. Without being exhaustive, and in no particular order, we could list them:



Mau mau.




Kuwait crisis (1962 aborted).

Iceland (fishing rights. No fighting).

Irish ‘troubles’.






Have I missed any?

In the 70 years, since the end of WW2, the UK (previously known as ‘Great Britain’) has been constantly battling for one reason or another, almost always without there being any real direct, physical threat to these islands. However, these military involvements have become more and more surreal, with less and less direct ‘UK Interests’ involved. Say what you like, but the supply of oil to our industries in of great importance to us, and, in so far as we have contracts with various nations to supply that oil, it is in our interests to protect that supply. Thus, we ought not to support tyrants from political attack, but we need not to actively defend them, but rather protect the oil supply. Clearly, the result of such considerations would be messy, but they would be manageable.  At least, such a stance would be honest.

How did we get involved in bombing Libya? What was the point of interfering? Why not let the antagonists fight it out among themselves? I don’t know if we are involved in bombing Islamic State. The Yanks seem to be? Why?

I had an idea which involved some lateral thinking. The idea was that the Yanks were supporting Arab revolutions so as to help the revolutionaries to succeed, so as to make them take responsibility. Get rid of emperors like Gadaffi and ‘assist’ in the making of a ‘democratic’ State. Oh dear. It does not seem to have worked. The new State is just as bad as the old one, but is medieval. Kings and Emperors proliferate and garner the wealth to themselves while promoting prayer among the citizens.


But is the UK (formerly know as ‘Great Britain’) any different? I think not. It is true that we ordinary Brits are, generally speaking, much better off that we ever have been. Within my lifetime, we have gone from abject poverty (outdoor toilets and no bathrooms, no fridges, no telephones, no electricity, no cars) to relative wealth. And yet …..

The ‘and yet….’ refers to the fact that only a few Brits can consider themselves to be ‘safe’. Almost all of us are in grave danger all the time. If you take out a mortgage to buy your home, you are always on the brink of catastrophe. DO NOT STEP OUT OF LINE! OBEY INSTRUCTIONS! OR ELSE….

The more that you think about these things, the more messy it gets. For example, suppose that the whole financial system collapsed, who would own the houses which have a mortgage? It is hard to see how a Building Society which collapsed totally and disappeared could have any rights in the properties which it lent money on. No doubt there would be historical documents, but of what use would they be? Would they be good for a liquidator who is winding up the affairs of the defunct society? Well, Yes, if those ‘assets’ were saleable. But think of the enormous complexities. Lawyers’ fees would eat up all the assets, as we have seen in the Case of Jimmy Savile.

That reminds me of the situation which followed Trafalgar. When the Spanish and French navies were defeated, British sailors expected bumper remuneration from seizures of the ships. Oh dear! It did not work out. Many of the Spanish and French ships drifted into the shallows because of the direction of the wind and tide and became un-salvageable.

Thus, it would be the most wonderful thing for people who have mortgages if the whole financial system totally collapsed! They would own their houses outright with no encumbrance. True, the World would have to exist for a while on barter, family cohesion, having a chicken pen rather than a garden, candles for light, no TV, no i-phones, etc. Interesting, do you not think, that that situation is not much different from conditions in WW2.


Would such a situation make much difference to the NHS?

Of course it would! The NHS would collapse unless the doctors and nurses kept on working ‘pro bono’. They might, but the ‘executives’ and ‘bean-counters’ would not, for they have no actual involvement in CARE. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the following ‘survey’ was promulgated within the NHS:

“If you were told that the NHS could not pay you your salary, would you:

1. Not go to work.

2. Go to work because the patients rely upon you.

“If the NHS told you that all salaries other than doctors and nurses would be cut by 50%, would you (assuming that you are neither a doctor or a nurse) decide:

1. Not go to work.

2. Go to work and see what happens in the short term.

3. Go to work and carry on working even though you are being paid only 50% of your previous salary from now on.

Of course, it could be the doctors and nurses who ‘went on strike’ and not the bean counters. Why? Because the bean counters have nothing to fear. They are Civil Servants – the cream of the cream.

I have had experience of “Civil Servants”. They are indeed the ‘cream of the cream’. They have wonderful expertise at finding problems. Sadly, they have no expertise at solving problems. Every solution that they provide creates more problems.


We have seen this situation accumulate since 2007 when the monstrous penalties on publicans, who might just permit a bit of smoking late on in their premises, were raided, condemned and imprisoned. Let us not forget that.

Let us not also discount the lack of real emergencies that the UK (formerly known as Great Britain) has faced. Given that Cameron et al want statues to erected in their memory, it is entirely predictable that they will endorse smoking bans on hospital grounds. Every hospital will have a statue of Cameron, Miliband or the boy Clegg in its grounds, and all and every statue will have Cameron, Miliband and Clegg holding a “NO SMOKING” sign.


For if the Ban on Smoking in Cars and PP go through, then Christianity falls. Mohammedanism reigns, since ‘forced prohibition’ is what it is about. But that discipline already reigns due to the “General Penalty”. The Government needs not to chop off heads. It can merely fine thousands of pounds or imprison. Thus, other than degree, our Government is just as bad as ISIS. It governs by fear.

The EU is just the same. The Tobacco Control Directive depends for its worth on fear. Fear in every way that you can think of – fear of disease, fear of debilitating health conditions, fear of penury, fear of imprisonment, fear of debt.

It may not be a Churchill who ‘corrects’ the EU. We must not forget that we Brits do not have a sinecure on Great Politicians. It may be that Greek Politicians are the ones to be Great in the situation as it exists in the EU at present. What is important, at the moment, is that THE PEOPLE must overcome ‘THE MACHINE’.


The fight against those who would imprison us must go on. Imprisonment is not only physical; it is also mental.










4 Responses to “Has the UK Government Turned On its own Citizens as a Result of Powerlessness in the World?”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    “the UK (previously known as ‘Great Britain’)”

    Of course, no nation must be ‘Great’ because that might make other nations feel sad because they are not as ‘Great’.

    In our brave new World, all must be equal and none must suffer for the decisions of the shit for brains politicians.

    We have gone from ‘welfare societies’ to a ‘welfare world’.

    • junican Says:

      The same could be said of the word “United”. Is it true that the States of North America are ‘united’? If so, why are they not described as simply ‘the coagulation of America’?

  2. Dr. Evil Says:

    You missed the Malayan conflict and Oman (Aden).

    • junican Says:

      Well, yes, but I did actually think about those two events. But I could not remember how important they were.

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